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ZACHARY'S POV " However you try Zachary Wilson, there is no way in hell you'll get to know about boss." That bloody low piece s**t muttered whilst wiping away the blood from his mouth through his shoulder. I clenched my teeth and punched him directly on his face. More new bloods started forming over his mouth but still like every time this bastard wiped it away with a smirk. I croaked up my eyebrow and looked at him all over again. The man sitting in front of me, tied with a rope is one of the agent of god knows which bastard. Only because of him I've suffered a great loss in drug dealing. " Fine don't tell me. I hope you know very well that I don't give second chance to anyone and as you've lost your first chance. Now suffer." I added with a smirk and whistled. Soon Riley and Blake entered inside dragging a women who happens to be this dickhead's wife and a teenage girl who is probably his daughter. They both gave me disgusted look with their eyes which had already turned red due to crying. I smirked at their condition and gestured Blake to pass me his gun. He nodded in a no but soon reluctantly passed it when I glared him. Blake being f*****g softy. He didn't like this killing thing but somehow accepted the fact that if he has to live with me and Riley then he has to drown in this bloody reality. On the other Riley is like me, he loves to kill but still due to living with Blake sometimes he also starts behaving like a p***y. These are the only two persons who are quite close to me. They both are my best friends since childhood. I never admitted but they do influence my life. " Wilson you have issues with me. Don't drag my family into this." Finally that bastard's smirk faded away into pale look. He looked at me with horror and then sifted his gaze towards his family. Family. What a lame word. The reason behind the weakness of every strong person. There is nothing like family in this world, as time passes by every single f*****g person gets snatched away. " Daddy." His daughter ran away from Blake's hold and wrapped her arms around her father. I rolled my eyes. I don't have any time to witness this family drama. " So who wants to die first?" I asked and three pair of eyes snapped towards me in terror. And that's exactly what I want. Terror in the eyes of everyone when they are looking up at me. " Please Wilson. Kill me if you want but spare my family. They have nothing to do with all this." He said in vulnerable voice and I couldn't help myself from chuckling over the pathetic situation of this old man. " No please don't kill him. Kill me instead of him." And here goes a familiar dialogue of her wife like every other wife when they are caught up in this type of situation. Seriously, I am never going to understand that from where people's grew so much love towards each other. And that's the second reason why I f*****g hate this melodrama so much. " Okay so decide who wants to die first." I added monotonously whilst yawning and grabbing a seat. " You will kill all of us, don't you?" His daughter asked me with teary eyes and I nodded with a smirk. " Don't you have any family? Don't you know that it would hurt so much to watch your family falling apart, Don't you..." Her daughter started muttering but before she could complete her sentence, Blake closed her mouth with his palms. I clenched and unclenched my fists till my knuckle started turning white. Blake looked at me and gestured me to calm down. Anger blasted over my senses and without thinking much in next moment I shot a bullet directly into her father's head. Both his wife and daughter burst out in tears. Blood drained out from his temple and his body goes lifeless. I felt my nerves cooling down and with a smirk I looked over Blake , who just shook his head in disappointment. " Now who's turn?" I asked and pointed my gun towards that teenage girl but she didn't even flinched away. " I know Zachary Wilson you don't have any family and that's why you will not understand our pain but mark my words one day, one day you will cry over your destiny. You'll never get the love in your life. Never. A person like you don't deserve to be loved." His wife said after looking at her daughter. I laughed at her words. Seriously I am used with hearing such words and I don't give a s**t about it. " Tell me something I don't know." I said and pulled the trigger of my gun, pointing towards her and BOOM. She's dead. " Zach." Blake said calmly while trying to grab my attention away from killing one more last person of that bastard's family but too late before Blake could do anything, I shot that girl also. " Riley threw these bodies away from here." I said and walked towards my room. With a deep breath I entered into bathroom and splashed water over my face. I fixed my eyes at my reflection. There stands a man, most fearful, ruthless, unlovable, killer for everyone. But there is nothing I feel about myself. I feel void. Suddenly their words started spinning inside my mind and I closed my ears shut with my palms to avoid the unnecessary voices inside my head but all in vain. I know Zachary Wilson you don't have any family that's why you will not understand our pain. A person like you don't deserve to be loved. Don't you have any family? " STOP." I screamed and punched on the mirror. Blood instantly oozed out but nothing felt. No pain. No hurt. Nothing. No one will ever understand that what I feel after all for everyone I am cold hearted criminal, aren't I? Fuck. When I came back from shower, I found both Blake and Riley sitting on my bed. I arched up my eyebrows and grabbed a seat on the couch. " You shouldn't have killed them." And here starts Blake. It is his usual routine to come and give me a long lecture on what