Prologue: Hello Human

709 Words
Colion This is my first and last chance to prove that werewolves are real. I can't lose my family's sacrifices. My ancestors have spent their lives finding the door between human and werewolf world. My father, grandfather, and great grandfathers vanished without any trace. We haven't seen their body or corpse so we believe they were alive. When Dad disappeared, I have to start all over again. I used my father's things and I come up to this. A ritual that will allow me to go to their world. I just wished that I can find my father there. People in our village sees us as mentally ill persons. Persons who believe in myth which is not existing in real world. While preparing the things I needed for the ritual, I remembered my father's stories when I was a child. "Colion, want to know something about werewolf?" my Dad asked. "What about werewolf, Dad?" "Werewolf is a mythical animal–posses a body of a human and can change their shape into a wolf, shape-shifter." "Why do I have to know that?" I asked. "Because I want you to know that werewolves are real. That they are not just a folklore or myth. That those who talks about werewolves are not ill nor have disorders," Dad said as he held my shoulders. "I am a werewolf hunter, and so your grandfathers, Colion. And when you grow up, I want you to continue our family's legacy. If I failed, you will be the one to fulfill the success. If you failed also, your child will take your sit." I remained quiet as I listen to what he is saying. Despite my young age, I can understand what he's up to. I can see him all day and night at his study working his a*s to find the werewolves. "It is not just a simple task, Colion. Your ancestors have devoted their lives to open the passage between the two worlds but they did not meet it. If ever that one day, you never see me come back, open my drawer and study what's inside. I believe in you, Colion. We have to know the truth," Dad said as he kissed my cheek. I fall asleep after that and when I wake up, Dad is nowhere to be found. My Mom and I looked for Dad but we haven't found him. I open Dad's drawer and I saw different articles and shapes in papers about werewolf. Starting that day, I studied everything about them and hope that someday, I'll gonna have my Dad back. I placed the brown crystal I have found in Dad's cabinet in the center of the circle. I draw different shapes inside the circle and added numerous calligraphies. Lastly, I positioned myself beside the crystal, at the center. To complete the ritual, I have to hold this crystal and feel it. I should have strong concentration to connect to whoever wolf is in possession of this crystal. At first, I'm not feeling something strange but minutes passed and I'm starting to sweat bullets. My mind is spinning and my vision becomes blurry. I opened my eyes and an unfamiliar room welcomed me. The design is like of those gothic palaces. It takes me back to old years, where werewolves were communicating to humans. Speaking of werewolves. Did I succeed? Where am I? I heard a cry of a baby. I looked for it then I saw a basket beside a gigantic jar. I walked towards it and the baby's cry is getting louder and louder. There, I saw a baby girl. I was about to touch the baby but she disappeared. Before I could move my feet, groups of large dogs attacked me. They hovered and formed a circle in which I am at the center. The huge dogs let out a long and loud growl in unison. My mind is spinning again and my vision is blinded with black. They are not dogs, they are werewolves. I succeeded but I can't share my victory to my family. Maybe it was destiny's will that it happened. Maybe there is a right person who will discover this other world. Then I lost control of myself. I blacked out.
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