Chapter 2

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Lilly walked up to her house. Okay, well, house was putting it mildly; it was a mansion. She walked in wearing just her long t-shirt and stretched her arms up upon walking in the door, revealing her bottom slightly. “Damn Lil, you do realize that I’m an unmated male.” Mattie sighed out as he stared at her from across the room. Usually, mated males were tamer, because of the mate drive, other women were of little interest to them. “Hey Mattie! I didn’t realize you were going to be here. You and Aaron gaming tonight?” Lilly said walking up to him. “That’s the plan as soon as he can ditch Cadence.” Mattie said in irritation. Lilly giggled. Mattie wasn’t thrilled about his future luna either, but it didn’t matter since she would soon be his luna. “I’m going to go get cleaned up and be back down.” Lilly headed up the stairs and down the long hall towards her room. She took a relaxing hot shower and stood under the welcomed hot pellets of water. She had found her mate. The feeling was more intense than she ever imagined it would be. She somehow managed to run away, it was for the best. She was doing them both a favor, but her heart was pranging in protest. How did she already miss someone she barely knew? Maybe she should have taken a cold shower. She dried herself off and slipped on a pair of booty shorts and a pink tank top before heading back downstairs. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a banana before hopping into the game room where she knew Aaron and Mattie would be. When she walked in, she saw Cadence still there and she gave her a small acknowledgment before heading over to sit next to Mattie. She snuggled in beside him and dipped her cold toes underneath him to warm them up. Mattie was family to her, and she was very close with him. He was the only person outside of her family that she was close with. Well, with their pack anyways. “Geez Lil, your feet are like ice.” Mattie furrowed his brows over at her. “Just concentrate on your game and do your job as my feet warmer.” Lilly stuck her tongue out at him. “I’m going to go and chat with the girls for a bit, I’ll just be on the porch.” Cadence said as she stood up and waltzed out of the room. Aaron came over and plopped beside Lilly. “How are you doing, Lilibug?” Aaron asked. “Keeping out of trouble?” Lilly shifted a bit uncomfortably at that last question. “For the most part,” Lilly said honestly. Except you crossed into another pack's border and found your mate. Kira reminded her. Shut up Kira Lilly spat out in her head. “Hmmm? It appears that Lil is hiding something, huh Aaron?” Mattie said looking over at the girl sitting beside him. “I guess we will have to interrogate the criminal,” Aaron said as he began to tickle Lilly mercilessly. Lilly squealed with laughter and tried to escape. Aaron and her, had a very close relationship since both had lost their mothers and could relate to one another on that level. He looked out for her and had always been extremely protective over her. She was happy she had him as a brother. He sat with her through every storm and held her hand to help her get through them. He was more than a brother, he was also her best friend. “Aaron, Matteus, let’s go. We have company.” Ethan’s voice commanded, with the voice of his alpha. Lilly turned to see her father and his beta Mark motioning for the two boys to join them. “Dad, it’s game night.” Aaron pouted, releasing Lilly from tickle jail. “Aaron, not now.” Ethan’s voice was tense, and Aaron suddenly understood that this was a serious situation. “What’s wrong? Who is coming?” Aaron asked, at his father’s side. “The alpha of the Diamond pack. I just received a call that he would be here in just a few minutes to discuss an important matter.” Ethan looked at his son with mild concern. The Diamond pack was a powerful pack and one of the largest around. The pack was filled with some of the fiercest warriors and they were always training, it was like an army. A visit from their alpha only meant it was a big deal. “I wonder what he wants.” Aaron whispered out quietly in annoyance. Aaron had met the guy before a few times. He was always arrogant and draped in women who were fawning all over him. He did not have a good impression of him. Lilly’s heart was racing. She was trying to think why he would be coming there. Was he going to start a fight because she crossed borders? Or did he want to formally reject her? She followed up behind Mattie and scooted up behind his back, peeking around his shoulder. “Since when have you become the skittish one? Don’t be worried Lil, I’m here.” Mattie turned around and smiled down at Lilly. He felt protective over her, seeing how uncomfortable she was looking. Suddenly, a loud, commanding knock from the door was heard. Lilly’s father and Aaron stood side by side, while Mattie stood to the side, but behind Aaron. Lilly walked up to Aaron and reached up and grabbed the back of his shirt anxiously. Aaron shot her a confused glance, she was never the one to be intimidated, but here she was nervous, anxious, and also excited to see him again. Kira began to jump around, and she knew who was behind the door. She could not wait to feast her eyes on Tyler’s beautiful sculpted…she shook her head trying to rid herself of her impure thoughts. This was serious. Mark walked up to the door and opened it. Kade strode in, and immediately, Tyler followed suit. The two men looked forward at Lilly’s father and brother, then their eyes fell on Lilly and rested there. Tyler’s gaze was fixated on her for a moment before he redirected it to Ethan and walked up to him extending his hand. “Tyler, what do we owe the honor of your presence?” Ethan asked to the point. He was never one to beat around the bush. “It’s actually very simple, Ethan. I’m here to take what is mine.” Tyler said with a commanding tone. Ethan looked at him shocked. “What do we have here that is yours?” Tyler put a smirk on his lips and looked over at Lilly. He reached his hand up and pointed directly at her. “She’s mine.” Aaron growled at him and took a step towards him, while Mattie pulled Lilly behind him. “Now, now. Let’s take a moment and talk this over. Let’s let cooler heads prevail. Matteus stay with Lilly. The