Chapter 3

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          {Unknown P.O.V.}           After the ceremony took place, we all applauded for Ash, but mine was more forced because I could honestly care less about this s**t. When we were dismissed to mingle and eat, Kendrick went straight for the food, while I just kind of walked around. I had to admit, there were pretty girls here, but none that actually interested me.           I briefly spoke with some of the other Alphas in attendance, at least the ones I was on good terms with. They were older, and wiser, and gave lots of great advice. They brought their unmated daughters with them, hoping they would find their mates. I thought this was supposed to be an Alpha ceremony, not speed dating. I shook my head and mentally rolled my eyes. I knew for a fact that they were hoping I would be mated to one of their girls, but that was not happening. At least not if the moon goddess had anything to say about it.           I walked around some more and was being eyed by several she-wolves. I smiled at them, but that was all I did. I could hear their disappointments, but I honestly didn’t care. I wasn’t here to pick up any random girl, unlike Kendrick, who already had two girls leaning all over him. I sent him a quick mind link,           You better make sure those girls are of age, Ken. I don’t need you f*****g up by sleeping with a minor.           Relax, I already made sure. They showed me their canines and claws. I’m about to take these two hotties up to my guestroom.           You’re sick.           Don’t knock it until you try it.                     I was about to respond when a mouthwatering scent hit me. My wolf Blade started to stir and prance in my mind,           Mate. He said.           What?           Mate. He repeated. I immediately followed the scent. It was so heavenly, so enticing, so inviting, and so serene. Even though Blade was going crazy, the scent was also very calming. It was very herbal and refreshing, it smelled like freshly brewed chamomile tea. I followed the scent that made me gulp the saliva forming in my mouth. I was led across the courtyard, and into the packhouse where the smell of my mate got stronger and stronger, but something was strange. Her smell was off, it started to smell like blood.           I looked beyond the living room and saw the most beautiful girl, but what I saw was not making me happy. It was making me angry, and Blade was surfacing at the sight before our eyes. Our mate was being beaten, by the former Luna of the Halfmoon pack, and another woman who looked to be around her late teens to early twenties. Just as her foot was about to make contact with my mates face, Blade let out a ferocious roar, stopping her dead in her tracks, and shaking the entire packhouse.           “GET THE f**k AWAY FROM MY MATE!!!” I boomed in my Alpha tone. Both of them turned around and were in shock.  My outburst caused Kendrick to be by my side within a matter of seconds. I used my wolf speed and shoved both women out of the way, completely knocking them over. Nicole flipped over the chair, and the other girl was slammed into the wall. I could care less if they were injured. I only cared about my mate.           “Alpha, talk to me,” Kendrick said.           “Mate,” I whisper to him,           “Oh,”           “GET ME A DOCTOR!” I roared. Kendrick took off to find the pack doctor, that’s assuming this sorry excuse of a pack even had one. I lifted my mate into my arms, and she is completely unconscious. I made sure to be as gentle as possible, as I could feel that some of her bones were possibly broken.           “Alpha, my name is Dr. Jacobs,” a man his fifties or sixties said running up to me. “Please follow me to the clinic,” I follow him, trying my hardest to make it a smooth trip for my mate. Even though she is bloodied and beaten, I can still see her beautiful features. “Alpha, please lay her down, and allow me to look over her,” I do as he says, and he starts his examination.           I see him lift her shirt, and a part of me wants to stop him where he stands for even thinking of looking under there, but I know that he has to do it, so I try and poise myself.  When I see the bruising that’s already formed, a growl escapes from within, and the doctor immediately stops in fear.           “Doctor, don’t mind him, please continue,” Kendrick says coming into the clinic. The doctor continues his examination.           “Alpha, I need to get x-rays done, please excuse me,” he wheels my mate out of the room, and down the hall. I wait patiently for him to come back. About twenty minutes later, he wheels her back in.           “How bad is it?” I asked him.           “It’s not as bad as it seems,” he says while putting the images of her x-rays on the board. “Thankfully, only one rib appears to be fractured here,” he says pointing at the image. “I also did a quick ultrasound, and there is no internal bleeding in her abdomen or her head. She may wake up with a concussion, but overall, she should fully heal within 48 hours,” I let out a sigh of relief. “I will put on her an IV drip with some morphine to help with the pain,”           “Thank you,” he inserts the IV into the back of her hand and injects the tubing with a syringe full of morphine.           “Alpha, while she rests, may I speak with you in private please?” the doctor requests.           “Whatever needs to be said can be said in front of my Beta,” I tell him sternly.           “Very well,” he goes and closes the door. He comes back and sits on the chair next to my mate's bed. “Alpha, while looking over her x-rays, I saw multiple remodeled fractures, and breaks in most of her bones,”           “What?”           “I know her very well, and I know that this is not the first time she has been beaten, this is just the first time she’s ever been given medical attention,”           “Are you telling me that my mate has suffered multiple injuries without medical attention?!”           “Yes, I am,”           “She’s a pack member! What kind of bullshit is that!?” Kendrick exclaimed.           “Technically, she is not a pack member,” the doctor said.           “Come again?”           “She’s not a pack member. She was orphaned when she was about ten, and was brought to the pack, and was turned into the packhouse slave,”           “SLAVE?!” both Kendrick and I growl.           “Where does she come from? Where is her family!?” I ask trying to hold back my anger.           “I don’t know, I have only been the doctor now for about six years, she was already here when I arrived. She was about twelve when I met her, and she was already covered in bruises, and I could tell she had some injuries that weren’t quite healed,”           “Were the beatings Alpha Eric’s doing?” I asked.           “It was everyone’s doing. Even the lowest-ranked Omegas have beat her, and it was mostly because she would talk back, or give attitude,”           “You’ve witnessed this?” Kendrick asked.           “No, but people in this packhouse talk, and pissed off ones talk even louder,” I could feel my anger getting the best of me, and Blade wanted to surface again. I had to put so much effort into keeping him back.           “Be honest me with doctor, have you ever put your hands on her?” I grumbled.           “No, I would never harm a child. I am a doctor, and it is my duty to treat everyone with kindness and respect; however, when it came to this poor child, I was not allowed to,”           “Not allowed? Are you f*****g joking me right now?” Kendrick scoffed.           “I’m sorry Beta, but I am not. The Alpha had prohibited me from ever giving her medical attention. I know of her story, but I honestly don’t know her name. She’s not even in the pack database,”           “What do you know about her?” I asked.           “Only that she has a fighting spirit, but a broken soul, and she is young. My understanding from rumors is that her birthday was three days ago, she just turned 18,”           “WHAT?!”           “Damn, she just gained her wolf,” Kendrick said looking at her with pity.           “Please, Alpha, do not hurt her. I think she has been through enough pain in her short life,”           “I would never, she is my mate, my future, my Luna, and my one true love. I will mend her broken soul. The moon goddess gave me a precious gift, and I plan to cherish that gift until the day I die,” the doctor nods his head and smiles.           “I’m going to take a blood sample so I can run a few tests on her. Since she has never had medical attention, I think it would be best to do a blood panel to see if she needs anything additional,” I nod my head. He takes a few samples of blood, and then leaves the room. Kendrick and I look at each other, and then back at my mate.           “I wonder what happened to her,” Kendrick says softly.           “I’m sure that she will tell us when she is ready, but for now, let’s just watch over her until she wakes up,”           “No problem,” even if Kendrick was planning on having a threesome, he took his duties as my Beta more seriously, and always vowed to put me and his Luna first. “Did you want me to get another bed rolled up in here?”           “No, I’m going to sleep next to her,” I tell him. I get up from the couch we were sitting on, and gently climb into the bed with my mate. I place my arm under her shoulders, and hold her frail body close, but not tight. I hoped that my scent would give her some peace and tranquility while she healed.             {Rylee’s P.O.V.}           I could feel my head throbbing. It felt like I was run over by a stampede of rhinos. As I tried to gather my thoughts, I remembered getting into an argument with Emma about enchiladas, calling Nicole an unfit mother, and her trying to beat me into submission. I also started to recall the scent of fresh rain. Suddenly, that smell flooded my senses again. I opened my eyes and saw I was in a very unfamiliar room. I looked to my right and saw some sort of weird machine, and it was beeping. I looked to my left and saw a couch. I looked down at my right hand, and there was a needle inside my vein.           