Chapter 2

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Walker POV My phone buzzes. I pull it out of my pocket. It is from Jasmine. She and Chanel want me to meet them in the restaurant. I am sure it is Chanel. Jasmine would never be so bold and she never eats. Oh Jasmine sweet Jasmine she is never one to speak up or speak out. How I would love to have her in some way. I could think of a few ways I would love to have her and none of them nice. I grab my drink off the bar. I cannot believe how many people have taken refuge in the hotel for the storm. It makes a good bottom line for the month. I hope they all behave tonight. With the weather getting bad there will be nothing to do but eat and drink, oh and f**k. Drunk tourists are always fun. My phone buzzes again. Girls I am on my way damn. I look at my phone. It is my brother Bauer. *Staying at the hotel tonight. I have no power. * Well, that is odd. He never comes here.He doesn’t like to be near this place. He always stays at the five stars close to his house. This should be fun. I bet Chanel will be all over him. I text him back. *I will be at the restaurant with Jasmine and Chanel. Meet us there. Try to behave yourself* I put my phone back in my pocket. I walk across the hallway to the restaurant. I open the door and look in. Chanel and Jasmine are already seated. The staff loves Jasmine. She is a great asset to me and this hotel. Other than being late for everything she is great. I will never say anything to her about it. She does so much. She takes care of the staffing, the scheduling, the ordering. I could not run this place without her. I wave at the waitress to let her know I am sitting with the ladies. I take my seat between them. “Hello, Ladies. My brother will be joining us,” I tell them. “Really, Bauer is coming here to wait out the storm. That is odd. What does he want?” Jasmine says. Chanel perks up. “Brother hmmm. So Is Bauer single these days or is he bringing someone with him?” she asks. I knew she would be on it. She is the polar opposite of Jasmine. Jasmine is calm quiet and reserved. Chanel is wild and outgoing. At times she is not but for the most part Chanel is wild. There have been a few times she has been cold and indifferent to me. She is an odd bird that is for sure. “Bauer never keeps anyone around for long,” I respond. Chanel laughs. “Sounds like fun for me tonight,” she says. Oh yeah. He is going to eat you up. I guess Jasmine and I can hang out and have a few drinks. I will keep it professional with her. I would never cross that line with her. She is beautiful but she is not that kind of girl. I do not think she would want to play the way I play. “Chanel behave yourself,” Jasmine says. “What do you ladies want?” I ask. “Booze,” Jasmine answers quickly. “Oysters and booze,” Chanel answers. “I will order us all oysters and a pitcher of Tom Collins,” I say. I wave the waitress over. “Oysters platter for four and a pitcher of Tom,” I tell her. She takes my easy order and quickly leaves. I look to see if Bauer is coming. “Nervous?” Chanel inquires. I give her a scowling look. “My brother is very different. Trust me you will know when he gets here. I want to intercept and get him straight to the table,” I answer her. I know she is Jasmine’s friend but damn she is a little bit of a b***h. I hear a ruckus coming from the lobby. Yeah, that is Bauer. He is nothing like me in more ways than one. Bauer my half brother. The one who destroyed our family. “I will get him,” Jasmine says. She has handled Bauer more than once. She gets up from the table and makes her way to the lobby quickly. I can hear her fussing at him. He usually listens to her. Bauer does not listen to anyone. Anyone who has two eyes knows he has a thing for her. It doesn’t take her long to wrangle him into the restaurant. She comes back with him arm in arm. He pulls out her chair and sits across from her. “Brother,” he says slyly to me. “Problem in the lobby brother,” I ask. “No No No, I asked Winston to put me in room 421 or 423 and he said both rooms were taken. I asked him to move them and he said that was not possible. I want 423. Think Jasmine can make that happen,” he says. Chanel scoffs at him. “Hell to the No! We are staying in 423,” she says. He quickly adjusts his attitude, “I will just ask for 425, but you girls got to let me use the hot tub,” he says. I figure Chanel will jump on that. He is her type. Bauer is bold and arrogant. The two of them are a match made in heaven or maybe hell is