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TRINITY I stood still, unable to move, my hands clutching at my chest as if it would do anything to ease the pain, as I was forced to watch the awful sight in front of me. He knew I was hurting, he knew I was in pain, yet he cared not as he continued to thrust in and out of the Lycan b***h in front of him. The smirk never left his face as he continued to do what was pleasurable to him yet sufferable to me. He was that much of a sadist. Deriving some form of sick joy, enough to be aroused from watching me suffer. This has been a routine for days now, him forcing me to watch him have s*x with all kinds of women. It was to him, some kind of teaching method, to establish the fact that I meant nothing to him, Werewolves were nothing to Lycans and the fact that we were mates, was to him, some kind of disease he would gladly take any chance to be rid of. I wondered what the moon goddess was thinking when she made us mates. Wondered what he was thinking when he marked me, bonding me to him when it was so painfully obvious that I was nothing in his eyes. Was it so he could do this? Watch me break and enjoy it. I think he was close to achieving exactly what he wanted although I was dying from something that had no cure, a heartache that couldn't be healed or cured by anyone or anything. I couldn't escape, couldn't run away, not even when I was being summoned to meet my slowly budding end. I was nothing more than a tool to him, to bring peace between the Lycans and the werewolves. A truce between us. I felt hot tears roll down my cheeks. I do not belong here, I don't want to be here. And neither do I want to be a witness of the unsavory acts of my own mate. I hated having to watch my mate screw another that wasn't me. What was I even expecting that night when he made love to me? That I would become his and his mate forever? To become the Luna of his pack and we would live on happily ever after? What a joke. He'd made it known to me right after that I was offered to him as a call for a truce. And as such, a servant to do his bidding, whatever it was and whenever, no questions asked. So why do I keep this stupid hope that we might have something or something magical might happen between us? “Watch little wolfie, I want you to watch as I let her have what you so pathetically crave for, what you will never have. I want you to know your worth" his deep voice, albeit hushed, pulled me out of my reverie, drawing my attention back to him and the pleasured moans of the omega he was screwing. More tears escaped my already red eyes, rolling down my cheeks as I felt my pains double at his words. Maybe I should just end it all. Kill myself so I would be free from this torture. But then, what would become of my family? My pack and everyone I had ever known once it got out that the truce was broken. Would he attack once I was dead? Was I really just a fool for love or was it this damn mark making me act this way because clearly, he doesn't want me. It wouldn't hurt this much if I just stopped wishing. Stopped hoping. I had to get it together. I had to show him that even if I was just a nobody in his opinion or a mere truce, that I'm still the future alpha of my pack. Even if I was little and the werewolves meant nothing to him, they were my people and I owe them this much, I'm still capable of protecting them. Even if I wouldn't survive this, I'd just bear the consequences afterwards. I stood still, sucking in ragged breaths and shutting my eyes tight as the moans from him and the omega grew louder before suddenly, it went silent. After a few calculated minutes, I peeled my eyes open, just in time to watch the omega run out of the room, still naked with her clothes held to her chest. I almost let out a startled shriek when I turned back around to him standing right in front of me in all his naked glory. He stayed silent for a second, smoke emitting from the cigarette I had no idea when he lit, before puffing the smoke trapped between his lips right on my face, eyes raking over me. “I hope you enjoyed today's class. Know that there is more to come, with each passing day, you will watch and be trained. Is that understood?” he asks haughtily and I nod with a harsh breath. “I will do as you wish, after all, I'm nothing but a truce to you,” I forced out, repeating the words he loved to hear, which was proven once again by the small twitch of his lips. “Good, very good. You learn very fast.” he finally broke into a smile before letting his palm fall on my head, patting it down like I was some dog begging for a treat. I hid the way my fist clenched as I glared at him. “Can I ask a question pertaining to today's class?” I asked, watching how his brows raised in amusement. I held his gaze, knowing this was the only opportunity I'd have to watch the exact moment he felt the pain I'd always felt. I don't care what comes after my daring words, I'm used to getting hurt, and it would be a small price to pay for some sense of power. “Go ahead, I will be delighted to answer your questions," he hummed, putting out the cigarette with his own leg, and I almost winced at that. “But before that, I would like to ask you a question. What do you want with me? Why mark me if all you intend to do is torment me for as long as you can? Why give me hope that we could be something, why make me feel like…like you…. loved me?” I asked, cursing inwardly at the fact that I was tearing up. I was determined to go through with this and it all depended on his answer. “Love!?" He let out what sounded like a snicker. "What were you expecting? To rule alongside me as my luna?" Now he actually barks out a laugh. "A werewolf," he says, condescending, "You thought you'd rule beside a Lycan? Is that really how dumb your imagination is? Let me remind you that you are nothing but dirt, a lowlife garbage, a worthless waste of space that I could trample on any moment I decide to, so if I didn't make that clear earlier on, don't get ahead of yourself because you have my mark on you. It means nothing and it can be easily undone.” he finished, and I chuckled, determined not to let him know how hurtful his words were. I took a bold step closer to him, now standing up on my toes just so I could meet his eyes when I said my next words. “So why don't I undo it then? After all, it's worthless and it means nothing to you, so getting rid of it would also mean nothing right?” I asked. “What!?” “Nothing… listen carefully, as I will only be saying this once and my words will sink down deep into you. The next moment, I will be blessed with a chance to watch you suffer like you have made me,” I informed, taking a sharp breath to make sure my voice wouldn't waver, and then I finally said it. “I, Trinity Lake of the Moon Stone Pack, reject you, Lycan Jaxon Hunter of the Silver Dawn Pack as my mate.” I watched with wide eyes and a smirk on my lips as the words sank in, his eyes growing to the size of saucers, the shock setting in first before he staggered backwards, his cold eyes fixing a glare at me, but I couldn't be bothered. “Oh my goddess, it worked! It actually worked!” I heard Lexa say in my head and I breathed out a smile, successfully blocking out the tight feeling in my chest and the burning sensation on my skin. “I hope you now understand what it means to be worthless. I will be waiting for whatever punishment you deem right for me” I said with finality in my voice, sparing one last glance at him before storming out of his room, uncaring of his loud yells of my name and curse words being thrown at me. I managed to walk to my room in the far east of the castle without my legs giving out. Crumbling to the floor the second I shut the door behind myself and finally let the excruciating pain wash over me. The pain I'd felt a few minutes ago was nothing compared to this, but this time, I refused to shed a tear. Laughing instead and reminiscing about just how good it felt to see him react so much to the pain I had caused him.

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