I saw a dinosaur...

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Jade walked off the lift platform to a control panel, she wove at them "Good luck you lot" She said and pressed a button.
As the lift platform started descending Arno started the pickup up and placed it in reverse, somehow he didn't want the soldiers to see the worry on his face, truth is, he still felt like a worm between them and had loads of respect for all three, even if Genevieve was bit of a b***h.
"I'm starting to feel excited" Helga said making Bison frown at her.
"Wow, so you do feel emotion?" He smiled.
"What zo you mean?"
"I was starting to think you're some sort of advanced robot from the future" He said making Arno chuckle.
"I zo not follow?"
"Never mind Helga, you should talk more, your accent is pretty" Bison said looking at the two in front, they still sat quietly, looking semi away from each other.
"You two ok now?"
Genevieve said nothing, but Arno nodded at him in the rearview mirror.
"You know Helga? Who do you think would have won that fight?"
Helga placed her finger on her chin "My money was on Genevive"
Arno knew they would have thought that.
"I don't know, Sauce here looked pretty determined" Bison chuckled.
"Don't talk s**t Bison" Genevieve said.
Arno kept his mouth shut, maybe they should have had a little brawl, secretly he wanted to see a seal in action, maybe if she beat him into the hospital, he wouldn't be on this lift right now, he subconsciously chuckled.
"What? You think you would have won mallcop?" Genevieve said glaring at him again.
"To tell you the truth I wanted to find out myself what would have happened, I had no idea if I could win or not, but I know if I lost..." He swallowed seeing the lift reach the bottom "At least I'll be in the infirmary, and not here in the pit of hell"
The lift came to a sudden 'clunked' stop, the two doors now in front of them was huge, signifying that the cargo sometimes coming in here are not always pickup trucks.
Genevieve laughed softly "So you say I would have kicked your ass?"
Arno took the vehicle out of gear and made sure he had reverse again "Uh, most probably"
The doors in front started parting, opening up to the very green, thick and lush jungle, there was a clear gravel path disappeared into it's vastness.
Arno scanned left and right, there was no movement so he got first gear and slowly drove out into the open.
"Geez this place is amazing!" Bison said.
"Yes, it looks like zhe a****n" Helga also smiled.
Arno looked back as he approached the gravel road that leads into the jungle, the cliff wall was absolutely humungus, it's so high he wondered how long it would take someone to climb it.
Then another thought reached him, if the walls of this valley where this high, what the hell are they trying to keep in here, a slap over his head made him subconsciously shriek.
Genevieve was the one who slapped him "Go mall cop, we're already behind schedule"
"Uh. Right" He said feeling the position of his revolver on his leg, then touched his Vector next to his leg on the other side, he made sure where his weapons were and pressed the accelerator harder, the pickup speeded up.
Both Bison and Helga held their faces out of the window smiling at the jungle around them, Genevieve couldn't care, but Arno couldn't help worrying what they can expect here.
"Man! I'd come here for a vacation I swear" Bison said.
"It's somehow much more peaceful zhan zhe a****n, I really admire zhis place" Helga said.
"I wonder how they did it?" Arno said making the two look forward.
"What do you mean brother?" Bison asked.
Arno was still nervous "If this island isn't in the right placement on earth, this jungle will never be able to be here, think about it, the a****n and the Rainforest in Africa are almost on the equator, so did they build this island on the equator?"
Bison looked at Helga "I, never gave it thought?"
"So? I know Blake said there are six different environments to go hunt in, they won't make all six jungle right?"
Bison scratched his head "You have a point, but if the others are not jungle, what are they?"
"You all are over thinking this thing too much, f**k the other valleys can be snowed over for all I care, we are here to rescue two field members, who gives a f**k about anything else!?" Genevieve said but Arno suddenly slammed the brakes hard making her hit the dashboard "What the f**k asshole!?" She yelled but saw his face totally shocked over.
"Did you lot see that!? Did you fokkin see that!?" He yelled getting reverse gear and spinning the tires to get the vehicle back a few meters, he stopped and looked out, but there was nothing.
"What? What zid you see?" Helga said looking around vigorously.
Arno now didn't know if he should believe even himself, there was something, an animal, but it baffled him beyond his own reason.
He turned to Genevieve who was also looking, but she looked at him when there was nothing.
"I, I don't like making a fool of myself, especially in front of you three" He said still looking at Genevieve, but as his eyes went out the window again she slapped him.
"What did you see!?" She yelled.
"N... Never mind" He got first gear and drove off.
"Mall cop! Did you purposefully hit the brakes to make me smack the dash with my head!? Or did you really see something!?" Genevieve yelled.
"If I say something now, I know you're going to hit me again, so let's rather keep going and see if there's more"
"f**k Arno! If you stay quiet I'll slap you in any case"
Arno drove in silence, if what he saw was true, then it confirmed to him that they were fooled, but how was that possible? How!?
Genevieve slapped him again "Talk!"
"Take my word for it if you want to or not, but I could have sworn I saw a dinosaur"

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