a better term. “Fine, just do not bring any w****s in my room,” Jasmine says. Wow, she got him. I look over to see his face. “Understood,” he answers. I can't believe he did not jump on that. “So where is she staying,” he says pointing at Chanel. Yep, I knew it was coming. “f**k you,” Chanel pops back at him. Oh yeah, these two will be in bed together by the end of the night. I can see it coming. I look at Jasmine. She just rolls her eyes. The waitress is back with the pitcher of Tom. “Please bring everyone a shot of Tequila before people start killing one another,” Jasmine says. Jasmine pours everyone a drink. “Can we all please behave? I am nervous enough about the weather,” she says. “yes, sure, I can behave,” Bauer says. Chanel looks at Jasmine apologetically. “Hear from Jonah?” she asks. Jasmine cuts her eyes at her. “I do not want to talk about it,” she says. “Trouble in paradise, Jasmine,” Bauer teases Jasmine. “Watch it,” she snaps at him. The waitress approaches with four platters of oysters. She places a platter in front of each of us. “I’m not hungry, but bring me a double shot of Tequila,” she says. I am worried about her. Not eating is one thing but drinking. She never drinks. “You need to eat if you are going to drink,” I say to her. She nods and starts picking at the oysters. I reach over to her platter. I take the oyster fork and scoop out the oyster for her. I place it on a cracker. “Open,” I say and I slide it in her mouth. Holy s**t that just really turned me on. I cannot think of her like that. I have women in my life and she would not fit into the lifestyle I have. She is married for one. He would notice if she was apart of my life. “That is good,” she says. The table got quiet all of the sudden. “Shots!” the waitress exclaims when she returns. She has four shots and an extra shot for Jasmine. Jasmine reaches for the double and drinks it in one gulp. Then grabs the regular shot and does the same. She reaches across me and grabs mine and slams it. “Bring the bottle,” she tells the waitress. The waitress looks at me and a nod letting her know to bring it. I lean over to Jasmine. “Are you okay?” I ask her. “Nope but I will be,” she says. I glance over at Chanel who shakes her head at me to let me know not to push it. It must be the husband. He is not good for her. He is good to her but he doesn’t give her what she needs. I can always tell when it is getting to her. Something happened. I did notice her looking at her phone. I wonder what he said that hurt so much. “Do you guys want to hang out in the bar or we could go up to the roof?” I suggest. “I forgot you guys have that covered area on the roof next to the pool,” Chanel says. “We could all get in the hot tub,” Bauer suggests. Chanel glares at him. I can look at her and tell her she will hate f**k him before the night is up. “I lit the fire pits earlier. I can close it off so just us have access to it. It could be fun,” I suggest. “One bottle of Tequila,” the waitress says as she sets it down on the table. Jasmine grabs the bottle and her shot glass. “I am going to the roof,” she says. “I am going with her,” I say. “You know I am going to eat first,” Chanel says. “Yeah and I am going to stay here with queen b***h,” Bauer says. Damn, she will either f**k him or kill him tonight. Whichever, I do not care. As long as Jasmine is okay. If she is not okay maybe I can help her be okay. I grab Jasmine as she rises from the table. “Let me help you,” I say. She leans into me. She has such a sweet scent. She has a scent of lavender and honey. I wonder if I am wrong about her. Maybe she would fit in to my little group. I hold on to her. “Do you want to go to the roof?” I ask. She shrugs her shoulders. I take her to the elevator. Just as I am about to hit the roof button she reaches over me and hits the button for 4. “Can we go to your room?” she asks. “yes,” I say. I will try be a gentleman. I will not let her do anything she will regret. She leans into me. This is going to be hard. I will let her vent to me. I know she needs someone to drink with and talk to. I know Chanel is not the person for the conversation she needs to have. Oh Jasmine the pleasures I could show your body. The places I could take you. Even though I know I should not. “He met someone,” she says softly. “who?” I ask. “My husband. He met someone and he wants a divorce,” she says. I pull her into my arms. “It will be okay,” I say as I kiss her on the forehead.
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