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***DARCY'S POV*** I laid on my luxurious bed, staring up at the ceiling, unable to sleep. My thoughts were racing, and I couldn't seem to shut them off. I turned over and looked out the window, and that was when I saw it. The moon, glowing brightly in the sky. But there's something different about it tonight. It seemed to have a strange, almost pulsating light, as if it is alive. I found myself transfixed by its glow, unable to look away. I felt a chill run down my spine, and I had a sudden urge to get out of bed and go outside. I sat on the park bench, lost in thought, when suddenly I sensed a presence behind me. I turned and saw a woman, dressed in black, staring at me with piercing eyes. There is something about her that I couldn't quite place, but she seemed to be radiating power and strength. As she approached, I couldn't help but feel drawn to her, as if I am being pulled in by some invisible force. She stopped in front of me, and I found myself unable to look away from her gaze. "You are Darcy the Alpha, are you not?" the woman asked, her voice low and sultry. I nodded, still unable to speak. "I am known as the Seer," she introduced. "I have been sent here to find you, and to tell you something important." I finally found my voice, and I asked, "What is it that you have to tell me?" She took a deep breath and looked me in the eyes. "You must find your Luna," she ordered, "or the future of your pack is in grave danger." "I don't understand," I replied, "what do you mean, my Luna?" The Seer gave me a mysterious smile. "Your mate, your one true love, the one who will complete you," she said. "She is out there, but you must find her soon, or all will be lost." I felt a wave of panic wash over me. I had never considered finding a mate, I have been contented to lead my pack alone. But now, the thought of losing them is more than I can bear. "What will happen if I don't find her?" I asked. "The darkness will come," the Seer said, her voice ominous. "A power greater than you can imagine is rising, and it will consume you and all that you hold dear if you do not have the strength to fight it. Your Luna is the key to your victory, the one who will give you the strength to face the darkness. I was more confused than ever, and I can feel my head spinning. I don't know what to believe, but I can't ignore the feeling of dread that is settling in my stomach. "Where do I begin?" I asked, desperation in my voice. "You must begin by opening your heart," the Seer adiviced me. "You must be willing to let go of your fear and your doubt. You must have faith that you will find her, and that she will be the one to help you save your pack." I took a deep breath, trying to process all that she had said. It felt like too much, but I knew that I had to try. "I will do it," I replied my voice full of resolve. The Seer gave me a nod, and then she was gone, as if she was never there. I spent the next few weeks in a state of turmoil, trying to process the Seer's words. As I went about my days, I couldn't help but feel a sense of dread about the future. But then, something unexpected happened. I was walking through the town square when I saw a young woman. She looked like a servant, carrying a basket of fruit. As our eyes met, I felt a jolt of recognition. The young woman looked away quickly, and I could see her cheeks turning pink. I felt a sudden urge to speak to her, but I hesitated. I was not accustomed to speaking to servants, and I didn't want to make her uncomfortable. But I couldn't ignore the feeling that there is something special about her. I took a deep breath and walked over to her. "Good day," I greeted, trying to sound friendly. The young woman looked up at me, and I could see that her eyes were filled with fear. "P...-please forgive me, sir," the young woman stuttered. "I was not paying attention to where I was going." She pleaded. I tried to put her at ease with a smile. "No need to apologize," I assured her. "I'm not hurt, and I'm glad I didn't cause you to drop your basket." The young woman relaxed a bit, and I saw a glimmer of curiosity in her eyes. "T...thank you, sir," she stammered. "I am new to the town, and I am still learning my way around." This piques my interest."Where are you from?" I asked, curious to know more about this intriguing woman. "I am from a small village, in the hills to the north," she replied "I was sent here by my family, to serve in the household of a wealthy merchant." I nodded, understanding her situation. Many young women were sent away from their homes to work as servants in the cities. It was a difficult and lonely life, but it is often the only way for them to earn a living. "What is your name?" I asked. "I am called Beth," the young woman said, her voice soft and melodic. I found myself captivated by her presence, and I couldn't help but smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Beth. I am known as Mr. Darcy." I extended my hand to her, and she shooked it, her hand soft and delicate. "Mr. Darcy," she said, looking up at me. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well." In that moment, I felt a connection with Beth that I had never felt before. I wondered if she felt it too. I may be struckee by Beth's presence, but I am still the same tough and stoic man I have always been. I cannot allow myself to be too caught up in this unexpected feeling. So, I composed myself. "I must be on my way now, Beth, You have a long day ahead of you, and you must be go now". I turned to a corner, and I found myself in a quiet, secluded area of the grounds. I paused, and I took a moment to enjoy the stillness and the quiet atmosphere. Then, I heard a rustling in the bushes, and I turned, expecting to see an animal. But instead, I saw Beth. Beth was standing in front of me, her face flushed and her eyes wide. She seemed breathless, and I could tell that she had been running. "What is it, Beth?" I asked, concerned. "Is everything all right?" She looked at me, her eyes shining with urgency. "It's the other servants," she uttered, her voice trembling. "They're in trouble, and they need your help." I was taken aback by her words, and I was not sure what to do. But I knew that I can't ignore a cry for help. As I followed Beth to the place where the other servants were, I felt a change come over me. I felt stronger, more powerful. And as I rounded the corner, I saw a group of men, dressed in black, surrounding the other servants. They were holding them at knife-point, and I could see the fear on their faces. But when they saw me, their faces changed. They recognized me, and they knew who I was. They fell on their knees, bowing their heads in respect. Beth was standing next to me, her eyes widened with surprise. A beam of light falled on the group of men, and they were consumed by it. The light disappeared, and the men were gone. We see
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