Chapter One

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Jordan I can’t help but stare at her th*ghs as she lays on the living room floor in front of me. She’s surrounded by some of the pillows from the couch. She’s lying on her stomach with one of the couch pillows gathered under her chest as she stares up at the movie playing on the TV and idly eating popcorn from the bowl to her left. Her navy-blue prom dress had slid up to just below her ample *ss. Her dirty blonde hair was still done in two braids that haloed around her head. Some of it had loosened on the sides now. I sat there behind her on her left leaning against the couch. I was supposed to be watching the movie with her, but I couldn’t concentrate. I just stared at her thick th*ghs. I placed one of the smaller couch pillows in my lap to cover my erection as I sat there with my legs crossed. I want to tell her that I’m in love with her. I want to kiss her. I want to strip her of her dress and make love to her. You watched a lot of romantic movies and p*rn so you would know what to do. I reminded myself. I still hesitated. I don’t want to lose my friendship with her. She is my best friend. My only real friend. I get it though. I am an almost seventeen-year-old scrawny, lanky, nerd. If I happened to wear glasses, it would complete my look as to no doubt of my nerdiness. I don’t wear glasses though. She is a curvy what fellow classmates would call her fat girl. She doesn’t have many friends either. I don’t care about how curvy or overweight she is. I would be damned depressed if she lost weight and lost those luscious thick th*ghs that riles up my attention at the most inopportune times. We just connected when her mom moved here in fourth grade and enrolled her for the last part of fourth grade. She saw some of the popular kids picking on me on the playground at recess and she stepped between us telling them to leave me alone. They pushed her down into the dirt. If it had been the paved area of the playground, it would have been worse for her. She would have probably had scratches and been bleeding worse then the dirt. They called her names too especially any insult about her being fat they could think of. I helped her up and helped bring her to the nurse’s office to be tended to. I stayed with her, and we started talking then. We were practically inseparable since then. We are separated when she has to go back and live with her dad in the fall. Her parents have a six-month split of custody with her. When she is with her mom, she spends a lot of time here with my family in my home. Her mom likes to be alone with whatever man she is currently dating, and Alaina just gets in her mom’s way. I want to ask why she doesn’t just remain with her dad, but that would mean I wouldn’t see her, and I am selfish. My parents have gone on a weekend getaway and Alaina’s mom is with whatever flavor of the month boyfriend she is with. I took her to junior prom with some of the few other friends we have, and she made plans to stay the night here in my house. She does this a lot especially over the summer. It’s like this is her second home. My parents adore her, and my older brother is okay with her. I swallowed hard. “Alaina?” “Yeah.” “Have, have you thought about the fact that we are almost seventeen and there are many of our classmates having s*x?” “I guess.” She replied. I gulped and felt my palms get sweaty. “Um, what do you think about it? Have you thought about having s*x?” I asked trying to control the nervous tone in my voice. “Sure, I have thought about having s*x, but let’s be honest no guy wants me, so I will probably grow old and grey with a house full of dogs.” She replied with a tone that said she had accepted her fate and didn’t realize just how beautiful she was. It broke my heart a little because I haven’t done anything to dissuade her from thinking that I don’t even want her. “What if.” I wiped my hands on the sides of my pants. She stared at me with her crystal blue eyes as she had maneuvered herself to talk with me. “What if you know. What if we had s*x with each other. We would know what it was like, and we won’t have to go through life wondering.” I suggested. My mouth went dry as I looked at her nervously awaiting her response. I saw her eyes widen at my suggestion. “Are you sure Jordan? What if you don’t like anything about having s*x with me. I don’t know what I’m doing. I have never even kissed a boy. I don’t want to lose you as a friend if you are disgusted with me after.” She admitted with a tone that was a little dejected. I hate that kids have been so cruel to her. They don’t know what she has gone through. The games her parents play trapping her in the middle and using her as a pawn. “I promise I won’t be disgusted with you. We can just try. I don’t want to be a virgin my whole life and you are the one person I trust to give my virginity to. I know you won’t make fun of me after just as I won’t belittle you. What do you say?” She lifted herself and scooched herself back towards me. “You’re going to have to unzip me I can’t reach the zipper.” She said. I reached forward with my hand trembling a little as I reached for her zipper on the back of her dress. My left hand rested on her left shoulder as I slid the zipper down her dress. She held her arms across her chest holding her dress in place in the front. She turned to face me and let her dress fall as she pushed her sleeves off her arms. She sat there with her dress pooled at her waist. She had removed her bra when we got back in front