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~Wish I could~ CHAPTER FORTY SEVEN “You deserve nothing less than being stabbed in your eye with my nails!” Scarlett bristled in anger as she glared at Nikita laughing hysterically, standing on the sidewalk. Both had decided that they should start working on improving their bodies since summer was approaching and they fully intended to saunter around at beaches wearing hot bikinis. Their first step towards a sexy body was going for a run early morning every day. But while running, Scarlett had lost focus and stepped on the edge of the sidewalk, losing her balance and fell over. She must have twisted her ankle because she couldn’t get up by herself without screaming out in pain and because Nikita being the great friend she was, was laughing hard at her fall, Scarlett could do nothing but glare at her and wait for her laughter to stop so she could pick her up. “Lmao, you are too clumsy, Scar!” Nikita heaved out, breathless from the mighty laugh she just had. “First of all,” Scarlett grunted a bit as she grabbed Nikita’s outstretched hand and lifted herself up, “You are too old to be saying words like Lmao. Second of all, shut the hell up!” Nikita just laughed away as they resumed their run once again. “I swear to God, if I don’t lose ten pounds in a week like that YouTuber said I’m— What the actual f**k!“ Scarlett eye’s followed to where Nikita was glaring and saw Miccah, standing with a girl and actually talking. Calmly. Not trying run away from her. Oh boy, was the girl in trouble! Scarlett snorted in her head and looked back at Nikita. “Aw, are you jealous Nikki?” Nikita turned her glare towards Scarlett. “Why the hell would I be jealous!?” “Never mind.” Scarlett shook her head and wisely closed her mouth, knowing Nikita would actually try to kill her if she provoked her any more. She watched in amusement as Nikita started stalking towards Miccah and the girl, trailing behind her at a safe distance. “Hi!” Nikita greeted Miccah overenthusiastically as wound both her hands around his eyes, staking her claim. Without giving the girl a second glance, she looked up at Miccah, “I thought you would be at your gallery, honey!” Miccah looked uncomfortable with the show of affection as he stuttered up something, Scarlett could see Nikita rolling her eyes even from the distance. She said something to Miccah and then as if she was just noticing the girl standing awkwardly ahead of them, she exclaimed a loud, “Oh, I didn’t see you at all standing just a feet across from me.” The girl smiled a shy and excused herself, thanking Miccah and bidding him goodbye. Once she was out of their sight, Nikita shot away from Miccah, glaring up at him. “Who the hell was that?” “I—“ “Why were you talking to her? You said you can’t talk properly with anyone.” “I—“ “Wait, is that how you get girls? Telling them you have some kind of problems and making them feel special? I am not the only one you have done this with, am I? Was she also one of your conquests? Ugh! I knew I shouldn’t trust a pretty face, you men are all asshol—“ “Will you let me speak for one second?”Miccah finally cut her rant off by placing his hand on her mouth, looking slightly for the first time since Scarlett had known him. “I don’t know her. Someone stole her purse and I happened to be in the thief’s way so I snatched it from him and she was just thanking me.” He took his hand off of Nikita’s mouth as she pouted childishly at him. “You don’t get to be anyone's hero but me.” She muttered petulantly, making Miccah smile down at her. “I told you I like you. And I meant it.” He mumbled but Scarlett could hear it as she had started walking towards them. “Didn’t know you were such a romantic Miccah.” She fake cooed, knowing it would make him uncomfortable. True to her assumption, Miccah started fidgeting as he looked at Scarlett, muttering out incoherent words as he looked down. “Wow, so you can talk to a stranger but not with good old me!” Scarlett taunted, making Nikita smack her arm. “I'm good with strangers.” “You practically ran away screaming bloody murderer when we first met. We were strangers then.” Miccah started playing with Nikita’s hair strand as he was standing a little behind her, focusing on the strand as he spoke. “I knew who you were, so you weren’t practically a stranger.” “But—“ “Okay!” Nikita widened her eyes, stopping them from arguing any further and let out an annoyed sigh. “We were out for a run actually, and we better get going Scarlett if we don’t want to be late.” Scarlett almost decided to not turn in at her work before her conscience reminded her that she could be jobless if she tried to pull on a stunt like that. She sighed as if in a great pain, “Yeah, I guess.” Then turned to Miccah, waving goodbye with a wide smile plastered on her face. “You better start speaking properly with me the next time we meet. Have a wonderful day!” “Wait!” Miccah grabbed Nikita’s wrist just as they were about to go and tugged her towards him. “I, uh, I wanted to ask you something.” “What?” Nikita swatted at Scarlett, shushing her. “Yeah?” She turned back to her lover. A tiny blush crept upon Miccah’s chiseled face, making him look adorably handsome. “Um, I was invited to this thing, uh, an auction, like, fundraiser, to help