Book 1 Rejection

1238 Words
Hazel's POV "I ran as fast as my legs can take me. I couldn't stay in that place. I couldn't face him. How will I live, knowing that my mate hates me, that he thinks I'm weak? How will I cover my pain when he kisses other girls, sleeps with other girls and care for other girls? Tears escaped my eyes and I didn't try to stop them, I just let them fall freely. I wanted to go to a place far away from my pack. With only a note for my parents, I took what I need from clothes, food and money and ran away. Add to my rejection a bitter truth my mom unfolded to me and you get a pretty good reason for running away. You might be curious as to why a werewolf would reject his mate? It's a very rare thing and not all werewolves can deny the mate bond. It started ever since I was a small girl. My parents were both omegas and so we're my brother and I. However, my parents and brother were respected. My father was one of the pack warriors and my brother was training to be one. My mother worked at the pack hospital as a doctor but me on the other hand, was nothing. I was fat, short but strong. My mother never let me shift infront of anyone though, and she was always cautious about me showing my strength. Maybe that was why no one really knew how strong I am and my whole pack thought that I was weak. I was bullied and made fun of most of the time and little by little, people just ignored my presence. I wasn't even allowed to ask anyone anything, and I was barely allowed to play with kids my age. I, finally, grew up to be the fat, unwanted, wallflower that I am. I was currently taking a warm shower to get ready for Ian Winston's birthday party. He was the alpha's son and today would mark the day where he finds his mate and officially take the alpha position after his father. I turned off the water and dried myself. I wrapped a towel around my body and stepped inside my room to get ready. I wore a long purple A-line dress. My body fat bulged out of ever place possible. Being two-hundered pounds wasn't one of my greatest asset cause unlike other she-wolves, I wasn't allowed to shift and train. All because of my mom. I asked her about it, I really did, but she would always brush me off and never give me a good answer, and after a while, I just gave up. I spent my days reading all her medical books, learning languages that interested me, and watching crime shows. I really enjoyed doing all these things but I still yearned for the some friends. Someone to talk to and share my secrets. I wanted to have slumber parties, go shopping together, cook together and make a big mess. We'd get in trouble, yes, but the fun would be the worth it. The memories would be worth it. I sighed and shook whatever thoughts I had as I went back to getting ready. I curled my dirty blonde hair, letting it fall loose on my back. It reached my lower back, with bangs covering my forehead. I put on matching purple flats, a pearl bracelet and matching pearl earrings. They were a gift from my grandmother to my mother and she gave them to me on my sixteenth birthday. I put on light makeup, since an ugly face with too much makeup isn't something you would want to see. I only added some lip gloss, very light blush and a thin line of eyeliner above my hazel eyes. I looked at the full length mirror and sighted. This will be as better as I can get myself. "Are you ready Haze?" My brother Ethan asked from the door. I looked his way and nodded. "Yes" I replied with a smile as I made my way to him. He draped an arm around my shoulder and grinned. "You look beautiful baby sis. You'll make all the girls jealous out there." He winked at me. I gave him a flat look but didn't respond to him, although I couldn't help but feel a tiny bit happy even though I knew it was a lie. We descended the stairs and met our parents at the front door. "Come on people. We're going to be late." My father said nervously. My father always wanted to reach whatever his destination was on time. The drive to the pack house was about thirty minutes away. My mom spent it rather nervously and I couldn't help but feel a bit suspicious, though my father and Ethan didn't catch up on anything. The pack house and the garden surrounding it was full of people. Girls wearing beautiful extravagant dresses and the men wearing tuxedos. Music was blasting from inside the pack house and due to our werewolf hearing, it wasn't at all faint or muffled. There were Christmas lights hanging on the tress around us giving them a beautiful sparkly glow. On the sides were two, long tables holding all different types of food and drinks for the guests. I looked around me to find my family gone. My parents talking to some of their friends and Ethan went off to his, leaving me standing there awkwardly. All of a sudden, the most amazing, captivating scent tickled my nostrils and then filled my whole body. I searched the surrounding with my eyes, looking for the source. My eyes searched everyone's face until they landed on the most unexpected person. Ian. He was staring right back at me and when our eyes met my wolf, all so loudly, yelled in my head the word I was waiting for but dreaded at the same time. Mate. Ian's face was lit up brightly and I could see the happiness roll off him in waves. That sure did boost my hopes to a whole new level. But my happiness was only short lived as his face changed to that of confusion, and finally to that of pure rage, and I knew right then and there that I was going to get rejected. I didn't dare move a muscle as Ian started making his way towards me and I was sure he could hear my heart making its way out of my chest. He gave a sad look that only lasted for a second before it changed to an emotionless one as he said, "I don't want to make this hard, but there is no other way to do it. I, Ian Winston, future alpha of the Blue Lake pack, reject you, Hazel Freeman as luna of this pack and my mate." His words struck at my heart like lightning. The pain was unbearable as our bond broke and I felt my body slowly give up on me. I felt my chest constrict and my lungs had a hard time absorbing air. Ian didn't need to say anything else for my heart to shatter to a million pieces. Tears escaped my eyes and without further ado, my legs were brought back to life and the next thing I know was me running through the dark woods, ignoring all the voices calling my name.
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