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JOSHUA: The same boring s**t , as usual , a crowded house full of drunk people and needy girls , it is getting tedious doing the same thing every Friday , but my roommates can't seem to have enough of it , I for once am tired of this , so I head towards my room and lock it , I stumbled into my bed because the couple of drinks I just had are beginning to work their magic. I am thinking of going to sleep but I just know it is going to be nearly impossible with all that noise coming from everywhere , the music downstairs , and the loud moans some pornstar wannabe is making in the room next door , I seriously can't believe that moron is buying that s**t, she is clearly faking it and I have always wondered why ? How can someone pretend to be enjoying something they are obviously not , I mean , I get it with old married couples because they don't want to hurt their partner , but why fake it with what is probably going to be a one night stand ? With that in mind , I begin to think about the book I was just reading this morning where the main character keeps track of every woman he has ever slept with , I don't know why I found that to be the most interesting thing in a story that was definitely a masterpiece , but I just couldn't stop thinking about it , so I start searching for the little book my mom gave to me on my last birthday , she told me it was meant for me to write my deepest thoughts or my silliest ones , that it was good for people like me who tend to keep it all to themselves, I never wrote anything on it though. When I finally found the little devil , I start writing a detailed description , as far as I can remember , about every single girl I have slept with , beginning with Alisson the summer camp supervisor , she was my first and I would not forget about her , she was older than me and f****d me as if her life depended on that , although it only lasted for a couple of minutes she seemed to had enjoyed it , whilst I was left embarrassed with my lack of power , anyway , Alisson was followed with a strain of girls I could barely remember by their names. So, I started describing them by their most distinctive feature or the situation we were in , like , the girl with the heart - shaped mole or the girl in the club's restroom , and then just wrote a faint description of their abilities in bed , I know it sounds awful , but in a way , I like to think about it , about me , as a collector. I was damn proud of the diverse group of girls filling the pages of my little book , when I came to the realization that I haven't slept with a virgin yet , it seemed almost like mission impossible to find a pure and naive girl who would sleep with someone that looks the way I look , I know the aura I exude , it is the typical bad boy image , dangerous and unapproachable , but that's the way I wanted it to be , I didn't want to be surrounded by some jackass and superficial girls all the damn time , so my personality kept that type of people away from me , most of the time at least. After realizing the missing spot on my list , I made my life mission to find a virgin to complete my collection.
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