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  Once upon a time there was a boy named Sudhanshu he was having phasmophobia {phobia of ghosts}...He was living in the rural area of Indore with his friend.They both were from Bhogaon.Bhogaon a village near Agra.They were living here to earn thier living needs. Sudhanshu was doing a low level job in a big sweethouse *MISHRA SWEET HOUSE*. Hari {Sudhanshu's friend} was also doing a low level job in *MISHRA ENTERPRISES*. They were living in the houses opposite to each other's house on rent in the rural area. Their office from thier house was 15 km. They used to wake up at 4 'o' clock and get ready to go till 6 am.Sudhanshu was a very cheerfull and easy going guy, he always smiles and greets whenever he meet someone. Hari was a very practical guy he used to talk to himself planning the future, how to do that, what to do. One day Hari was very tensed so as a friend Sudhanshu asked Hari that what is the problem.Hari refused to tell him at once,but Sudhanshu kept asking the same, and finally he told,and by listening to what he told Sudhanshu got unconcius.{if you can't understand plz read take a look at the first two lines}.Hari tried many to make Sudhanshu concius,but he failed.Hari was just joking, he just said that " from many days i am experiencing many unusual things so today i went to meet a tantrik" and the tantrik told that there is a negative energy in the surrounding of your house.Sudhanshu came back in concius mind after one hour.Hari was gone to a shop to buy daily needs.Sudhanshu was very scared when he saw that there is no Hari.He was shouting Hari Hari are you here,meanwhile Hari came in and said ohh! thank god you came back in concius mind. Sudhanshu was scared. Many days passed. One day Hari had some urgent work in the village so wished to take Sudhanshu with him, but Sudhanshu did not want to take leave from his job.So after two days Hari decided to go alone and he told Sudhanshu that he will come in 7 days. After that Sudhanshu was very scared and did not move out of the house after coming from Mishra sweethouse. Three days passed. In the night of third day it was raining and sounds of thunderstoms were troubling Sudhanshu.He can't sleep till 1am because of fear. Hari in the village was busy doing his work but unfortunately he forgot an important paper to bring that he asked his cousin who was in Indore so the cousin went to Hari's house so when he was just turning to the way of Hari's house Sudhanshu got alert mode he thought may be a theif is coming or may be Hari so he moved to the door of the house with stick in one hand, meanwhile the cousin's bike slipped as it was raining so the land was paddy at that time and the cousin fell down in the wet land and the bike was moving far from his reach,and when Sudhanshu opended the door he did not saw any bike or any person so he thought it was just a myth, so he was just going to close the door when the cousin called him excuse me.Sudhanshu got scared and he can't dare look back but after making himself prepared he turned back but as the cousin fell from the bike so he was injured and struck in mud, he can't stand. When Sudhanshu saw no one he was very scared but the cousin again said excuse me who is there?Sudhanshu shouted who is there?The cousin replied it's me cousin of Hari but Sudhanshu could not hear him as there was lightning at that time.so he can't hear but he saw someone in the mud so he shouted in fear "don't come near me,hey mighty soul plz leave me " meanwhile the cousin recognized Sudhanshu as they were from same village and he knows that Sudhanshu is the only guy who is scared from ghosts this much. So to tell Sudhanshu who is he, the cousin tried to stand and go near him, but as he tried to stand Sudhanshu started to yell " No don't come here plz leave me" and Sudhanshu fell from the stairs and the cousin ran near Sudhanshu and as he started runing Sudhanshu fainted. Then the cousin took him in the house and waited for him to be normal. After 1 hour he came back and when he saw a man sitting infront of him in his house he shouted and slapped the cousin and start kicking, punching the cousin, when the cousin shouted "bro it's me Vinayak" then Sudhanshu felt relieved. Then asked Vinayak what are you doing here? Vinayak replied bro i am here to take the documents that hari has told me to take from your house. Ohh! exclaimed Sudhanshu then he gave him the documents and said to wait for the morning. In the morning Sudhanshu took leave from his job and made a plan to visit the village with Vinayak. So he reached the village and came back with Hari.. ------------END------------ BY-   

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