of me. I could see where the bra cut into, her beautiful skin leaving red marks. I reached forward with my right hand to touch the red marks thinking my touch could soothe her tortured skin. She gasped as the back of my fingers grazed the underside of her large br**st. I leaned forward and kissed the marks where my fingers had been. A bigger gasp and small moan escaped her. I was lost then. I don’t remember everything I did, but I soon had her laying on the floor on her back completely naked and I had put the condom on, and I was pushing into her. She panted and moaned as I pressed into her body with her ample th*ghs wrapping around my hips. I was over halfway in. “Jordan, Jordan.” She pleaded. “Please wait. You’re too big. I don’t know if I can take you.” She gasped. I leaned down and claimed her lips. I had practiced kissing as well. I caressed her with my hands to soothe her fears. I think I was soothing mine as well. I thrust forward planting myself deeply inside her. I did feel something tear when I thrust. She screamed out in my mouth, and I didn’t move I just kissed her until she began wiggling under me trying to create friction. She may not have known what to do, but her body seemed to know naturally. “Jordan wake up!” I heard my name hollered. There was a haze in my brain as my senses began to adjust to being conscious. “Who is Alaina?” The female voice demanded at my side. “Huh?” I asked confused. I was hit with a pillow on the side of my head hard. That jolted me awake. “Lisa, what the f*ck? Why are you hollering at me and hitting me with a pillow?” I asked confused with a bit of anger as well. I looked down my body and saw the large tent I was making under the sheets and blanket. I was painfully erect. “You were moaning a woman’s name and woke me up. I woke to see that.” She pointed to the tented covers over my body. “You kept moaning and groaning this woman’s name. I tried to wake you. I shook your shoulders and that didn’t wake you. I had to holler just to wake you up.” Lisa accused. I glanced to my nightstand to see it was two in the morning almost. “Why are you still here? You know I don’t like it when you try to spend the night.” I accused her. That took the wind out of her righteous sails. “B, baby.” She changed her tone to her tone when she seduces me. “I’m not your baby. Get the f*ck out of my house.” I ordered her. “Don’t, don’t be like that. I can help you take care of that.” She offered as she pointed to my erection. “I don’t need your help with that. What I need is sleep. I have to work in the morning, so get out.” “But baby.” She whined a little. “No, Lisa. I am tired of this. You know what we have. I hook up with you only when I feel like it. I hooked up with you, now get out.” She sat back on her haunches with her perky br**sts bare to me beginning to pout more. She didn’t move. “Go, or I’ll call security and have you removed.” I threatened her. She huffed and began to move off from my bed. “Faster. I want to go back to sleep.” She scrambled for her clothes and shoes. “Why won’t you let me stay?” She whined as she held everything in front of her without attempting to dress. “That’s it.” I reached over and pressed the button to call my security man for my property. “Mr. Green what are you doing up?” Alan asked through the speaker. “Lisa, is refusing to leave please come collect her and remove her from my property at once.” I ordered him. “Right away sir.” He replied. “No!” Lisa exclaimed. “I suggest you put some clothes on before he gets here.” I heard my front door open a couple minutes later. Alan would be up here in about a minute. Lisa was scrambling to pull her dress over her head. I guess she decided not to put her bra or panties on. Alan knocked on my bedroom door. “Come in.” I called. Alan opened the door and stepped in. He walked up to Lisa. She looked small next to him. He was six three and bulked out with muscles everywhere. I even seemed insignificant compared to Alan and I am not the scrawny nerd I once was many years ago. "Let’s go miss.” Alan said as he grasped her elbow to guide her out of my room and off my property. “Goodnight, sir.” Alan said as Lisa looked dumbfounded at me. “Goodnight Alan.” I replied. He closed my door behind them, and I reached down to grasp my erection. Of course, I had to be dreaming about Alaina. She is the only one who can do this to me, and I haven’t seen her in ten years face to face. I let the remnants left of my dream and my memory play through my mind as I stroked myself to relieve my erection, so I could go back to sleep. I let my memory remind me of how Alaina sounded as I made love to her for our first time. Her moans, her pants, her gasps her mewls of protest when she came down from her orgasm as I pulled out of her. Her screams of my name. The feel of being buried inside her body and having her luscious th*ghs cradling me. I was groaning as I picked up the pace pumping myself. I thought of what it would feel like to spill myself inside her without a condom. That undid me and I groaned one last time loudly as I spilled into my hand. I threw the covers off me and carefully made my way to my bathroom to clean myself up. ~~~ I was dragging *ss when I pulled into my designated parking spot in the parking garage. I shut off my Porsche and got out. I closed the door and looked over at my brother’s black Lincoln Aviator. I don’t want to come in today after last night. I had a tough time getting back to sleep. All I could smell was Lisa in my bed. I had to move down the hall to one of my