Making a Change for the Stranger-1

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Making a Change for the Stranger Most days, Deb Powers loved everything about her new life back home. She’d set up shop in the cozy walk-out basement in her Great Auntie Zelda’s house, giving her a lovely view of the sleepy little town of Estonoa, Virginia, where she and her twin sister Katie spent the first year or so of their lives. Or at least that’s what their parents and truly intimidating swarm of aunts, uncles, and various flavors of cousins had always told them. An embarrassing array of photographs and grainy old VHS videos seemed to back up that claim, though neither Deb nor Katie remembered any of it. But they did remember coming back to visit the lush mountains and creeks, the secretive valleys and hollers. For holidays or vacations, and for joyful birthdays or heartbreaking

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