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~A little wicked with wild in her eyes~ CHAPTER FORTY NINE Was he having s*x with her right now? Did he take her to his place? Maybe they had fled to Vegas! Scarlett stared the white ceiling of her bedroom, eyes unblinking as he mind conjured up what worst ways possible of what Ethan would be doing at that time. Was she pretty? After Nikita left, Scarlett had attempted to make herself a good easy dinner, only to throw the over-boiled potatoes in bin after remembering how Ethan loved eating mashed potatoes with cheese and bacon. She had ordered a Chinese takeout then, flinging the nagging thoughts of not being able to save enough money for the laptop she wanted to buy out of her mind. She tried to watch a movie then, only to throw her phone on her bed in anger when the kissing scene in the man’s office reminded her of Ethan’s confession to her in his office. Since then, she tried to sleep, only for her mind to go and remind her that she was no longer a part of Ethan King’s personal life. And he was with someone else. A date. Another woman. That was not her. And as much as Scarlett tried to keep her eyes dry, as much as she begged her heart to stop aching, it wouldn’t stop. The ghastly images of Ethan intimate with someone else brought tears to her eyes and she cried, which was all she seemed to be doing since Ethan had rejected her. She was becoming more and more pathetic, crying over a man like that! The doorbell of her house rang. And again after a beat. And again. Scarlett got out of her bed, towards the living room and door, wondering why Nikita was back so early, it was surely not more than five hours since she left. She wondered if Miccah has done something to Nikita, hurt her in any way… Scarlett would cut his balls off with a nail cutter if he did! “Stop ringing the damn bell!” She shouted as she unlocked the door. She opened the door— “Hi!” A grinning Ethan King greeted her enthusiastically, waving his hand at her, and nearly slapping Scarlett in the process. Scarlett was too stunned to process when Ethan tumbled in her apartment, nearly falling down as he tried to brush past her. Scarlett slapped a hand on his shoulder, forcing him back. Still grinning, Ethan blew her a kiss. “Good morning!” Scarlett’s shocked eyes travelled across Ethan’s face, to his red cheeks and glazed over eyes, his grinning mouth. He was drunk. As the feeling of shock wore off, anger took place. He was not here to reconcile with her, he was here because he was drunk. And the fact that Ethan would not have been here if he were sober just fueled her anger more. With eyes shooting daggers at Ethan, Scarlett shoved him out of her door. “Go home!” Ethan stumbled back, and collided with a table in the hallway, sending the vase on it tumbling down, creating a loud clatter. Ethan frowned at her as he tried to stand still, “Why are you leaving me?” Scarlett rolled her eyes, her jaw ticking in annoyance. “I am not in the mood of dealing with your bullshit at this hour.” She wanted to call him Ethan, her lips couldn’t utter out the damn word! “Go home and do what you do best, ignore everything ad push me away.” Shit! Scarlett hadn’t meant to say that, but in between her anger and hurt, the words tumbled out of her mouth without her consent. She closed her eyes, chastising herself being so careless with her words. She didn’t need Ethan to know just how badly his actions and words had hurt her, didn’t want him to have an upper hand in yet another situation. Ethan’s frown had turned almost childlike now, with his eyebrows pulled together and bottom lip jutting out just a little bit, in the most un-Ethan like way. Ah, the wonders of alcohol! Ethan tried to walk in Scarlett’s apartment, only to stumble into her. He leant on her for support, his face inches away from her as he slurred. “I don’t like pushing you away.” “But you did anyway!” Scarlett pushed Ethan again, her cheeks and nose red with the efforts of keeping her tears at bay. She seemed to be crying a lot these days, one more reason to stay away from Ethan. Ethan blew out a breath, the smell of some kind of sweet fruit wafting in Scarlett’s nose. Of course, he would not drink cheap beer or vodka; it would be too low class for him! Second more reason to stay away from him. Scarlett wasn’t sure she would be able to fit in the world of rich people, even their alcoholic beverages smelled better than the perfumes she wore! “Don’t cry.” Scarlett’s heart did a little flip, and the tears sprung in her eyes, blurring her vision. “I am not f*****g crying!” “You are!” Ethan leaned away from her, his eyes accusing as he shouted. “Your friend said you crying because of me!” God! Scarlett was going to kill Nikita. If she was not sure at first, she was positive now that Nikita was the sole reason of Ethan’s uninvited—and unwelcome—visit to her. She must have seen Ethan at the event—probably with his f*****g date—and went