Pearl's Rules for Living:

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Pearl's Rules for Living: Use your brain - that is why you have one. Safety is something you take seriously, otherwise you end up dead. If you have expressive eyes, keep them covered if you are going to bluff. Give someone enough rope, and they are bound to get tangled and hang themselves. Always carry a roll of quarters, you can do your laundry and knock out bad guys at the same time. There are rules and there are rules, pick which ones work for you. Don't f**k up unless you are willing to make it right. Mistakes are good, learn from them and move on. Always stay alert and don't let your guard down. Ask yourself, ‘Am I ready for this?’ If the answer is yes, go for it. If the answer is no, run like hell. If you are going to hit someone, make sure they stay down the first time. You might not get a second chance. Don’t trust a man, especially a good-looking one who starts out with sweet words. Same goes for a woman, she just wants something. A good book and fresh batteries can make your day tolerable. Your word is your honor, be careful what you promise. Humor solves any problem; think in animation. The only opinion you have to worry about is your own, since you have to live with it. Be the best possible you that you can be. Your goal each day is to make it a good one. Words can be as powerful as a fist; be careful how you use them. If you or your family/friends’ lives are on the line, ignore all of the above except Rule Number 1.Unbreakable rule: Family and friends come first. Be loyal, be true, and love them like there is no tomorrow.
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