should I do or not. " Out of my room. Now." I said and pressed my eyes closed. My head is throbbing with worst headache ever. I pressed my fingers over my temple. This day couldn't get more worst. First that f*****g unsuccessful d*******l then that family melodrama and now this stupid headache. " Riley do you have any painkillers available, right now?" I asked and he chuckled and then nodded. " Then why the hell you are still here Motherf*cker? Go and bring it." I yelled and he smirked whilst looking at Blake. Definitely they are planning something. " Zach stop hurting yourself. Till how long you are going to kill innocent peoples?" Blake said and received the incoming call from his cell phone. I looked at my knuckles which were now covered with dried up blood and a smirked formed its way. Who said I am hurting myself from killing those innocent peoples ? I kill them because it makes me feel good. " Here take it Zach." Riley handheld me painkiller and water. I gulped it in a one go. " I enjoyed today watching that live family drama." Riley muttered earning a glare from Blake who was still busy with attending the call. " Same here." I replied and we both shared a knowing smirk whereas Blake rolled his eyes. " David is here. He wants to meet you." Blake said in a disgusted tone. " Like right now?" I asked and he nodded. " Looks like we are going to have fun today." Riley added. As I entered to meet my special guest who happens to be none other then David. I didn't get much involved with this Bastard. But let's see, what he wants this time. " Hello Mr. Wilson." David said and outstretched his arms for a handshake but by ignoring him I grabbed a seat. " what brings you here?" I asked straight to the point and he chuckled. " I want you and your men to Finnish the famous billionaire ALFRED LAWRENCE and his family." He replied. I crocked up my eyebrows and eyed him suspiciously. Why does he wants them to be dead? " I have my reasons." He answered my unasked question and I nodded. " But what will I get in return?" " whatever you say." He said and I thought for a few seconds before replying. " Deal." " Riley I want every details about that Lawrence and Blake hack his security system as soon as possible." I said and they both nodded before walking in their respective rooms. *** " Stop please stop." She cried. I looked at the w***e lying underneath me. " Y-you are hurting me. Just stop it please." She said and this time started sobbing. I rolled my eyes. I quickly get away from her. It wasn't like I was going to r*pe her. She came here on her own. Oh great. Why the f**k even I had brought her here? " Y-you are monster." She said and clenched the bed sheet. " f**k off." I said while trying my level best to control my rising anger. As she rushed away , I sighed and rubbed my palm over my face. This s****l frustration is going to kill me. " Zachy bro where are you?" Suddenly a familiar woman's voice enters inside my ear. " Fuck." I muttered and quickly grabbed my denim. " Can I come in Zachy bro?" She questioned whilst tapping my door and I could practically hear the chuckling sound of Riley and Blake. Great. Just great. But before I could say anything, my door flew open and next thing I knew is Grace has jumped into my arms. I chuckled a little and patted her shoulder. " Zachy bro." She yelled near my ear. " God, You are 22 for f**k's sake." Riley muttered and Blake laughed. " So what you two idiots are also 26 but still your head is on your dick." She said and lied on the bed smirking over her own sentence. " Grace language." Blake scolded her. " C'mon bro I am sister of you who happens to be best friend of one of the biggest criminal named Zachary Wilson. So if you guys can kill anyone then at least spare me to say whatever I want." She explained and I rolled my eyes. Grace is Blake's sister and for me and Riley she is also like our own little sister. She didn't live here but whenever she comes, well she drops a bomb in whole freaking house. She is the only women I knew who has any right to talk to me in whatever way she wants. She is clearly not a piece of softy Like her brother but she is also not like us. " Zachy bro I had saw a blond women rushing outside. Well duh, you are already 27 and freaking hot but still I mean how many women do you need in your bed? Ever thought of sticking with one?" She questioned to which both Riley and Blake rolled their eyes. " Don't you feel uncomfortable to talk about such things?" Riley asked teasingly but didn't even got a reply from her. " You mean why don't I just go and jump from the 7th floor?" I asked her and she gave me dirty look. " I don't even want to waste my time, talking to an idiots like you three." She yelled and rushed away. Didn't she knows that no women would like to stick with a criminal like me and to the cherry of the cake I don't want this too. " why didn't you told me that she is returning from her hostel?" I asked and they both shrugged their shoulders. " Zach I've done my job." Blake commented and I nodded. " I've also collected every information about Lawrence." Riley added. " He has total six members in His family including him. His wife cherry, his daughter September and her boyfriend Chris or Hunter I am not sure because both man lives in the same house and September's daughter Claire." He told me and I just nodded and from all of his words, I just heard one name September. " September." My tongue rolled out that name so easily like it's aura is pulling me. Oh wow what the f**k! Now after all the bullshit, my senses have also started f*****g up with me. Could this day get any worse? " What are we waiting for? Let's finish this work , I am f*****g tired today." I said and shoved my gun in waistband.
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