Chapter One - Meeting the player

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Alexa's P.O.V "Alexa, can you get table six, please? They need drinks, and Missy is refusing to go back over cause it is a bunch of guys that are a bit loud and crude, but I know you can handle yourself." My manager Molly laughed. "Sure thing. Permission to slap them if they try anything?" I giggled "Permission granted, as a last resort." She laughed. "Thank You." I laughed. I grabbed my note pad and pen, heading over to table six. There was a group of about eight guys sitting, most of them seeming very drunk…great! I have been watching them half the night; they look like a bunch of players. As Molly said, I can handle myself. I put my best fake smile on, making my way over to them. "Hey, fella's what can I get you all?" I said, making them all look up at me. "Mmm, baby, what about you?" one of them said I looked at him, c*****g my brow at him, tilting my head to the side and smirked. "Sweetheart, you could not handle me. I am too much woman for you." I winked I recognised him; he was the son of some millionaire business tycoon who made the tabloids nearly every other weekend. He was trouble and a player, everyone knew it, and if you never knew who he was, you must have been living under a rock. He owns some night club, one of his parents gave him for his 25th birthday. It must be great to be productive and spoiled. I could not remember his name for the life of me. I knew his second name was Rhodes, but don't ask me his first cause I do not pay that much attention to him. I have better things to do with my life that follow some player like him. He and I live very different lives. "I could handle you without any bother baby. Come home with me, and I will show just how much." He smirked, turning around to face me better, his eyes burning into me. I do have to admit he is very sexy, especially those eyes of his. I can see how the girls fall for him, but I would not go down that road if someone paid me to. "I have better things to do. Are you all gonna order drinks cause if not I am out of here. I don't have time to stand around here waiting until you all stop gawking at me. Orders?" I said sternly rolling my eyes. As I said, I can handle myself, especially when it comes to guys like this. "Feisty! Just how I like my women." He purred at me. "That is nice to know buddy. Keep dreaming." I laughed. "Dude she completely owns you right now." One of his mates laughed. I see him turn, glaring at his friends, clearly getting annoyed with his friends. I don't know why they are pointing out the obvious. He can continue, I will own his ass no matter what he says. I am what you may know as a smartass. He turned back around to face me, and I smirked, he was now glaring at me. "Do you know who I am?" he said, raising his brow at me. "Nope! Should I?" I asked. "You don't know me now but trust me, you will get to know Me." he winked. "Again keep dreaming. Drink, now…please?" I said going into sweet mode. They finally stopped harassing me, giving me their drink orders. I rolled my eyes, walking away from them. "Nice ass." I heard Rhodes call after me. I decided I would play him at his own game. I looked over my shoulder at them, giving him my most seductive smirk for a moment before turning away, giving my hips that little extra sway. I arrived back at the bar, Molly shaking her head, laughing at me. "You're bad." She giggled. "I know. I can play games the same as well as he can." I winked. "Yes, it seems so because his eyes are still on you." She laughed. "That is the only thing he will ever have on me." I giggled. She shook her head, knowing me all too well before going to serve another customer. I prepared the guys drinks for them, sitting them on a tray, making my way back over to them. His eyes were still firmly on me. He can look all he wants, but he is never going to be able to touch, I would need to be desperate to go near him. I decided I would play a little; two can play his little game, sure he uses woman all the time and gets what he wants all the time. I think it is time he learns a lesson. I got to the table, sitting their drinks down for them, leaving his for last. I bend down, placing his glass in front of him. "Enjoy, sexy." I winked. "I would enjoy you more." He growled at me. "Shame you will never find that out uh? Enjoy guys and try to behave yourselves." I said, pointing at them all. "Yes, mam." One chuckled. "Alexa, you can take your cig break while we are quiet," Molly said as I arrived back at the bar. "Thanks, I need it after dealing with them." I laughed. I grabbed my phone and my cigs heading out back for my break. I checked my phone a text from my best friendoommate Addie flashing on my screen. #1 Bitch- Hey slut, we have a double date tomorrow   Alexa: Again? Come on? He better not be boring, like the last one. Who you after now?   #1 Bitch- oh trust me he is far from boring. The guy from my work I was telling you about, but apparently, he made plans with his buddy tomorrow night, but I put my best charm on, got him to agree to a date, the catch, I need to bring someone for his friend.   Alexa: fine! You are lucky I love you and your sluttish ways, babe. He better be hot cause mama needs some fun it's been a while.   #1 Bitch- I learned my sluttish ways from the best sweetie. Oh he is and trusts me you wanna get laid he is your guy, but I am not telling you who he is, that will be a surprise.   Alexa: you know I hate surprises but Ok. See you when I get home. Love you my best b***h mwah   #1 bitch: love you too hoe xoxo I giggled to myself that is the way we were. It is the way we have always been. "I hope that isn't your boyfriend cause if so you should tell him you won't be home tonight." I heard a voice from behind me. I never had to look cause I knew who it was. I slowly turned around to be met with him, a smug look on his face. I placed my hands on my hips. "How where am I going?" I smirked. He stepped in closer to me, placing his hand beside my head against the wall I was leaning against. "Cause I am hoping you will be coming home with me. Was that your boyfriend?" he asked. "One, I will never be going home with you. Two if I have a boyfriend or not is none of your business and lastly sweetie, I prefer my men older...more experienced. And you are what Twenty-Five or Twenty -Six?" I asked, looking at him. "Twenty- Five. You aren't that much older than me, well you don't look it." He laughed, "Plus baby, I am in my prime; I could do you better than any older guy." He added confidently. "Twenty- Eight, sweetie. As I said you couldn't handle me, you should probably give up before you waste your time. You aren't ever getting any of this." I smirked patting his cheek before ducking under his arm, making my way back inside.  He had other ideas, though. He grabbed me, turning me around and pulling me hard against his very sexy, hard chest. "I would not be so sure about that baby. All I have to do is kiss you, and you will be weak to your knees, begging me for more." He growled at me, his face inching closer to mine. I am not going to lie; there was a part of me that wanted to find out if that was the case. I have not had any intimacy in a while; his offer was very appealing to me right now. I decided a little fun would not do any harm; one kiss can't hurt, right? "You wanna prove that?" I looked at him, biting my lip. "For the heads up once I kiss you, you will be begging for more. I will become your new addiction baby." He said confidently. I can't work out if he is cocky or confident, but it is kind of sexy. What happened to me not going near him? "If you insist." I laughed. Not another word had a chance to be said before his lips crashed against mine. Mmm, the guy can kiss. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck, kissing him back roughly. I tugged his lip hard between my teeth, making him growl into my lips. I turned him around, pushing him against the wall, pressing my body against mine. I prefer to be the one in control. His large, rough hands landed on my ass, grabbing it roughly, pulling me tighter against him. I could feel his desire for me in the way he kissed me. I felt his excitement grow in his jeans as we processed to make out. It was f*****g hot. I found myself wanting to drag him to the bathroom and have my way with him. As I said, it has been a while. I decided to go another way about it. I pulled away from him. He stood there, looking at me, seems turned on. I thought his kiss was going to make me weak, not the other way around? "Hmm, that was alright, I guess. See you around." I winked, turning and walking away from him, heading back in to get back to work. I jumped behind the bar, serving customers. He came back in, looking at me. I smirked, winking at him, making him do the same before he headed back to his friends. He would be back for more; they usually are. What can I say I have a unique way that makes men come back for more? I don't do it on purpose, it just sort of happens. I see him and his friends getting ready to leave, but before he did, he came over to the bar, motioning me over to him. I made my way to him. "We aren't done, baby. I will see you soon." He winked before walking away. I smirked to myself. I wouldn't mind some more of him.
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