guest bedrooms just to get back to sleep. I left a note for head of house Martha to remove everything from my bed and get rid of it including my mattress. I asked her to order me a new mattress and have it delivered as soon as possible. I also asked my room to be deeply cleaned. I didn’t want any trace of Lisa left in my room. It was stupid to bring her home with me last night. I’ve never brought a woman home before and I knew how needy Lisa is, but I hadn’t had s*x for a long time, and I needed a release, and I knew she wouldn’t deny me. I feel like an *ss now for using that excuse to justify contacting Lisa last night. I won’t have anything more to do with her. I need to find a woman I can share my life with, and I want in my home. You know only one woman fits that bill for you. My thoughts reminded me. I groaned as I rubbed my face as I made my way inside the office building. I have to remind myself she doesn’t want me. She moved on with her life without me. It was a struggle just to hold onto a small thread of our friendship once we graduated. I still remember her last words to me all those years ago. “You need to let me go. I don’t want to hate you.” Alaina’s pain-stricken voice echoed in my mind. “Good morning, Mr. Green.” Daryl and Clinton said in unison as I started to pass by the security desk. “Good morning, Daryl. Good morning, Clinton.” I replied as I passed by to the elevators. I pressed the button to call the elevator. I waited for a couple of minutes before it finally reached the lobby level. I stepped in and pressed the button for the twentieth floor. I need some tea as soon I get to my office. I stared at my reflection in the doors of the elevator. My deep brown hair was neatly combed, and my hazel eyes stared at the worn look I had on my face from lack of sleep. I’m still p*ssed Lisa woke me up. It was the first time I had fallen into such a deep sleep in a few weeks. The elevator stopped and the doors opened to the twentieth floor. We own these top five floors for The Green Company that my brother Jeremy asked me to invest in a few years ago. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go into business co-owning a company with my older brother, but I don’t regret it except for on mornings like this when I just want to crawl back into bed. Your empty bed. My thoughts reminded me. I had thought when I sold my altered battery that extends the life of most electronic devices and made my first few million dollars, I would just live the easy life traveling and not caring. It wasn’t until my battery helped to advance so many companies devices that those few millions quickly turned into a hundred million, and then into a billion. I hold the patent on my battery, and they pay hefty to have the right to use my battery around the world. My brother asked me to invest in a company that would look for environmentally friendly inventions to help the world around us. My battery can recharge with solar power. It is not a major charge, but the longer it is left to charge with solar power the more battery life if someone happens to be away from an outlet and their device especially their phone happens to die on them. It has helped with a few people stuck out in the wilderness to allow them to be rescued. I made my way through the sea of desks to get to my office. My office sat on an elevated part of the floor that allowed for me to look out across the sea of desks if I wanted to be seen as a maniacal boss. Jocelyn was seated at her desk that guards the stairs up to my office. “Morning Sugar.” Jocelyn greeted me. I could take offense at being called sugar, but that was just Jocelyn’s way and she made sure I knew the moment I hired her. For a woman in her mid-fifties, she was a spitfire. “You’re looking wonderful as ever this morning.” I replied. She grinned at me. “Jocelyn would you be a dear and get.” “You some tea.” She finished for me and gave a slight shake of her head like that of a mom shaking her head at her kid. She sighed, “I’ll get it for you Sugar.” She replied. “You are the absolute best.” I remarked. “I know.” She had a smile on her face which comforted me. I made my way up the stairs to my office. I could have had my pick of assistants much younger and with model looks instead of Jocelyn. She had been a homemaker for a good portion of her life but had decided to go back to school and rejoin the workforce. I didn’t want to be seen as chasing my assistant around my office and Jocelyn was one that while she did look me over it wasn’t in a s*xual way, at least I believe it wasn’t. All the other candidates were leering at me through the interview process like I was a huge hot fudge sundae or something. So, I chose the big beautiful black woman who was about to turn fifty and I haven’t looked back since. She has claimed me as part of her brood, and I feel proud to be considered that. It was helpful when I hired her as her husband was in a horrible car accident. A car came barreling into his car when he had just gotten into his parked car. The medical bills were astronomical, and Gerald is still awaiting the settlement for the accident because he still must go to physical therapy to help with the injury that almost crushed his lower left leg and foot. He walks with a pronounced limp even with his cane, but he is happy to be walking. I plopped down on one of the couches I have in my office and rested my arm over my eyes. I was wondering if I should have stayed home. I dismissed that thought immediately. Once I get my tea and maybe some ibuprofen to