Part 1

218 Words
Suddenly everything went back to normal. Dray had a faint feeling that he saw the back of his father, the back which had always looked so masculine that he looked up to it. It gave Dray a sense of security, and he felt like he was with the one he rightly should be. Everything was gone now. He could not feel his hands now, and nor could he feel any other organ. His one eye was not working, and the other eye was the only working organ he had left. He was going to die soon. Die? He did not want to die. Dying was the last thing he wanted to do. He felt like someone was waiting for him somewhere, but he did not know who.       He felt rage, despair, ecstasy and multiple other emotions in an instant. He did not know the reason, but his body felt like it was about to die. Something was wrong. It felt like he was unconsciously doing something really bad. He looked up to face the sky. The sky had gone black, like it was the night, and then he saw it. The white moon, which could be seen clearly broke apart in two parts, and those two parts broke into multiple parts. It could be clearly seen, the upcoming destruction.

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