1: Hating Mr. Badboy

1229 Words
~ ALEXIA (LEXI) JENN ~ "Look at him being all stupid and gross." I snorted, taking a long sip of the juice in my juice box. Nonchalantly placing my leg on the table in the Cafeteria which had our trays of lunch on it, I craned my neck to catch the daggers being shot at me by Ensley Spade, my equally dumb best friend. "Seriously Lexi, what's your problem?" She furrowed her eyebrows. Her big round brown eyes peered into mine with her full lips quirked to express her irritation. "What?" I shrugged, taking another long and loud sip of my juice. Ensley's eyes travelled to Jax Dawson on his table with his best friend, Julian Brooke, then to my legs that were inappropriately crossed on the cafeteria table, and to me. "What's your deal with Jax?" "He's being stupid. I just dislike him." I held up my hand in defense. "You can't blame me," I took another glance at Jax Dawson, the crazy High-school's bad boy. He wasn't a casual guy that just had the title of Bad Boy without actually being a bad boy. He was more than crazy, felt too big of himself, rude, arrogant, gothic, crazy, disrespectful and I didn't have a bit of liking for him. He grossed me out and I could spend an entire day bad-mouthing him. "For no good reason." She hissed, rolling her eyes at me and jumped to her feet from her seat on the bench we sat on most of our lunchtime in the Cafeteria. "Not for no good reason," I defended myself. Actually there wasn't a sensible reason for me to dislike him but it was natural. He pissed me off anytime I saw him so my hatred was justified. Ensley rolled her eyes once more and started walking away. I hopped to my feet, picked my bag from the bench and hung one of its straps over my shoulder, running a bit to catch up with her. "Do you know why you hate him?" She had a smirk on and the tone she said that with, made me draw my eyes in skepticism at her. "Yes, because he's stupid!" I spat, placing a hand on my waist as we exited the cafeteria. "No. You'll only hate someone for no reason if you like like them. You like like him but don't want to admit that to yourself so you're trying to make the feeling of hate override the crush you have for him." She shrugged, rolling her shoulder-length brown hair into a rough bun. "Ew!" I frowned, slapping her shoulder harshly. "Jesus, Lexi?!" She snapped, rubbing her shoulder with her hand. "Are you crazy? That hurts." "Why'd you think I like him?" Gosh, I felt like puking my guts outs at the thoughts of liking Jax. "There's no way that's ever happening." I scrunched up my face in disgust, applying pressure to my throat to force myself to actually gag at that. "It's already happening." She teased in a sing-song manner. I pulled my bag to my tummy so I could search inside of it for my phone. I remembered having a text from Mom to get home really quick today and I wondered why so I needed to call her. On my way to reach for the phone, I happened to bump into someone, hitting my shoulder really hard on the person . "Lexi!" There was no way I couldn't recognize that voice from a million miles away. I raised my head to catch the huffing, puffing and glaring Cora Anderson. Her face was contorted to a point (as always). "You again?!" She snapped, flicking my chest with her fingers. "Ouch! Cora?" I yelped, standing in akimbo. "It's so obvious that I bumped into you and it wasn't on purpose so…" I flicked her forehead and the intensity of her frown increased as she robbed her forehead, "... Get lost!" "I'm in no mood to deal with your stupidity today so I'll take my leave." She rolled her eyes, waving her hand around like the dramatic mean teenage High school girl she was popularly known as. "Yeah, take your leave. Go and meet dumb Jax, try to please him to date you by all means." I said in a mocking tone, air-quoting. "Lexi?" Ensley gently slapped my hand and stepped in between Cora and I. They gave each other a friendly hug and I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Was there a day Ensley was ever going to stop being friends with everyone she meets in the world? *** "Hi, guys. I'm home." I announced, walking into our Family Mansion and shut the high-quality doors behind me. I was greeted by a random maid of whose name I couldn't recall. She was probably new. I walked to the black and soft U-shaped sofas by the center of the living room and sprawled myself lazily on one of the sofas, carelessly dropping my school bag on the center table. My 5-year-old sister, Ava Jenn, who was accidentally given birth to when I was 12, walked in light footsteps and to me with her Chestnut eyes fixed on a tablet in her hands. She looked up from the tablet and flashed me an adorable grin. "Ava, where's Mom and Dad?" I asked, sitting up straight and tucked a lock of her brown curly hair behind her ear. "Why'd you think I know?" She bugged her eyes, pursing her lips. I rolled my eyes at her and lazily got to my feet, shambling to the stairs and climbed it for what seemed like eternity since I staggered all the way up the stairs. Why the heck was Mom pressuring me to come home early after school? She claimed for it to be urgent but I doubted that. Mom had told me to come home from school for something urgent but it had happened to be for me to select what dresses to wear to a classy dinner party. I dragged my feet till I stopped in front of my parent's (Jenna Jenn and Jasper Jenn) room. I went for a knock on the door. In no time, the door was pulled inwards and Mom stood by the now-opened door with a worried expression drawn on her face. "Mom, what's wrong?" I asked, genuinely concerned. She didn't say a word but held my hand, pulling me inwards and shut the door, locking it. She turned to me with a deep exhalation. "I know it might be strange but your father happened to sign a contract with a businessman a couple of years back to make his business grow." She said, breathing heavily. "So? When did I start getting involved in Dad's business?" I quirked an eyebrow, jamming a hand on my hip. She chuckled, smiling nervously. "The thing is… you–you're…" she nervously scratched the back of her neck, looking everywhere except my eyes. "The Contract stated that you're to get married to the Man's son when you're of a marriageable age." She said in one breath. "What?!" I screamed. "Please calm down. You'll have to get married to his son, Jax Dawson." She chewed on her fingernails, her eyebrows were furrowed in worry. Dear people, kill me if the name I heard was actually correct. Did she really mean Jax Stupid Dawson?!
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