Chapter 02: It Feels Good to Be Rich

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"Why are you shouting like a madman? Are you trying to summon your father's soul back from the dead? If you don't like it here, take him with you so that we can make space for other patients!" the nurse said sarcastically. "Why didn't you change his diaper? You aren't taking care of him properly. If I remember correctly, I already paid this month's bill." My eyes were bloodshot. "Yes, you did pay. However, everyone else makes a three-month payment when they are admitted here. Yet, you're struggling to make even monthly payments. If you don't like it here, you're free to go. Stop wasting our time! It might sound unpleasant, but your father is already an old codger. What's the point of having him lay here all day? If you were a filial son, you would book the best room available for him. Over there, let alone changing his diapers, they would even wash them with great care!" If not for the fact that I was a civilized person, I would have really liked to punch this woman in the face! I forced a smile and nodded. "Call the head nurse. I want to move him somewhere else." "Oh, you finally opened your eyes! You should have said so earlier. Finally done with this old codger. Don't worry, I'll put him in a room with Tom, d**k, and Harry, then they can take care of each other." "I want the best hospital room you have, and also the best nurses. Do you understand?" I raised my voice. "Hehe, did I hear right? You want the best room we have? Do you know how much it will cost you? Can you even afford it with your measly monthly pay? Hehe, people are really interesting nowadays. Even guys living in their wife's home are this arrogant!" When the nurse ridiculed me, the patients in the nearby beds also started laughing. Their smiling faces hurt me. "You heard it right. I want the best room and the best treatment. I have the money!" Never in my life had I been as filled with confidence as when I said that last sentence! After changing my father's diaper and cleaning all the mess, I headed toward the head nurse's office. When those in a higher position did not conduct themselves properly, those in a lower position would follow suit. The reason the nurse from before was so arrogant and rude was the head nurse's fault. In this kind of circle, where birds of a feather flock together, only when you give them gifts would they take proper care of the patients. Of course, this was not true everywhere. In the best facility of the hospital, things were different. "Ma'am, I would like to move my father to another room," I said, somewhat upset. "I see." The head nurse did not even raise her head. "I want to move him in the building next door, the one with the best treatment. Can you arrange it for me?" The head nurse chuckled, then slowly raised her head and said, "Lad, do you know how much it's going to cost you?" "No, I don't." "Let me spell it out for you. It's going to cost you five hundred bucks a day. Heh, do you still want to move him there? Whatever, remember to pay next month's bill. Otherwise, I can't guarantee that your father will be taken care of properly." On my way to the hospital, I had withdrawn twenty thousand dollars. Unable to endure it anymore, I grabbed the stack of money and threw it in the head nurse's face. The nurse was enraged, but her expression changed when she saw the green bills. "What, did you win the lottery or something?" "That's none of your business. That's the payment for the first month. Help me take care of the formalities. Moreover, if you want to keep your job, you'd better fire that nurse that neglected my father!" I said sternly. "Hehe, I don't have that kind of power." Seeing that she was still laughing, I smiled coldly. "Hehe, fine! I'll go talk to your boss. The times have changed, and what you can't do with physical means, you can do with money!" I stormed out of the room, but not before catching a glimpse of the head nurse's livid expression out of the corner of my eye. Fuming, I made my way to the executive director's office. The hospital had been organizing meetings between patients and doctors as of late, so the executive director was still in his office. Seeing how livid I was, he seemed to have an idea about the situation. "Hello, Director. I would like to discuss something with you." "Young man, take a seat and tell me everything," said the director. He then had someone pour me a cup of water. "My father is a patient here in your hospital, but the nurse in charge of taking care of him keeps neglecting him. Not only was he not treated like the other patients, but she even tried to drive us out. I think your hospital should look into this matter." The director silently nodded. It was unclear what he was thinking. Unlike the head nurse, he did not make fun of me. The way he handled the situation was professional. "Young man, is it possible that there was a problem with the settlement of your father's medical bills?" "What does next month's payment have to do with what is happening right now? I can assure you that there wasn't a single cent missing from this month's payment. Is it a rule in your hospital that you have to pay in advance to have the patients receive basic care?" Seeing my unyielding stance, the director turned solemn. I continued, "I want my father to stay in Facility A from now on, and I'll pay for the next 12 months. I feel that Facility C, where he's staying at the moment, is just terrible. Perhaps I should talk about this matter with the authorities..." The doctors and patients were at odds recently, and the way things were going, it did not seem like anyone wanted to be dragged into this mess. "Young man, don't be hasty. I'll immediately make arrangements. It is a fact that Facility C is no match for Facility A, but this isn't because we are neglecting our duties. Rest assured, I'll deal with whoever is responsible." He then called someone, probably the head nurse. After a few moments, he smiled and said, "Young man, I have to thank you for your timely reminder. It's essential that the staff and the patients have a harmonious relationship. Don't worry, that woman has been suspended and is being investigated. I'll have your father moved to a new room. Hopefully, he'll get better soon." I smiled and nodded gratefully. "That's good. Now that everything is settled, I'll take my leave. You must be a busy man, so I won't waste any more of your time." I left the executive director's office and made my way back to my father's hospital room. To my surprise, there was the cruel nurse who had been mocking me earlier. She was wiping my father's face, a warm smile on her face. At first glance, she looked like a kind and gentle angel in white clothes. However, I was aware of her true nature. The head nurse must have told her something just now. "Get the hell out of here and stay away from my father!" I said coldly, not minding my manners. "Sir, I'm sorry! Please forgive my rude behavior from before and accept my apology. Hereon, I'll take good care of your father and provide him with all the food and assistance he needs without delay!" the nurse said respectfully. I smiled in disdain, I couldn't bear to look at her face for another second. "What am I supposed to do with your apology? I don't need it! Now get out of here, do you understand?" "Sir, I was wrong. Please forgive me!" the nurse became anxious. She did not put on airs and even went as far as to grab my hand. I slapped her hand away, not willing to get close to her. "Mr. Wayne, I beg you! Don't do this to me. I don't want to be fired. Please..." "What does you getting fired have to do with me?" I sneered. "Please, try to understand me! I have a family to feed. If I lose my job, I'll have nowhere to go..." The nurse unexpectedly started to cry. However, I remained unmoved. "Try to understand you? When I didn't have money before, I requested you to extend the payment deadline a little, but did you try to understand me? You wanted me and my father to get out of here, but now it's you who's going away. Serves you right! You aren't fit to be a nurse. You're better at being a bully." At this time, the head nurse barged into the room, a radiant smile on her face. She said respectfully, "Mr. Wayne, your father's new room is ready. We'll have someone monitor him 24 hours a day. Also, I contacted a specialist from abroad for you. If you have the necessary funds, we can perform the surgery next month. This way, the recovery will be much faster." "I understand, Ma'am. Thanks a lot," I said with half a sneer. This head nurse was no different from the nurse beside me. I loathed them both. "No need to thank me. I'm just doing my job. Here is your card. All the extra money was transferred here. Please accept it." Her tone was so respectful that I was somewhat overwhelmed. It sure felt good to be rich! As for the nurse beside us, the head nurse had no sympathy for her. She said coldly, "You were fired, so what are you still doing here? You neglected your duties. Get out of here!" "Ma'am, I beg you. Please don't fire me! I promise that I won't make the same mistake again. Please, give me another chance!" "Security! Where is the security?" By the time I finished dealing with all the formalities, it was 5 p.m. While I was at it, I also paid the cost of my father's room at the new facility for the next twelve months upfront, in full. I took a taxi and headed home. All the sorrow in my heart was gone. It truly felt good to be rich!
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