The Korean god.TKG.Chapter 6

1075 Words
Hae Ra ~ . I froze as I stared at his now burning eyes. I don't know if other students can see this or I'm just dreaming. I raised my hand up to look at it when I felt something like water on it. I felt hot, very hot that I was starting to get soaked in sweat. I was so hot that I thought I was gonna explode. My breathing came out in pants as I felt like I was in oven. He bowed his head, not saying anything. "Hae Ra, what's happening to you " Kang asked, looking me over. He turned and hurried out of the cafeteria. My body calmed and I almost collapsed but Kang caught me. He helped me out and took me to the garden. "what was that " he asked as he made me seat. I closed my eyes and tried calming my breath. "are you alright " Kang asked and I nodded. "yeah I think "I said lowly. I don't know if I'm the only one who saw what happened or I was just seeing things. But I saw his eyes, it was fire and I felt like I was in hell. Like my blood was boiling. Jeez! What is he? . ~ Lee ~ . As my eyes burned with fire, I knew she was getting hot and if I didn't leave, she'll be a goner. She was starting to sweat and I could see the fear in her eyes. I bowed my head when her friend walked up to her to avoid him from seeing my eyes. I turned and hurried out of the cafeteria. I ran with all my strength, as fast as my legs could carry me to the sea. Just when my hand was starting to turn to fire, I plunged my whole body into the sea and let myself go deep down. I closed my eyes as I felt the fire quenching in me. When I knew I was already calm, I swam up to the surface and plunged out my head. I heaved a sigh of relief and swam to the shore. I came out, drenched. Again, I'm drenched and Lisa would know it happened again. I sighed and headed home. I boarded the bus and headed home. I arrived mins later and tip toed to the porch. I gently turned the knob and slightly opened the door. I took in my head and scanned the sitting room. There was no Lisa so I gently went in, being careful not to make any noise. I got to the stairs and raised my leg to climb it but heard my name and I froze. Her voice sounded like a clanging brass to my ear that it made me flinch and froze. "uh-huh, where do you think you're going " she asked and I slowly turned. "Tf it happened again " she yelled and put on a sorry face. She sighed and dramatically hit her forehead with her palm. "go freshen up and come eat lunch " she said and I nodded. I went up to my room and freshened up. After freshening up, I dressed up and went downstairs. Lisa was already setting the table when I got there so I went over to take a seat. "get the jar of juice " Lisa told me and I rolled my eyes. I went to the fridge and got the juice then dropped it on the table. "get the glasses too " she said as I was about to sit. "ah Liiiisaa" I called and she chuckled softly. "get your lazy a*s up and go get the glasses " she commanded and I rolled my eyes. I walked to where the glasses are kept and took two. I walked back to the table and dropped them. She served the food and we started eating. What a sister I have. . ~ Kim ~ . I sat in the sitting room, staring at nothing to be precise. Mom already went to the resto and I've been waiting for Kang and Hae Ra but they still aren't here. I wonder why they aren't here yet. I wasn't in school so they must be worked and they'll come visit usually but I don't know what happened today. Maybe they were caught up with work. I sighed and laid down on the couch. Everything is just so awkward and I wonder if those star bullied Kang and Hae Ra in school in today. I sighed and closed my eyes. . ~ Lee ~ . We were done eating and I was in my room. A thought came into my mind and I smiled. There's no harm in trying to control your powers. I got up and went downstairs. Lisa was seated on the couch so I walked up to her. "uhm Lisa " I called and she hummed. "can I go to the sea " I asked and she arched an eyebrow. "why " "I want to learn how to control my powers " I told her and she sighed. "you can't control it, you just have to find your mate " she said and I rolled my eyes. "Lisa there's no harm in trying" I said and she stared at me weirdly. "please " I said with a puppy face. "OK fine but be back early " she said and I nodded. I went out and headed to the sea. Mins later, I arrived and let out a sigh. Only few people were there cause it isn't a beach. I went and sat under the bridge where there's shelter and no one could see me. I closed my eyes and let it all out. Slowly, my body started burning with fire. . ~ Kim ~ . I was so bored so I decided to take a walk. I closed the door and walked out, headed to no where exactly. As I passed, my eyes caught the sea. I stopped and pursed my lips. There's nothing wrong in having some fresh air beside the sea. I sighed and headed towards the sea. As I passed, I felt something, something I can't explain. I looked to my left and saw fire. My eyes widened and I wanted to scream but it was like the fire moved and my tongue seemed glued to my mouth. Within the blink of an eye, the fire in person ran to the water and plunged in. I blinked rapidly and waited to see what would happened next. Mins later, the person swam up the surface and my heart sank. My.. My angel is a demon .
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