Book 1 Chapter Two

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"JAMES GET MY PENCIL OUT OF YOUR NOSE!", I yelled as I watched James slowly pull my 2B pencil from his nose. "Here you go.", James said as he placed the pencil on my paper leaving a wet trail across my lined paper making the ink bleed. "Gross James come on that was English notes and now look ruined.", I said screwing the paper up and throwing it, making the bin from the back of the room. "Miss Collins no throwing things in class! But I must say, nice shot.", Miss Leanit said as she continued with Maths notes. The hour went by fast and soon we were sitting under one of the Oak trees where we'd eat lunch every day. I could hardly keep mine down I was laughing too much. Carter and James had dared each other to stick milk and spaghetti up their noses. Alice was just texting away on her phone not paying attention to us, she would always laugh with us but lately, she has been a downer. "Stop! That's just disgusting, I swear if you two don't stop you will be covered in my lunch.", I said holding my hand up to my mouth as I started to feel sick. James pulled out the 30cm noodle while Carter blew the milk into a tissue. "So you guys staying at mine on Friday for the party?", I said sipping my juice. "Yeah. I can't believe it's your Alpha ceremony! You're going to be the new Alpha, I'm so excited for you! Then the after party at the Blood moon pack house! Are you sure we should have the party at their pack house? I mean what if they murder us in our sleep or worse... they shave our eyebrows off! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY EYEBROWS OMG!", Carter exclaimed, covering his eyebrows. Carter suddenly got up and grabbed his bag. Running, he yelled he'd meet us later. " I swear he was dropped on his head as a kid ", I said laughing. "I can't wait you'll be Alpha Ill be Beta, the party will be fun I know not your scene but hey maybe we'll find the man of our dreams", James said and I smiled as he lay his head on my shoulder. James came out to me about a year ago and I'm so proud of him and how far he's come. Yes, he's gay but he's perfect the way he is and the way he wants to be I support him through everything. Alice got up and left without saying a word she seemed angry. What was up with her today? James put his head down and looked as if he was about to burst out in tears. " Hey... it's okay if there's something wrong between you and your sister tell me what it is. Does she know?", I asked wrapping my arms around him, rubbing his back. "She found out last night she saw me and Will making out.", he said as he lay down and placed his head on my lap, looking up at me. Will and James had been dating for 2 weeks now and I was really happy for them. I don't know what the problem was "I guess she didn't take it too well?", I said playing with his hair. "Nope. She threw Will out and told him that if he ever came near me she would rip his eyes and use them as Christmas decorations. Then she yelled at me and called me names and made me do something I'm not proud of ", he cried and pulled up his sleeve to show 4 freshly made cuts among the old scars. I was so mad at James for doing this to himself and for letting her get to him, but it wasn't his fault. She's his sister and she should be there and support him no matter what he chooses. I pulled him close to my chest and squeezed him tight. "I'm here for you James, even though I'm not your sister you will always have me. You're like my family and you always will be. No matter what people say or do, I never want to see those on your arms or anywhere on your body. Do you understand?", I say as I pull away to wipe his tears. He smiled and nodded his head. We hugged each other for a few minutes before pulling away. I kissed his cheek and he kissed mine. We both had gym together next so we linked arms and headed towards the locker room. ------GYM------ "Alright guys, today we'll be playing volleyball. Miss Collins, Mr Miller you will be the captains. Hurry and choose your team.", The coach said when he blew his whistle. "Alice.", Tom said as he smirked at me, he knew I was going to pick her. "James.", I said once it was my turn, he got up and walked towards me with a smile on his face. " Fag", one of the other students said as the whole class laughed and whispered. "I heard he had s*x with Will Parker last night." "Alice called me last night." "I feel sorry for Alice, she must be going through a lot." "The hot ones are always gay." James smile faded as he walked up to me but not before Lilly, someone who thought she was top dog and the only one who would dare say anything. She stepped in front of him and shook her head in disapproval. "I knew something was wrong with you ever since you started here. This school doesn't need another disappointment like you", Lilly said as everyone started laughing. I looked over at Alice and she just stood there and watched. How can she do this to her brother? Anna and I were pissed, I couldn't hold it any longer. I stormed up to Lilly and grabbed her by the throat and threw her to the ground, holding her with my claws digging into her throat. Everyone stopped laughing and put their heads down. I was their soon to be Alpha, they wouldn't dare disrespect me. Lilly clawed at my hand but soon stopped and shook with fear as I growled at her. "What makes you think you have any right to say that to him? You will show respect to him as you would to me, as I will be Alpha and he will be Beta ", I growled and left her on the floor. She shook with fear as her minions helped her up. I turned to everyone. They all had their heads down everyone was silent, I looked and saw James had his down while he was holding his wrist. I grabbed his chin and raised his head so he looked me in the eyes, he was on the brink of tears. I pulled him into me and everyone gasped. I kissed his cheek again and he laughed, I smiled knowing I had somewhat cheered him up. I turned so I was facing everyone, I looked over at Lilly who had gathered herself and stood looking at the floor. " Now, Lilly, as punishment I have decided to have mercy on you and not banish you, But if you ever say or do anything towards James you WILL be banished. Now, your punishment will be that at the ceremony you will help clean up afterwards and you will not attend the after party held at the Blood Night pack house. You will stay at our pack house and not leave. Is that clear or would you rather become a rouge?", I said smirking at her. She opened her mouth but snapped it shut. "Good. That goes for the rest of you too, if you feel the need to place your unwanted opinions out like she just did, your punishment will be worse. Got it?", I said looking at the rest of my pack. "Yes, Alpha.", they all replied, making me smile. "Good, now let's play."
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