Olivia’s Bridal shower

206 Words
“Olivia, want to play a game?" Ava asked, her voice laced with innocence. Olivia's bright blue eyes met her step-sister's gaze, unaware of the sinister intentions hidden behind Ava's smile. It was Olivia's bridal shower, a celebration of her upcoming marriage to Alexander Smiths, a union orchestrated by their parents to secure the Smiths' wealth and influence. As the guests gathered around, Ava announced, "Let's play a game of concentration! Losers take a shot!" The room erupted in cheers and laughter. Olivia, though hesitant, couldn't resist Ava's persuasive charm. As the game progressed, Olivia's mistakes earned her several shots, and Ava noticed her growing more intoxicated by the minute. "Olivia, are you okay? Do you want to keep playing?" Ava asked, feigning concern. Olivia slurred, "I'm tired...you guys continue without me." Ava smiled sweetly and offered her a glass of spiked water. "Drink this, it'll help. I've reserved a room for you to rest." Olivia gulped down the water, oblivious to the aphrodisiac's effects. Ava patted her shoulder, her smirk hidden behind a mask of innocence. As Olivia stumbled away, Ava's eyes gleamed with triumph. The game was far from over, and Olivia was just a pawn in her ruthless quest for power and revenge.
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