Chapter one

1001 Words
It was late in the evening as the sun was going down Stephanie rocks her one year old daughter in her arms as the little one sleeps peacefully in her arms, all she wants was to have a happy home but now it is not going the way she dreamed it will be Stephanie is a young woman of twenty five years old and models for one of the biggest modeling company in Los Angeles but as she plans to get married she quit her job in order to please her soon to be husband and also so that she could have plenty of time for her family, she got married earlier than most of her mates since she thought she fell in love with the love of her life, Jason who was twenty seven years old, They met four years back at a conference in new york. It was love at first sight as she always says and they were in a relationship for two years before deciding finally to settle down as a couple. During two years of their courtship, Jason was the best man she ever had in her life, he was so sweet, caring and loving towards her, he would pick her from work to her home and vice versa, go to dates every weekend and planned on their future together and Stephanie was the happiest that she met the right man who loves and care for her. After getting married, their love grew and six months after marriage, Stephanie get pregnant and was the most happiest woman that she was carrying her own baby and Jason took good care of her but right after her daughter was born, her marriage start falling apart as Jason changed to her and rarely comes home and she sometimes wondered where he sleeps, at first she thought he was just been extra busy since he got promoted at work not quite long but it was not the case as she called one of his colleagues and she was told Jason was always the first to leave the office. "Last night was a day that will be remembered in my life and i will never forget", She thought to herself as she remembered what happened •FLASHBACK• Jason as usual have not returned from work and it has been three good days she saw him, she waited in their sitting room hoping he would be home that day and she layed her daughter, Ivanita, down on the couch as she covered her with her small blanket. She glance at the time and she saw the time as it was past two in the midnight, Jason is yet to be back and she conclude Jason won't be home again, Just then as she picks up Ivanita to proceed to their bedroom, she heard the front door opening and knowing it will be Jason, she immediately put Ivanita who was sleeping peacefully down gently back on the couch and cover her with her small blanket back and she rushed over to meet Jason "Where have you been for the past three days Jason?", She asked him as soon as she reach the front door where he was removing his shoes but he didn't reply her "Answer me Jason, I said where have you been", She shouted angry at how he was ignoring her "I am not in the mood for argument Stephanie, I'm super stressed and need to rest, so please move out of my way", Jason replied as he enters their sitting room "Is that all you are going to say, huh, you left me alone in this house without even calling to check up on me or your daughter and you are just coming inside and telling me you aren't in for argument, Am I arguing with you, I was just asking a f*****g question, so answer my question Jason", Stephanie shouted angrily "Can't you just let me be", Jason shouted angrily back at her and go towards upstairs but was pulled back by Stephanie "I should let you be? Did you f*****g forget you have a wife who will be worried about you at home? Do you know the foods that have been wasted during the days you decide not to come home, huh? Did you forget about your one year old daughter? Don't you f*****g care about Ivanita?", Stephanie shouted angrily asking him multiple questions Instead of hearing Jason replying her, all she heard was a loud tight slap on her cheek. Jason slapped her and she stand where she is dumbfounded "Who do you think you are to monitor me or ask me stupid questions,or even raise your voice at me huh", Jason shouted angrily at her All she did was just stand where she is holding her cheek unable to understand what just happened, Jason raised his hand on her which he has never done before "And you are talking about Ivanita, who the hell am I working for if not for her, Don't you ever question me in your life and just f*****g stay out of my business", Jason shouted angrily as he pushed Stephanie out of his way and proceed to their bedroom Stephanie fell to the floor crying as she thought about how Jason slapped her, "What have come over him", She thought as she continue crying After crying for a whole hour, she heard Ivanita crying on the couch that she is layed and rushed over to her and carry her to her room where she passed the night with her daughter because she does not want to stay in the same room with Jason •PRESENT DAY• She look at her daughter who was peacefully sleeping and what happened hurt her again and a tear slipped out of her eyes "Is this marriage right? Is this how it works?", She thought to herself as she glance at her daughter again and conclude she had to endure everything for the sake of her daughter.
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