The essay competition

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'Dad....... don't get too tensed ,drive little slow 'says riya.' But dear if you get  late then we will not be  able to attend the competition, you are just like your mom 'says dad.'why'asks riya.'when ever I get tensed  your mom used to relieve me like you, dear if we go on this speed we will reach there on time. Riya is replying to the fans who commented on her stories which she have uploaded.  She was having a curly hair ,big spectacles ana a pendant of her mom . She sent a message to grey saying that to reach  the college where the essay competition ,grey who is her best friend and  in every situation he used to help her.Some fan regularly text her wishing . one of the common was a unkown person who 's name was Evan . Ri..(riya )...........says ryan .'Do you know where are my ear plugs' asks ryan.'they are onto back seat turn back!!!!!says riya.'Thanks riii  , dad please drop me at that junction'says ryan. Ryan gets off for music lessons. 'Riya take care 'says ryan .It was just 10 minutes remaining for the competition to begin and they reach the college 10 minutes early . The college was huge and to old just like Hogwarts of Harry Potter . The gate was too big and there were many students on the college campus, college seems to be very mystic. Soon reached college campus .Some of the children recognised Riya because she was excellent in story writing ..... so they came to meet her. Meanwhile Riya' s dad took the wheelchair and riya sat on that .Some students get shock when thet came to know that Riya was  handicapped. Riyas dad went to  register her name for the competition. Priya was watching two groups were fighting on the playground. Suddenly some of the boys came and begin to tease her . No one was interfering them because all know that one of the boy is  relatives of college management.She tries to avoid them . Now then come dan (Daniel) he was having beard, black hair and wearing black shirt with folded arm looking handsome.he was the political student group leader of that college . Seeing that boys took step back  and then  boys begin to fight. All student gathered there to support dan. Then the boys ran from there .Suddenly riya's dad came there and starts to argue with dan misunderstanding that dan is bullying his daughter. Then riya  interferes and explains that it was not dan but other boy who tried to bully announcement take place saying that essay writing competition would be held on the first floor .Dan gets an idea and take riya on his arms to the first floor .There was grey was waiting for her on the first floor.After that riya says 'thanks '. After the exam Riya looks  for dan but he was not there. Riya was not aware of that dan was there upto end of competition. Then riya was going back...... A boy passes by and the pendant start to sparkle .........

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