Chapter 2 You Can Look At Me

1280 Words
Parker was a famous family name in Seattle. Andrew Parker was used to having a lot of luxuries, but that was his first time even seeing a Knight XV. He felt especially guilty in front of this man. “Sir, this is my personal business, if you don’t mind,” Andrew said, dragging Julie into his arms. The man who had spoken wore normal clothes, yet still looked extremely powerful and proud. He grabbed Julie’s other hand. “This is also my personal business,” he said. “This woman hit my car.” Standing in between the two men, and looking from one to the other, Julie had a hunch that the stranger was perhaps more dangerous than Andrew. But without knowing why, she thought it would be wiser to leave with that new man. So when Andrew was busy squabbling with him, Julie managed to push her ex-boyfriend aside, and jump back into the Knight XV. She patted the driver’s shoulder and said, “Handsome, let’s go.” “The lady is waiting for you.” Even Julie had forgotten that Jasmine was lying on the ground. Damn, she really loved being a drama queen. The street on such a hot day was burning. Even if she didn’t feel the heat, wasn’t she worried that the paparazzi would see her like this? Andrew had also almost forgotten about Jasmine. He stared at Julie for a moment, then turned around to help Jasmine up. He put his coat over her head, to keep out the heat. Looking at them, Julie felt a stab of pain in her chest. She had difficulty breathing, so she leaned back. Even though she had almost hit Jasmine today, she had still lost the game of love. She was known for being calm and arrogant all the time, but that was just her armour. And even thought Andrew had never struck her, he had already shattered her shield. In the end, the things that began with love ended with love. It was so quiet in the car, that when she closed her eyes, she could perfectly envision Andrew and their good days together. She had to try to distract herself. So she looked at the strange man’s face for the first time. He was about twenty-eight or twenty-nine years old, and had a beautiful profile. She could see his long, thin eyelashes—plus, his skin looked smoother than that of most women. He sat upright, with his hands on his knees. Even while sitting perfectly still, he looked very powerful. Julie stared at him for a long time, until the man suddenly opened his eyes. They looked at each other, and she felt guilty. She quickly lowered her head, and pretended to play with her fingernails. “You can look at me.” Pooh! She laughed. Who did he think he was? Julie smiled, and changed the topic: “Nice to meet you, and thank you for what you did back there.” The man’s eyes became darker. It was getting cold inside the car, and his tone sounded mocking and derogatory. “Don’t you remember me?” Julie was surprised to hear those words, but she forced herself to smile. “There’s a bus station ahead. I can get off there, thank you.” Even though that man had helped her, Julie felt that something dangerous was afoot, and getting closer by the minute. His beautiful face held no emotion. He said, in a low voice, “My car is still broken.” “I gave you that credit card.” Although, to be honest, Julie had no idea how much money was still available on that card, nor how much it would cost to repair the damages. “I don’t need a card.” Julie laughed, and responded: “Do you mean it? You’re such a good person. I thank you and wish you a very happy life.” The man turned his head, to slowly face her. “I want you,” he said. She rolled her eyes, and thought how odd he was. “You want me? But I work in the entertainment industry and have a bad reputation. Are you sure you want me?” “You think I can’t afford you?” Did he think they were playing chess? She sneered, and held her chin up. “I have high standards for a boyfriend.” The man was silent for a while, then calmly replied: “For as long as you want, I’ll give you what I have. I think I can fulfill your demands.” He was quite confident of himself. Julie could feel a twitch in her eye. She shamelessly said: “I have three requirements—first, you must be a virgin; second, you can only love me; and third, you must be pretty good in bed.” She felt arrogant, and like she was showing off values he couldn’t possibly have. She believed that there was no way he would fit all the requirements. He would give up his naive notion. “Deal!” he said, with confidence. “...” At that moment, Julie’s body felt frozen in place. She had just agreed to become some stranger’s s*x partner. Her stupid actions were unacceptable. After hearing what she had said, this man could still answer her with seriousness. She tilted her head, and looked at him. The beautiful man closed his eyes again. He didn’t say anything more, or change his position in the slightest. But the feeling of being repressed made her very anxious. She felt depressed inside that quiet car. Julie bit her lip, and looked outside. After a while, she started to talk again. “You are a funny man, sir.” The answer she got was a smile. When she though he wouldn’t say anything, he asked: “Come to a banquet with me?” A banquet? Is that all he wanted, to have her as his plus-one for a banquet? But she still doubted his intentions. She scratched her head and replied: “Uh...I’ll go to that banquet with you. But now I’m late for a very important audition. Can you take me there?” They went to Garcia Entertainment as quickly as possible, but she was still late. “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t I tell you not to come here?” Her agent, Harold, glared at her angrily. “Give me a reason!” Julie calmly stared him down. He rolled his eyes, and said: “The Finch family have investments with Blossom. They want to use it to increase Jasmine Finch’s popularity. It has nothing to do with you.” Julie raised her eyebrow, and confronted him without caring about his opinion. “So you’re afraid of me stealing her big role?” “You? Give me a break!” Harold sneered, and added in a girlish voice: “If you still want me as your agent, come back. I can arrange other roles for you.” “So you do know that you’re my agent?” After saying this, Julie quickly walked towards the director. “I’m sorry that I’m late.” She bowed slightly before him. “The number one priority for an actress is punctuality!” The vice director said angrily. “The audition is over!”
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