Ava’s plot

479 Words
“Bob, she’s coming up now. Do not screw this up.” "I'm in position, you need not worry. Just get my balance ready." Said the voice over the phone. "Hmmm, "Olivia, it's over" Ava says within herself. Her eyes gleamed with triumph as she hung up the phone, her plan unfolding perfectly. She had orchestrated the entire scenario to ruin Olivia's reputation and turn her parents against her. The aphrodisiac she had slipped into Olivia's drink was taking effect, and soon her rival would be trapped in a compromising position. Olivia stumbled through the doorway, her vision blurry and her senses clouded. She collided with a strong figure, and Lucas Yale's arms wrapped around her, holding her tight. Her slurred words were barely intelligible as she attempted to take off his shirt. Without a word, Lucas swept her into his room, closing the door behind them. Olivia's fingers fumbled at his buttons, her body aflame with desire. Lucas's lips met hers in a passionate kiss, and for the first time, he felt no irritation at a woman's touch. He was lost in the moment, succumbing to Olivia's charms. As they broke apart for air, Olivia's hands roamed Lucas's chest, her fingers tracing the contours of his muscles. She was captivated by his eyes, burning with intensity, and his lips, soft and inviting. Every touch sent shivers down her spine, and she craved more. Lucas pulled her onto the bed, his fingers tangled in her hair, Olivia's body arched into his, her curves molding to his strong frame. She was lost in the sensations, her mind clouded by the aphrodisiac and alcohol. Olivia needed more of this man, she wasn’t getting what her body truly needs. she turned over to face him. Caressing his chest, they kissed again, slower this time. He kissed her lips softly down to her neck, his lips moving slowly down to her shoulders, then to her chest and slowly down her n*****s. Olivia's heart stopped, he kissed her left n****e. Burning desires to have this man inside of her body became uneasy to hold back. She moved her hand down towards his abdomen, she could already feel his boner hard against her body but she wanted to touch it. She caressed it for a while. Lucas still teasing her n*****s she slipped her hand inside his pants. With one hand Lucas unhooked his belt. She fiddled with his genitals. She paused for a while when she saw what she held up in her hand. She smiled, arching downward she guided his d*ck into her mouth, using her tongue she licked it up down to his balls. He jerked for a bit, soft moans escapes his lips. Everything she does felt so good. She sucked on his balls then to his d*ck. Lucas couldn't help but say "I'll take responsibility for everything that happens tonight."
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