Chapter 1

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“So, are you ready for your first day?” Irene asked Jennie as she got the clipboard on top of her desk. “Of course.” Jennie smiled and nodded. “Just keep this in mind. Some of the patients are really sensitive, and when I say sensitive, quite literally. Some are sensitive to noise like when they hear someone or something move they go even more crazy.” “Noted.” “Wait for Jisoo, she’ll give you a tour.” “Okay.” As she waited for Jisoo at their office she went to the door and peeked outside. She heard painful screaming here and there. She took a deep breath as she tried to register in her mind that this was yet another atmosphere she was going to deal with. Jennie then saw a woman walking towards her direction with a disgusted look on her face. She stepped aside and the woman stepped into the office and slammed her clipboard on her desk near the door. “Ugh, kids are the worst.” The woman mumbled as she massaged her temple, Jennie just looked at her and the woman noticed she was looking at her. “Oh, you must be the new one.” “Well, not technically. I just got relocated here.” Jennie said. “Ah, Jennie, right?” The woman said and walked closer to her, extending her hand. “I’m Jisoo. I believe I owe you a tour.” “Oh, yes. That’s what Irene said.” Jennie gladly shook Jisoo’s hand. “Alright.” Jisoo deeply sighed. “Let’s get this started.” She said and they started to walk outside but she stopped in her tracks. “Oh, I forgot.” She held up her index finger and turned to Jennie. “Your clipboard. I forgot to give you your clipboard. Wait here.” Jisoo said and Jennie just nodded and waited for her to come back with her clipboard. “Okay, here you go.” She gave the clipboard to Jennie. “Let’s go.” After the short tour around the vicinity, Jisoo guided Jennie to a one room in particular where Jennie’s patient was located in at the end of the hall. “Before you go in, here’s the key.” Jisoo grabbed the key our of her pocket and handed it to Jennie. “And another warning.” Jennie stopped reaching for the key and looked at Jisoo for a second. “She’s hard to handle so you better have a long patience dealing with her.” Jisoo said. “Okay. It’s nothing new anyway.” Jennie chuckled. “Alright. I guess you’re ready to start your day. Good luck.” Jisoo smiled. “Thanks.” Jennie politely smiled and Jisoo started walking away. She turned her head to the door and it has a sign on it that says Room 97. She put the key in the keyhole and turned to unlock it. “Oh wait.” Jennie heard Jisoo and she turned her attention to her. “Be careful.” She warned and Jennie furrowed her brows in confusion and just nodded. “Okay...” Jisoo started walking again, leaving Jennie behind. Meanwhile, Jennie felt nervous with Jisoo’s warning. What’s the worse thing that could happen when she enter the door? But she noticed that it was quiet unlike the other patients that she could hear their painful screams even if their door is closed. She thought maybe the patient was sleeping? She scanned the clipboard she was holding first that consists about the patient’s profile. “Lisa.” Jennie read. She read further more and she furrowed her brows when she read something that caught her attention. “Been here for five years and quite dangerous.” Jennie gulped. “It’s now or never.” She took a deep breath and courageously opened the door. Jennie saw a young woman sitting on the edge of her bed, the sleeves were tied in a knot behind her back and she was staring blankly at the wall. How dangerous could she be? Jennie slowly and carefully closed the door behind her and she cleared her throat to catch the patient’s attention. “You must be Lisa.” Jennie started and she started to walk slowly towards Lisa. “I’m Jennie, your new nurse.” Lisa slowly turned her head to Jennie and Jennie couldn’t tell if Lisa was glaring at her or it’s just how she looks at everyone. Jennie smiled instead of showing fear. “How are you today?” Jennie asked. Lisa went back to staring at a dull wall. “Let me know if it’s dinner time. Leave me alone.” Lisa said in a low voice that made Jennie shocked and then she sighed. “Okay. See you at dinner then.” Jennie said and went out of Lisa’s room. She locked the door and leaned her back against it with a sigh. “That is one creepy lady.” She mumbled and she quickly walked her way back to the office. Irene was writing something on her desk and she noticed Jennie making her entrance. “That was fast.” Irene chuckled. “Well, the patient told me to just call her if it’s dinner time and leave her alone.” Jennie nonchalantly said. “Really? She told you that?” Irene asked, shocked. “Yeah. Why?” Jennie furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. “She hasn’t talked to anyone in years.” Irene said. “Really?” Jennie said and Irene nodded, she walked to her desk and sat down. “Wait, how is she dangerous?” “One patient was annoying her and she bit off the other patient’s finger.” Irene said. “Ugh, telling you that gives me the chills.” She shook her head. “So if I were you, don’t annoy her if you want a complete set of fingers.” She chuckled. *** Jennie went to Lisa’s room to let her know it was already dinner. When she reached the door, she unlocked it and she saw Lisa on the same position when she left on their first meeting. “Dinner’s ready.” Jennie said and Lisa, without saying a word, just stood up and walked closer to the door. Jennie stepped aside for Lisa to walk through. Jennie quickly closed the door to keep up with Lisa. Jennie payed attention to Lisa as they were walking their way to the dining area. She can hear the familiar scream and cry from the patients as they walk closer. She secretly glanced at Lisa who had her head down while walking. Once they enter the dining area, Jennie looked for a table where they can sit in. “I’ll get you your food, please wait here.” Jennie told Lisa once they found an empty table, Lisa didn’t say anything nor move. Jennie sighed and quickly got Lisa something to eat. She went back with a tray in her hand and she sat across Lisa. “Okay, open your mouth.” Jennie ordered as she brought a spoonful of disgusting mashed potatoes to Lisa’s mouth. The latter did what she was told and she quietly chewed and swallowed it. The process continued in silence until a patient pulled Jennie’s hair and she fell on the floor. Lisa glared at the patient who was laughing at Jennie. She stood up and she gave the patient a headbutt, making the patient cry and run away from them. Jennie just blinked her eyes at what happened and she watched Lisa went back to her seat like nothing happened. “Jennie, are you alright?” Irene worriedly asked as she helped Jennie get up. “I’m sorry, that was my patient. She’s going to pay for what she did.” “No, I’m fine. You don’t have to do that, she doesn’t know what she’s doing anyway.” Jennie said. “Are you sure?” Irene asked and Jennie just nodded. “Okay, I’m really sorry for that.” “It’s nothing.” She smiled and Irene left and went back to her crying patient. Jennie sat down and she looked at Lisa. She furrowed her eyebrows when she saw a blood dripping down her forehead. “You’re bleeding.” “I’m hungry.” Lisa said, ignoring what Jennie noticed.
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