all ninja over him. The scheme had Nikita written all over it! “You are not important enough for me to waste my precious salt water on you!” Scarlett glared at him, wrapping her hands around her waist, as if to protect herself for Ethan. “You were not and never will be!” Hurt filled Ethan’s eyes, and for the first time Scarlett could see the emotion play in his face freely without him covering it professionally. Her heart broke a little at the sight, with his emotions showing, Ethan looked beautiful. Devastatingly beautiful, in a way that had Scarlett almost reaching out to wrap him in a tight hug and never let go. Her hands tightened around her waist. “Go home, sir.” “No! Not your sir! Ethan! Yes, your Ethan.” Ethan glared at her, and tried to move past her again. Tears finally spilled out of Scarlett’s eyes, bringing along all her feelings with them. She was angry and happy at the same time, she was sad, too, she was melancholic and she was devastated, at the same time, she was at the top of world. Ethan had come to her. He had said he was her Ethan. Your Ethan. But he was drunk. Sober Ethan would never say something like that, hell, sober Ethan would be at the event at the time, having the time of his life with his goddammed date, giving speeches after speeches and drinking champagne that cost like a ten thousand dollars! Oh, and order her around like a f*****g pet and pay like a stingy bastard. Once again, Scarlett pushed Ethan backwards, this time making sure to completely block the door of her apartment when Ethan tried to enter again. “I said, get the f**k out of here!” Scarlett’s eyes were wide as she shouted, her voice ringing out in the empty hallway. “But you are cr—“ “Is this man harassing you, Miss?” an old woman peeped out of her door to their left and glared at Ethan. Scarlett flushed at that, embarrassed that their argument had woken her neighbor up. “Oh no, he is just about to go.” She forced a smile at the woman, and kept smiling until the woman threw one more suspicious glance at Ethan and retreated back in her apartment, but not before assuring Scarlett that she had a perfectly well kept baseball bet in case she needed it. When Scarlett looked back at Ethan, he was staring at her, his face once again betraying how he felt. She wiped her tears. “Just go home, sir. We can forget that this happened.” “I told you not to call me that!” “And I told you f**k off!” “Well, it seems like we both are experts in defying each other.” A crooked smile took over Ethan’s face, his face grim as he regarded Scarlett. Scarlett knew she should just ignore the statement, that she should just tell him to go one last time and close the door on his face. She should just go lie down on her bed, forgetting all her problem as she drifted off to sleep. But all she wanted to do was scream her heart out to Ethan, she wanted to pound on Ethan’s chest as he cursed him out for hurting her, she wanted to kiss him senseless until they both died from lack of oxygen. She blew out a breath. “You are drunk, Ethan.” She mentally slapped herself for feeling giddy when saying his name. “You as well as I, know perfectly well that you would not be here if it wasn’t for Nikita nagging you and you weren’t drunk.” Ethan opened his mouth to say something, but she stopped him, lifting her hand as warning to keep his mouth shut. “You are just here to ease your guilt. You are here because you know that when you are sober tomorrow, you will not feel like the bad guy who pushed me away, you are here because you know your heart will stop making you feel guilty because you tried, and I will be the one who didn’t give you another chance.” “I am here because I want you!” Scarlett closed her eyes, they were stinging now. “You and I both know that is just bullshit.” “No, I—“ “Just—“ her voice cracked as she looked at him. “Please, please go, Ethan. Don’t hurt me anymore, please!” With that she backed away from Ethan, closing the door on his face— and broke down. Outside, Ethan could hear her crying, the sound of her sobs and the thud when she fell to the floor, unable to stand anymore. All because of him. His heart felt like stone, weighing him down, creating a deep pain in his chest as he stared after the closed door of Scarlett’s apartment. He went to the door, placing a hand on it, trying to soothe Scarlett as she kept crying over him, and slid down, turning his back against it. His eyes drooped close as Scarlett’s sobs subsided and she reminded herself that she was strong, that she wouldn’t let Ethan make her cry anymore and his mind slipped into a dreamless sleep as he rested his head on the door. Author's Note : Hey, first of all I am so sorry for not updating in a long time! But i am back now! I will update twice a week from now on, preferably on Wednesday and Saturday. You can follow me on ** for updates about my stories and sneak peeks. Username : @aakanxanaik
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