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Leah Knight I got out of my car as soon as possible after parking it at its usual spot in the parking lot. My hand bag dangled from my fingers moments away from falling down as I fixed the belt of my heels while I half ran, half walk into my working place. Ever since I moved to South Georgia when I ran away from home ten months ago, Van Shuger and Co. Had been my working place. I was working as a secretary for the owner of the company, Mr Van Shuger. Ever since I started working, I had never been late until this day. And it was because I dropped off my three months old daughter at the hospital for check up. She was prematured when I gave birth to her. So I still had to hold her in her showel because she was a tiny little thing. Reina was her name. South Georgia was the best place one can be. Oh well, maybe someone like me. Let me give you a brief inside of my life. When I was eighteen, I had a boyfriend. He was a 20 year old handsome guy with his own millions and companies. To say he was rich would be an understatement. This guy can live up to two generations without working for money. He was a multi billionaire, combined with his father's wealth. He isn't just handsome, he was literally so hot, he could evaporate Lava. His name was Ares. Ares and I were so in love, you can't even describe us as Romeo and Juliet. We were way better than them. I gave him all the love he wanted and he did the same for me. It was more than just enough. But we made mistakes we couldn't fix. When I found out that I was pregnant with his baby, I was scared. I knew his father. The man would do anything to protect his family's name. Even if it meant to kill a life. But I loved my baby, even if she was a mistake. So I ran away from home and left New Jersey. I came to South Georgia, that was where I met Troy Winter: a man looking for satisfaction. He offered me a place to stay, if I'd become his mistress. I agreed, because all I wanted was shelter, food and clothing for me and my baby. A month ago, Troy left for Ukraine for a business trip and up till this day, he never came back. "Leah!" . My thoughts were cut short when a chirpy familiar voice called. I looked back and saw Jade, the company's Receptionist, jogging over to me with a smile. "hey" I smiled back and pulled away from our hug. "how's your day going?" she asked as we both entered the elevator. I pressed the last floor of the building and the doors closed. "just came in actually" I replied. "oh. Mr Van Shuger has been looking for you for ages now" she informed. I frowned a little. "really? What happened?" I asked. "oh I don't know. But some guys came in too. They asked if you were working here and then went to Mr Van Shuger's office. After that when they left, he kept looking for you" she explained. My frown deepened into confusion. "who were the guys?" I asked. "they had this Tom Cruise mission impossible looks on their faces" she giggled. I rolled my eyes at her and got out of the elevator when the doors opened. "well that is just reassuring" I muttered sarcastically. Jade laughed again, flipping back her red hair. "Sorry Leah. All I mean is that they had dark shades and dark suits with Bluetooth speakers over their ears, something like they were out of Men In Black or Bodyguards to the Mafia leader" she says again. I tried to recall if I had seen them somewhere using Jade's description but nothing came. Maybe they were Troy's friends or something. I tried not to think about it as I knocked on my boss's office. "come in" his old voice called. I took a breath before slowly opening the door. His eyes looked up and he smiled calmly when he sees me. "Miss Anderson, come in" he says. Did I mention that I changed my name so that Ares can't find me? Yeah well, s**t happens. I obeyed and made my way into the office. I propped down on the leather office chair opposite his. "I had been sending down for you for hours now. Where have you been?" he asked. "I had a faulty car sir" I lied.  "it's okay. I wanted you to sign a contract. I'm selling over my company to Mr Dimera and he was very insistent you go with him, also as his secretary" "but why sir? Van Shuger and Co. Had been pretty okay from the stocks" "he offered a good pay and I wanted to finish off my other company," he paused and edged closer "Leah, you have a three months old baby. You think you have enough to sustain you until I finish my company? It would take ages, by the way" "well no, but-" "Leah, I think it's best if you go with him" Mr Van Shuger says curtly. I stared at him intently. "but what if he's not as kind as you are to me?" I asked, scared my soon-to-be boss would be a nightmare. Mr Van Shuger chuckled. "trust me, he's more than kind. Leah, I would never put you in the hands of someone I don't trust. You're like a daughter to me. He wouldn't do anything to bother you. Just help me sign this contract. If you don't, I won't get my pay" he informed. I couldn't resist the puppy eyes Mr Van Shuger was giving me. So I sighed and took a pen from the desk. "where are the papers? Let's get this over with". *********** Mr Van Shuger gave me a day off and I decided to go pick up Reina from the hospital. Strangely, Jade had no idea about the whole contract. Maybe the mysterious guy was someone special. I opened the door to the house and went in with Reina inside her baby carrier. I hung my coat on the coat hanger before walking into the living room. I kept Reina wrapped inside her baby showel on the couch because I knew it would be dangerous if I take her to the kitchen with me since I was going to cook. My phone rang inside my hand bag and I pulled it out to see that it was Jade. "hey you" I answered, making my way to the kitchen. "hey. You wanna hang out during lunch break?" she asked. I opened the fridge and pulled out a tub of margarine and a piece of meat. "sorry for ditching you Jade, but Mr Van Shuger gave me a day off" I replied closing the fridge with my foot. "oh that sucks" she sighed. I turned around towards the cupboard to look for a pot. "maybe some other time" I said. "yeah may-". Her sentence was cut short when the phone was ripped out of my hand. Horror gripped my chest as somebody gripped my forearm and forcefully turned me around. My back hits hard against the wall when the person flung me aside. Before I could register, the man threw my phone up and I screamed when he shot it in the air with his g*n. I heard Reina's cry and all I wanted to do was escape this maniac and run for my baby. But fate was against me when I pushed my long golden hair back. My heart fell down to the deepest pit in my stomach from skyscraper height. I was so scared, I wanted to pee. I couldn't find my voice or feel my heart anymore. Time seemed to stop. "Ares" was the only name I could call. Ares Knight, my ex-boyfriend, stood still. His knuckles were white and tight against the thick rope he held. His deep black hair was even sexier than I remembered. Heck, he was alot more hotter and sexier than before. He looked like a man, not a boy I once dated. His dark eyes were baleful and darker than sin. But I couldn't check him out now. I was scared for myself and for my baby. Ares appoarched me slowly, with the rope dangling from his hands. "A-Ares what a-are you doing?" I stuttered. I couldn't move back, because there was no where to go. Ares stood very close to me and his pink plump lips formed a million dollar smirk. "hey beautiful" he murmured in a rough husky voice that had me melting. I pressed my hands on the wall, wishing it could disappear and I would run for my baby. But this wasn't a Harry Potter world. This was reality. "Ares p-please" I pleaded, on the verge of tears. He grabbed my two hands gently and started tying them together with the rope. Tears fell from my eyes at will. I couldn't even hear Reina's cry again. "Ares please. My baby please" I begged, crying. He smirked and tightened my wrists hard until my bones jammed together. He leaned his elbow above my head, staring down at me as I cried helplessly. "you mean our baby? My little angel is fine, don't worry about her" he paused and pulled out a syringe from his pocket. I couldn't move from the sight of it, I was paralyzed. "let's get you outta here, beautiful" he added. Using his hands, he shoved my skirt upwards, revealing my hot pink panties. He slowly began to trail his fingers over the edges and I whimpered, trembling under his touch. It was strange how he made me feel. "Ares......" I whimpered. Instantly, he pricked the needle into my skin and I let out a shrill scream. "shhhh" he hushed, pressing a finger to my lips as I cried in agony. My vision began to blur, black dots dancing around instead. My eyelids felt like concrete and my head was floating. I started loosing my balance and Ares caught me. He stroked away a strand of my hair from my face before lifting me up bridal style. He leaned over my ear. "I got you now. You're mine" . His voice was the last thing I heard before I completely blacked out. This is where the story begins.......... ********* Edit: Pls do be aware that all the names and characters here are purely fictional! Thank you! 
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