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I tend to enjoy myslef alone, not letting everyone get closer to me. Their presence makes me pull myself away from them, only 2 people can stay and has a will to linger beside me. The warm of their presence makes me feel contented, as I thought of not open my heart again with the cause of it's misfortune left by the people I mistaken to be the one. It might be the universe telling me that it wasn't the fault of mine to guilt with. Then there's you sent by them who show's me the proof of my worthy. Teaching me to trust again, with all your patience in waiting for my mind to set. Stand by with your affectionate feelings, despite the no's I said to you their's this yes I cant release by this cage of trauma. Courting was one step ahead to be formal and yes was the way of it's officially link to you but still the fear was present to hinder. In verge of this dilemma, your unsure departure adds up to my list of factors who prevent me for uncage my scared heart. But universe lost it's temper so was you, tired in waiting for my unbothered fear. You left.
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