I sat up as slowly as I could, still feeling the aftermath of Nicole’s beating. I grunted while sitting up and trying to balance myself. I looked at my surroundings again and realized that I was in a hospital of some sort. Was this the pack clinic? Why was I in the pack clinic? Why does it smell like fresh rain in here? Why was it making me feel happy?           Mate. Kaleigh said           What? We don’t have a mate.           We do now.             What in the world was she talking about? Perhaps the kick to my head affected her memory too or was playing tricks on her. I caught a glimpse of the clock and saw it was two hours past breakfast.            “s**t!” I shouted. I reached over and pulled the needle out of hand, which caused the machine to start beeping uncontrollably. I stood to my feet, even though it was very painful to do so, and rushed out of the room. I had no idea where I was since I had never been to the clinic before. I stopped a nurse walking by who looked at me blankly, “I’m sorry, but which way back to the packhouse?”           “Through those doors,” she said and pointed behind me.           “Thank you,” I grabbed my side, where Nicole had kicked me, and just hobbled back to the packhouse. As much I wanted to be out of here, by tonight, I don’t think I could with these injuries. When I made it through the house and into the kitchen, I was immediately pulled by the hair and slapped across the face.           “So, you decided to sleep in!? What makes you think you could get away with the s**t you pulled last night!?” Emma spat. God, this b***h was still in the house?           “Rylee, you’re late!” Eric shouted from the middle of the table. Huh? Oh, that’s right he’s not the Alpha anymore. Where the hell was Ash? He wasn’t at the head of the table.           “I’m sorry, I woke up in the clinic, and I have no idea how I got there,”           “Are you trying to make us starve!?” Nicole’s yelled with her shrilling voice breaking the sound barrier. Ugh, I don’t know how the hell Eric puts up with her, let alone Emma and her own ‘nails on a chalkboard’ voice.           “Please give me twenty minutes, and will I have breakfast made,”           “TWENTY MINUTES!? YOU’RE ASKING FOR TWENTY MINUTES WHEN WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN FED OVER TWO HOURS AGO!?” Emma screamed at the top of her lungs.           “Would you rather I not make anything at all then?” I sneered.           “Dad! Do something about this b***h!!” Emma shouted.           “Aww, can’t stand up for yourself that you have to ask dear old daddy to come and save your pathetic ass? And you call yourself an Alpha’s daughter,”           “AH!!!” She screamed and raised her hand to slap me again, but someone caught it.           “I could have sworn you were told to keep your hands off of her,” some really good looking guy said to Emma.           “Beta Kendrick, keep your hands off of my daughter!” Eric shouted.           “As long your b***h of a daughter keeps her hands off of the Luna,” Did he just call me Luna?           “LUNA?!” I heard Ash’s revolting voice come from the kitchen entrance. He had his arm around some Omega.           “Oh, good morning Alpha Ash,” the good looking guy, whose name I believe is Beta Kendrick said to Ash. “Yes, this beautiful young lady here is the future Luna of the Blue Lake Pack,” Ash’s expression went dark and fast. He dropped his arm from the Omega and looked at me. “Alpha Ash, I suggest you take your eyes off of the Luna unless you want to deal with my Alpha, who is already pissed off as it is,” I watched as Ash dropped his eyes. Even though this guy was a Beta, something about him just screamed high-level. Who was the Alpha to the Blue Lake Pack? And why did this Beta say that I’m the future Luna?           “RYLEE! BREAKFAST ISN’T GOING TO MAKE ITSELF!” Nicole screamed. I was about to turn around and grab ingredients out of the fridge when the Beta stopped me.           “Sorry, Luna, but the Alpha would like you back in bed to rest. This pack can find someone else to make their food. Now that you’ve been claimed by the Alpha of the Blue Lake Pack, there’s no need for you to work anymore,” he said with a dashing smile.           “Beta Kendrick, you can’t just take her!” Eric shouted.           “Actually, I can, because I know for a fact that she’s not even a pack member of this pack, so, you have no legal claim over her,” he replied with such a serious tone and then smiled back at me. I just stared blankly and blinked in utter confusion. My head was starting to hurt even more now. “Come, Luna,” he said and picked me up bridal style. Ash growled at him, but it didn’t faze him. Kendrick just kept walking.           After a minute or so, we were back at the clinic, and he gently placed me down on the bed. I saw his eyes glaze over, which meant he was mind linking someone, but who? A few minutes later, the scent of fresh rain hit me again, and the hunkiest wolf I had ever seen walked in with another older gentleman. My eyes bulged out of my head when I saw this guy.           