make more homes for the homeless and in need. And, um, they are auctioning some of my paintings. Um…” He bit his lips, his eyes darting to the ground as if he was afraid of something. When three seconds passed and Miccah still hadn’t said what he wanted to, Scarlett started getting impatient. “You were saying?” “Hush, Scar.” Nikita shut her up with a sharp jab of her elbow, knowing that Miccah needed time to find courage for whatever it was he wanted to say. She smiled at him in encouragement. “Well,” Miccah deliberately avoided looking at Scarlett. “I can invite a person— a date, with me to the fundraiser, and um, will you, uh, would you like to…” A huge smile took over Nikita’s face, overjoyed by the fact that he wanted her to go with him and she nodded her head vigorously. “Of course! I’d love to be your date!” Miccah smiled a soft, relieved smile in return and pulled her into a quick hug, placing a quick kiss on her forehead. Something burned in Scarlett’s heart as she saw the display of affection. Ethan would never— Nope! Her mind screeched to a halt at his name, and pushed the thoughts at the back of her mind, and out of the window deep into some far away sea. Sharks could feast upon him for all Scarlett cared! “Your friend is a little annoying.” She was snapped out of her Ethan-loathing thoughts when she heard Miccah mumble those words into Nikita’s hair. She put on a big smile on her face, as sweet as a cherry, and grabbed Nikita’s elbow, pulling her away from Miccah and started dragging her away. “Always a pleasure meeting you Miccah!” ~~*~~ “Mr. King is looking forward to the meeting!” Scarlett chirped into the phone before cutting the call. It was the tenth phone call to arrange a meeting with some investors since Scarlett had started working that morning, and she was tired of plastering fake smiles on her face and chirp like bird in the phone. With a sigh, she gathered some papers and stood up, making her way to Ethan’s office. “Sir.” Ethan didn’t bother looking up at Scarlett of ever scolding her for not knocking even after being ordered to do so a thousand times before and waved his hand, urging her to speak. Scarlett gritted her teeth at that. “Here is your schedule for tomorrow. We have a staff meeting at ten, and after that you have continuously three meetings back to back from one to six. You will have lunch with the Valdez first, then at 3:15, you have a meeting with Mrs. Dabney at her office, and at last, you have a meeting with Mr. Heaberd from Burke Enterprises. Mr. Burke cannot attend the meeting, so his secretary will fill in for him.” “Adequate.” Adequate? That was all he had to say!? After the seven minute long speech, adequate is the only reply she gets? If Ethan wasn’t the one who gave her a paycheck at the end of every month, Scarlett could swear on her hair that she would’ve chopped his balls off. Unfortunately, we can’t get everything we want in our life. And there was the fact that Ethan had turned her down not many days ago. Scarlett sighed inwardly, scolding her mind for thinking about that yet again. Straightening her back, she glared at Ethan. He wasn’t looking at her anyway! “I will be going then.” Ethan ignored her, his eyes glued to his laptop screen. Scarlett pressed down on whatever feelings that wanted burst in her heart, and turned around, making sure to slam the door shut behind her as she walked out. She got to her work again, blocking out everything. Thankfully, she didn’t have to pick up any more calls, just making sure Ethan’s schedule for the month for perfected. It was nearly four in the evening that Scarlett received a letter for Ethan. Opening it, she realized it was an invitation for a fundraiser, inviting Ethan as a VIP guest plus a date. Scarlett scowled at that and looked for another invitation card meant for her. She found none. As she was reading the card, she realized that t was the same fundraiser Miccah was taking Nikita to. Her mood dampened a little at that, for some unknown reason, she was hurt to be the only one left out. Or it could be because Ethan was going there to. Without her. Because she wasn’t f*****g invited! She stood up, marching into Ethan’s office once again. She dropped the card on his desk. “You got an invitation to a fundraiser organized by Mr. and Mrs. Ainsworth next week, Friday.” “I am aware.” Ethan looked at the invitation card, once again avoiding looking at Scarlett. If he would just look at her once— dammit! And being herself, Scarlett felt the urge to speak up. “But I just brought the card—“ “Mr. Ainsworth had called me personally beforehand.” Scarlett didn’t speak up for a moment. Then— “You have to bring a date.” Ethan ignored her. “I could help you find—“ “No worries. I already have one.” Silence. Scarlett was stunned for a moment, she wasn’t sure she had heard right. Ethan already had a date? A strong sensation burned Scarlett’s heart, filling her mind with undefined fury. “I see.” Scarlett stood there, glaring at Ethan. She couldn’t digest the fact that Ethan had already found a date, just days after what happened between them. “You may get back to work now.” Ethan ordered when she still hadn’t moved from her place. “Right.” With that curt reply, Scarlett stormed out of his office.
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