rest of us will go talk in the conference room.” Ethan said calmly as he sat his hand on Aaron’s shoulder. “If you don’t mind, I’ll leave my beta behind to look after her as well, since she is mine.” Tyler gave Kade a look and he nodded back in response. Aaron growled again at this, but Ethan squeezed his hand on his son to calm him down. “Mark you can stay here as well. This will just be an alpha meeting.” Ethan said as the three men walked out. Aaron would be taking over as alpha very soon, but he wanted to wait until he was finished with college. Lilly watched until they were gone and then let out a sigh. Mattie wrapped his arms around her. “Are you okay Lil?” Kade lowered his eyes and growled at him. “I’d appreciate it if you kept your hands off of my future luna.” “You’re Tyler’s mate? I mean, that’s great. It’ll be great for the pack too.” Mark spoke in mild excitement. He knew that with Lilly gone, the pack would feel much better. “Thanks, Mark. Tell me how you really feel.” Lilly’s voiced dripped icily. Mattie and Kade shot him deathly glares. “I told him he didn’t want me for a mate…. I’m not exactly mate material.” Lilly said sadly. “I would have been more than proud if the moon goddess gave me you as a mate. I used to pray to her for you, but alas, she blessed someone else.” Mattie looked down at her wistfully. “You mean cursed.” Lilly said with a soured sigh, but felt moved hearing what Mattie said, even if it was just to make her feel better. Mattie reached down and cupped Lilly’s cheeks, causing Kade to growl again, but Mattie ignored him. “You are the best person I have ever known, don’t ever call yourself a curse.” Lilly smiled up at him weakly. She then turned to Kade. “Is he pretty set on this? It’s not a good idea.” Kade smiled at her warmly. “I don’t think a war could even talk him out of this.” Kade said with a wink. How do you feel about this mess, Kira? Lilly asked her wolf. You know how I feel about being in a pack, I don’t know if I will be able to submit to his wolf. At best I can stand on par with him. Kira said wryly. He’s your mate too. Lilly reminded her. Most wolves don’t like me, so I guess I don’t know what to expect. If I am bigger than his may not go over well. Kira said sadly. Don’t worry Kira, I’m here. Lilly comforted her. “Lilly...they are asking for you.” Mattie looked down at her sadly. Lilly looked up and squeezed her tiny fists together. She slowly walked to the conference room and knocked. “Come in.” Her father’s voice answered. Lilly walked in and glanced up to see the resting smirk on Tyler’s face and Aaron’s scowling face looking down at the table. She walked over and sat between Aaron and her father and looked up to meet her father’s eyes. “Lilly, this man claims that you are his mate. Is that true?” Ethan’s voice was calm and quiet. “Daddy, I told him he didn’t want me for a mate.” She looked over at Tyler. “I really won’t be a good mate to have. There are things about me...that if you knew you wouldn’t want. My own pack doesn’t want me-” “Lilly!” Aaron yelled angrily. “It’s true! You know it’s true. They won’t even make eye contact with me. Everyone is afraid of me and Kira.-” Lilly was interrupted. “Who is Kira?” Tyler asked intrigued by the conversation. “She’s my wolf...Kira is big, too big. She can stand on par with any alpha, my pack is terrified of her. Please, you don’t want me, you won’t want me. You should just reject me for the good of your pack.” Lilly had wet tears in her eyes as she stared at Tyler. “I’m not afraid of you Lil, I want you in the pack.” Aaron said quietly looking up at his hurting sister as she smiled at him. “Nice try, but I’m still taking you. From now on, you belong to me.” Tyler said looking at her with an air of possessiveness. Aaron pounded the table in front of him. “This isn’t right, I don’t like this guy, Lilly deserves better!” “Lilly, the decision is yours. Tyler has made it quite clear that if you don’t come with him willingly, he fully plans to take you by force.” Ethan looked over at his daughter sadly. He wanted to keep her safe and protected, but he was her mate. It was something he couldn’t get in the way of. Their pack wouldn’t stand a chance against the Diamond pack. It was simple as that. He also knew that his pack would not want to fight on behalf of Lilly. She looked at Tyler and then shook her head. “Fine I’ll go with you, but I want you to remember, you asked for this. You are going to ask me to leave and I want you to remember, that you are the one who forced me to come.” Lilly stood up angrily. She did not want to leave, but she knew that her pack would never fight on her behalf. Aaron growled loudly. “She doesn’t want to go. I don’t trust this guy to take care of her and protect her. I have always taken care of her, she needs to be where I can keep her safe. I will fight to keep her.” Aaron looked over at Tyler threateningly, but Tyler kept the arrogant smirk resting on his face. He seemed amused by her brother and was not intimidated at all. “Aaron.” Lilly placed her hand on Aaron softly and gave him a small smile. “I’ll be okay. You can’t spend your whole life protecting me and I do not want you to. Eventually, I would have left here anyways. Kira and I have never been wanted and we know this. Promise to stay in touch.” Lilly wrapped her arms around Aaron before she walked out of the room to pack her bags. Aaron furrowed his eyebrows down and looked over at Tyler. He had to let his beloved sister leave with this man w***e. He better take care of her. “Promise me that you’ll take care of her?” Aaron’s voice then quieted. “Please take care of her. She’s important to me.” Tyler looked over at Aaron and his eyes softened. “You have my word.” “One more thing…. please, don’t leave her alone during a thunderstorm. She...well the night her mother was killed, there was a thunderstorm and she still doesn’t handle them well. I’ve been there by her side through every storm.” Aaron spoke sadly looking at the man who would be taking his sister away. Tyler felt a warmth towards Aaron for how he treated his sister. It was clear that she was very precious to him. “I know I’m from a tough pack, but I promise you, she will be treated like the princess she is.”
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