chapter 1

921 Words
Rose POV I was in alpha Jace's office doing my usual cleaning. Looking out the window, I saw my alpha talking to the new beta whose name I still can't memorize. I actually didn't bother asking. I don't like him since he replaced dad. Seeing alpha Jace smiling to other pack members kind of hurts since he never did that to me. I was about to leave the office feeling relieved that I didn't meet him and I was finally able to take Hazel my wolf for a run both her and I needed to get some fresh air. But my relief didn't last long since alpha Jace came in. The moment he saw me the smile on his lips turned into a scowl. I already started feeling terrible the moment I saw his figure so I bowed to him and tried to leave, the keyword "tried".  The moment I passed by him he pulled me to him holding my hand roughly. "Where do you think you're going, little b***h? I don't remember telling you to move ." His voice was poisonous. "I already finished my chores so I'm leaving alpha." you are probably thinking why would my alpha treat me this way if he's so loved by our pack. well, it's very complicated but I'll explain. My father and alpha Jace were like brothers, or so I thought. 6 years ago, our pack; the Fullmoon pack; was attacked by rogues. They were so strong, stronger than our pack warriors, and destroyed everything that was in their way. We lost more than half of our members including my mom and our Luna. We were more than devastated. Many went through the pain of losing their mates including my Dad and Alpha Jace. Both having lost their significant ones were unable to even function properly for weeks. Our situation was miserable. It took us more than a year to get on our feet but we barely held on. We were under constant threat. 4 years after the attack, Alpha Jace decided to take a chosen mate. It was a treaty between our pack and the Scarlet Moon pack. The strongest pack in the country. Their alpha is now said to be the cruelest Alpha ever; Alpha Noah Black. The new Luna is his aunt actually. the one who raised him they said. They say she never found her mate until not until she met my father. It turns out he was her mate. And so the treaty was not going to happen. But she somehow convinced her nephew to keep it for the sake of my father. However, our alpha refused. He was outraged and blinded by anger. He accused my father of stealing his mate. And kicked him out of the pack. So he was taken in by the Scarlet Moon pack and became one of them.  None of the other pack members know about this. Alpha Jace told them that he was happy for Klaus (dad) and even though he is no longer one of us; he'll always remain like a brother to him.  He told me the truth though. He even refused to let me go with dad or even visit him. He kept saying all sorts of things. And of course, he made me his  "personal assistant ". I had to clean his room and office, wash his clothes, do some of his paperwork, and of course, hear him badmouthing me without saying anything. He was a hypocrite.  He made me feel inferior to everyone even though on the surface he treated me like a daughter. It was painful. I easily became alone and isolated. I felt like everyone will diss me if I got closer to them. I had one friend, only she could relieve my anxiety. Miley was the only one I could talk to beside Hazel.  She didn't know the truth though. She didn't know that her uncle blames me and my father for losing his second chance to happiness. I was so spaced out I didn't hear a word of what alpha Jace was saying . I only came back to reality when he shook me violently.  "Hey, s**t Are you listening? "He said his eyes slightly changing color. "Sorry alpha. I wasn't paying attention."  " We should shift and kick his little flat a*s" Hazel had a bit of a nasty mouth. I love her though. " bitch have lost your mind. He's an alpha. Shut up " I shut her off and turn back to alpha Jace. He was still staring down at me angrily. "Next time when I'm talking to you. pay attention !" he said trying to calm himself. "Sorry Alpha," I said apologetically. He has never physically harmed me but I wasn’t so sure he wouldn’t. "Anyway. Alpha Noah is visiting us tomorrow. We are going to discuss a new treaty. He didn't find his Luna yet. So he is taking Miley as his chosen mate." I froze when I heard what he said. My only friend is going to be taken away from me.  "Visiting? He's taking Miley with him? " I said stuttering.  "Yes! so I want my office shining. I lost my first chance to protect my pack. I won't lose again for anything. I won't allow any mistakes. Are we clear?" " Yes Alpha, as you wish," I said bowing my head submissively. "I will clean the office again before I go to sleep." "Get out of my sight." He said letting go of my hand and jerking me away from him.  I left quickly. Deciding to go talk to Miley after I go for my long-awaited run.  
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