He was easily over 6 feet tall, he had light brown hair that was sleeked back, and sides of his head were shaved clean. He was wearing a simple white V neck t-shirt and some blue jeans. His super muscular right arm was covered in tattoos, and I could see his chest had some as well. His eyes were teal-colored, both of his ears were pierced, and he had some facial hair on his chin. His nose was very prominent, his cheekbones were perfectly square, and his lips were plump. This man was nothing short of beautiful.           MATE! Kaleigh screamed. She was howling in excitement. I just watched as he came around to the other side of the bed. The fresh rain scent was coming from him, and it was strong. My throat became dry while I looking at him. He sat down in the chair next to my bed. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Who was this gorgeous man?           He’s our mate stupid!           Don’t call me stupid, Kaleigh!                     Would the moon goddess really give me a second chance like this? There was no way, this guy, this hunk of a man was my second chance? Could he?           “How are you feeling?” the older man asked me, tearing me away from my thoughts.           “Um, I’m a little sore, and my throat is dry,” I tell him.           “You seem to have healed quite nicely, but you shouldn’t wander around on your own just yet,”           “I was just…”           “I understand you went to go do chores; however, you need rest, and as the pack doctor, I’m ordering it,” he cut me off.           “But I’m not allowed…”           “You are now,” he cut me off again. “I will have a nurse bring you some ice water,” I just nodded. What the hell was going on? “I also went over your blood work, and it appears that you are severely anemic. I am going to give an iron injection, potassium, and vitamin B12. I also suggest that once you are released, you go stand in the sun for about thirty minutes a day to get some vitamin D,” I nodded again, and he gave me a few shots before leaving.           “Kendrick,”           “Alpha,”           “Leave us,”           “Sure thing,” he said and got up. “Luna,” he bowed his head and walked out of the room. I looked back at the god-like man sitting next to me.           “What is going on here? Why does he keep calling me Luna?” I ask the stranger.           “Because you are his Luna, he’s just being respectful,” he replied. Oh my god that voice, it’s the soothing voice from last night.           “Who are you?” I ask him.           “My name is Wyatt Valencia, I’m the Alpha of the Blue Lake Pack,” he replied and took my hand. I immediately felt a jolt of electricity shoot up my arm, but it wasn’t painful, it was sensual and amazing. “What’s your name?”           “Ryan Lee Duquesne, but I go by Rylee for short,”           “Did you say Duquesne?” I nod my head. “Any relation to Mitchell Duquesne?”           “He was my father. How do you know him?” Wyatt let out a short sigh.           “He was a friend of my father’s when my father was Alpha. We heard about what happened to your pack, and that Halfmoon was responsible for it. We had no idea that there were any survivors,”           “I was hidden away during the fight, and was found by Eric when they were clearing the house,”           “Do they know that you’re an Alpha’s daughter?” I shook my head.           “Only Ash knows,”           “How does Ash know?”           “Because I had to use my title when I accepted his rejection,”           “Wait, are you saying that you were Ash’s mate?” I nod.           “I found out the morning of my birthday. He rejected me immediately, and I accepted without incident. I didn’t want to be his mate. I refuse to be the Luna this pack of murderers,”           “No wonder he was pissed when Kendrick brought you back to me,”           “I don’t understand, why are you being so kind to me? You don’t even know me,”           “I know that you are my mate, and apparently, I am your second chance,” he said and kissed the back of my hand. I gasped softly at the tingling sensation it gave me. I didn’t feel like this with Ash. I honestly couldn’t wait to be rejected by him, but this guy was different.           “Alpha Wyatt,”           “It’s just Wyatt, dearest, you don’t have to be formal with me,”           “Wyatt, I don’t know if I can do this,”           “Do what, beautiful?” I immediately blushed.           “I’m not worthy of being a Luna, let alone yours. I’m broken, and am technically a rogue,”           “Well, that’s not up to you to decide. It’s the moon goddess’. She gave you to me, and I plan on keeping you. So, don’t even think about rejecting me, that is unless of course, you want me to die of heartbreak,” he smiled. What the hell? Did he just use reverse psychology on me?           “I…uh…” he smiled again.           “Rylee, my dearest, will you at least give me the chance to earn your trust and your love?” he asked with the utmost sincerity. I looked into his eyes, and all I could see was desire and him pleading. He hasn’t done anything to hurt me, and I can already tell he’s a better Alpha than Ash will ever be.           “Yes, I can I do that,” he smiled and kissed the back of my hand again. The tingling feeling came back, my heart started to race, and my core started to burn up. For a split second, I wished the back of my hand were my lips.   Was this the mate bond?
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