help with this headache that has been creeping in, I should be okay especially if I go down to the development floor and help with some of the projects being worked on. That always make me happy to tinker away on something. “Don’t tell me you took her home with you?” The voice of my older brother Jeremy asked from the doorway to my office. “Hush, leave your brother alone.” Jocelyn scolded Jeremy as she pushed past him into my office. I sat up. Jocelyn handed me a mug full of tea and then extended her hand with her fingers pointed down to hand me something she was grasping. She dropped two tablets of ibuprofen in my hand when I raised it to hers. “Jocelyn, it’s a good thing Gerald has you on lock because I could kiss you right now and steal you away.” I commented. “If he ever acts up, I may take you up on that Sugar.” She replied. We all chuckled at that, and I took the tablets. “You rest while those tablets work their magic along with your tea. I’ll take care of things for you.” Jocelyn said. I nodded my head and she turned and walked towards the door to my office. She paused by Jeremy. “Don’t stress your little brother now you hear?” She said in a slightly threatening tone to Jeremy. Jeremy lowered his head to submit to her order. She continued out of my office. “It’s a good thing you own majority in this company, and I know she is just looking out for you. If it were anyone else, I don’t care who they are and their age I would have fired them for threatening me.” “Jeremy, you know she is just looking out for me and trying to keep me in line and out of trouble. She extends that to you as well you know.” “I know and I respect the h*ll out of her for that. I was surprised you chose her all those years ago, but now I can’t see this company being where it is if she hadn’t come in and kept you in line and grounded in reality.” “That is why I got her a Mercedes for her first-year anniversary with us. Before you say it, you can’t have her, she’s mine.” I warned. He smirked. “What did you want anyway?” I asked him. “Mom called and she wanted to know if you are going to come back for a visit when I go next weekend.” I had been avoiding our mother’s calls. I knew I was pushing the limits of Diane Green’s patience, but I don’t like going back to our hometown. “Tell her no, I will be there in a few weeks for the reunion though.” “She’s going to give you an earful if you don’t answer at least one of her calls before then.” He warned. I nodded. Jeremy chatted with me for a little while longer while the medicine and tea worked its magic on me. I didn’t want to tell Jeremy I may be going back for the reunion, but I was staying in the hotel they were having it at. I can't be in that house and sit in that living room. I always see Alaina spread on the floor as I slide into her body for the first time. I really wish that memory didn’t haunt me. It wasn’t the only time we had s*x when we were kids, but it was the most impactful. I worked for a little while before I couldn’t take it anymore. I stepped out of my office and just surveyed the floor below me. A pair of th*ghs caught my attention in the distance and they had me all twisted up inside again. They looked so much like Alaina’s. I stormed down the stairs. “I’m going down to R and D if you need me.” I told Jocelyn. “Okay, Sugar.” She replied as I stormed to the elevators before I turned around and locked myself in my office and tended to another unwanted erection today. ~~~ I turned down getting drinks at the bar with Jeremy after work. I really just wanted to get some sleep. I have had a tough time not thinking about Alaina today. I blame that stupid dream and maybe because I am nervous to see her at the reunion. Her social media says that she just started dating some man called James. James, I scoffed in my mind. The man had a lot of similarities to me though I have changed a lot since Alaina last saw me. I don’t have social media because I get bombarded with people seeking my money even though I have it set to private. I spy on Alaina from a generic account that I can’t put any identifying information on. I wish I knew what she looked like now, but she rarely posts a picture of herself. Its always food, or something nature related except lately she has been posting James’ picture and I have been beside myself with jealousy. I anonymously send her a dozen red roses every year on her birthday to her mom’s house. I send an arrangement of flowers to her mother Charlotte as well hoping Charlotte will pass the roses on to Alaina. Knowing Charlotte, she probably keeps them for herself because I have never heard her asking around at who sends the flowers, nor have I seen any pictures on social media of her exclaiming over them. Maybe she knows they’re from me and throws them away? I pulled in through my gate to my mansion. I tipped my head at Alan as I passed through. He returned the acknowledgement. I just need a long hot shower to clear my head. I have been able to block Alaina from my thoughts before and I can do it again. I just need to make it through the reunion and then I’ll never have anything to do with Alaina Anthony until our twenty-year high school reunion happens. Maybe by then I will find someone to marry and have a family with. At least my mom will be happy if I settle down and give her grandchildren. Brrring, brrring I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket. Speak of the devil. I thought. I pressed the button to answer. “Hi, mom.” I greeted her.
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