Chapter 1: Another World

1300 Words
“Waaaaaaaah - !!!” I screamed when I fell down after the space swallowed me. “Waaaaaaahhh - !!!! Ugh - !” I cried when my back hit the ground.  ‘ground’? I thought and slowly opened my eyes.  “Ah - !” I cried when the bright light hit my eyes. “Huh?” I said, blinking multiple times as I regained my sight. “What… is this place – “ I muttered as I roamed my gaze. “Sci-fi?!” I exclaimed.  I saw there were what looked like multiple planets floating in the sky.  “What the hell… did I just travel in the future - ?! Or was it in the past – woah!” I exclaimed when I saw my clothes. “Gross… what’s with this?!” I said and grimaced.  I am wearing tight jeans, the black boots and the loose long sleeve white shirt.  “Hey, hey, hey… you’ve got to be kidding me – “ I said and immediately stood up. I patted the dust off my pants and shirt. “This isn’t real, right? I’m just dreaming – “ I said when I abruptly stopped.  I saw dragons flying in the mountains afar, and a large castle beyond the mountains that was touching the clouds.  “Seriously… this is just like in those RPG..."  I said and feasted my eyes on the scenery I was looking at. “You must be kidding me… do I have to do what an adventurer does in those games? No freaking way…” I muttered as I stepped back. “No way… no way – “ I said while shaking my head.  “This can’t be real. I have to wake up now - !” I said and took another step back. “Ah.” I said when I felt my foot slip. I looked back, and my eyes widened in shocked. I saw a deep ravine where I’m going to fall.  “s**t – “I cursed as I closed my eyes. “Waaaaaaaah - !!!!!” I screamed. This is the worst. … “Hey, Mhir.” I heard an old man’s voice when I regained my consciousness. “How is he? Is he still alive?” he asked. “I think…” a sweet voice of a woman answered. “Fortunately, there were bushes where he fell. It acted as a cushion when he landed.” she explained. I slowly opened my eyes. “What…” I muttered, still dazed. “My little sister?” I said and remembered my little sister always waking me up like an alarm clock. I turned my head, only for my eyes to widen when I saw a beautiful woman standing not far from me. A short, old man was standing beside her. “Holy sh - !” I exclaimed and crawled back in surprise, only to cry when I felt my left arm hurt. “Aargh!” I yelped. “Careful!” the beautiful woman said, her voice is gentle. “You twisted your arm when you fell…” she told me. I stared at her. She’s really beautiful. I thought as I looked at her gentle face and soft eyes. Just like from the games I played. She has brown bushy hair and clear green eyes. “Hey, kid.” I heard the old man call me. “What the hell are you thinking, staring at my precious daughter?!” he asked, mad, as he glared at me. My eyebrows raised. “’daughter’?” I asked and looked at the woman, then my eyes looked back to the old man. “Pft - !” I said and laughed hard, holding my stomach. “Ahahahaha! Hahahaha – ugh!” I cried when my side hurt. “Oww…” I winced in pain. “Hmph!” the old man said and crossed his arms. “Serves you right!” he said, his beard puffed up in anger. But, he’s right. I thought as I looked at the old man with faint brown hair. The woman really did come from him. I thought. “Sorry.” The woman apologized. “I forgot to tell you that you have a wound on your side. It must be from the branches where you landed…” she explained. I raised my ripped shirt that’s ripped. There, I saw that I had a bandage. It must be the woman who treated my wound. “Thanks…” I told her and smiled. I saw her blushed and she looked away. “Y-you’re… you’re wel… welcome…” she said and lowered her head, looking shy. I smiled and looked at the old man. “Old man.” I called. “Where am I?” I asked. Have I returned home? I thought as I looked around. I just saw thick trees around me and a wall of rocks on the back. “Ha?!” the old man said, surprised. “You don’t know?” he said. “Huh?” I said. “Then am I really in – “ He nodded. “Yes.” He said as he nodded, and his face was serious. “You’re in the proud country of – “ he said. My eyes lit up, expecting to hear my country's name to be spoken.  “ – Heiruche.” The old man said. “Huh?” I said, shocked. Hey-what? What was he saying? I thought, puzzled. The girl smiled widely.  “Yes, yes!” she said, excitedly clapping. “Heiruche, the kingdom that was built after Lord Loheiruchel united all the races – “ she explained. Huh? I thought, still shocked. ‘Heiru-‘? ‘Lohey-‘? I thought, my brain still processing what she just said. More importantly – I thought and stared at the pointed ears of the woman that was exposed when her hair was blown up by the wind. ‘races’…? I thought. So she’s an – Rogues’ Inn. “Elves… monsters… fairies… wolves…nymphs…” I muttered like it was a destruction spell. No. What’s destructed was my brain. I thought. I looked around and saw the different kinds of living beings inside the inn where Mhir – the beautiful dwarf earlier, and her father, brought me. “Uhm…” Mhir called, fidgeting. “Are… are you alright?” she asked, worried. “You look pale… wait – “ he said, his eyes went wide. “ – could it be that you lost too much blood – hmph!” she said when her father covered her mouth. I grimaced. “Err, that’s not it – “ I told her, still looking around the inn. I’m pale because I felt like an alien right now… I thought, the idea of being different among the group just sank in. “Kid…” the old man called. Now I can see the pointed ears sticking out of his bushy brown hair. “From what I can see, you’re not from here…” he started. “Different clothes, different form…could it be – “ he said, his eyes slowly opening wide. Mhir also gasped, a shocked look on her face. I gulped. Did he find out? I thought the idea of being a human might be killed by the other races horrified me.
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