#Chapter 3 – A photo has been leaked.

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  Lila’s POV “Everybody needs to get off their phones!” Professor Enzo’s voice was deep and boomed across the arena. I couldn’t even move; my entire body felt frozen as I stared at the picture on Becca’s phone. I glanced around the arena only to be met with a bunch of curious and shocked expressions. Everybody was staring at me. Sarah and her friend were chuckling as they were glaring at me. “That’s one way to get ahead…” I heard her muttering. Professor Enzo grabbed Becca’s phone to look at the photo; I hadn’t even realized he was approaching us. His jaw twitched as he took in the photo. “This is terrible photoshop skills,” he said, shaking his head as he gave Becca her phone back. “You can clearly see the outlining around my body. Someone is really trying hard to spread nasty rumors.” Everybody pulled their eyes from me to look back at the picture, assessing it. “He’s right… this is terrible photoshop,” someone murmured. “How pathetic. Why go to that many lengths to spread this kind of rumor?” another said, shaking their head. Sarah’s mouth was nothing more than a thin line as her obvious plan was unraveling. I couldn’t help the smile that twitched at the corner of my mouth. “I almost thought for a minute that you actually kissed Professor Enzo,” Becca laughed from beside me, averting my attention from Sarah to her. “Although, I wouldn’t have been surprised. He’s so handsome. Anyone would be lucky to be able to kiss him. A lot of women around here want to.” “Really?” I asked, raising my brows. “Because of how handsome he is?” “That and because he’s very young; he’s only 23,” Becca explains. My eyes widened; I knew he looked young, but I didn’t think he was that young. “He’s also the strongest and toughest professor at this school. Which is to be expected considering he is an Alpha.” “He’s an Alpha?” I asked in surprise; I had no idea. He must know my father then. I couldn’t help but look back at Professor Enzo who was busy showing some students new moves. “Yes,” Becca answered. “I believe he’s the Alpha of the Calypso Pack.” The Calypso Pack. That was the pack my mother was born in; her parents were from the Calypso Pack. I remembered, from when I was young, that their former Alpha was Blaise, the most powerful shifter in the universe. I wondered how Enzo became their Alpha. The thought was quickly brushed from my mind as class concluded. “I’m starving…” Becca said as she gathered her belongings. “We should get some lunch.” “I’ll be there in a minute,” I tell her, glancing over my shoulder at Enzo who was typing something on his phone. He had a stern expression; his eyebrow twitching only slightly. “I need to talk to the professor about something.” “Okay,” Becca said giving me a half-wave. “Then I’ll see you in a bit.” She turned and left the arena with the others, leaving me alone with Professor Enzo. “Professor?” I say, stepping closer to him. He glanced up at his phone to look at me, narrowing his eyes. “I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for this mess…” “It’s been dealt with,” he muttered, showing me his phone. “I got the picture taken down.” I rose my brows in shock; that was so quick. When he saw my shocked expression, a smirk appeared on his lips. “I know the guy who runs this platform,” he explained. “He took it down without question.” “Thank you,” I said to him, feeling an overwhelming sense of relief. I went to turn away, but his voice stopped me. “I was trying to figure out why you looked so familiar to me and then when I saw you fighting, I realized who you were,” he said. I could feel his eyes on the back of my head and knew how intently he was staring at me even before I turned around to face him. “You are Alpha Bastien’s daughter.” It wasn’t a question. I nodded my head once. “You know my father?” “He’s one of the strongest and fiercest Alphas,” Enzo said; his expression was hard to read. “I can tell that you’ve trained under him.” “For my entire life,” I say, staring down at the ground almost sheepishly. I wasn’t sure why I was feeling embarrassed suddenly. “My father is my role model… as is my mother.” He said nothing to that; he just stared at me for another short while. Soon, he turned away to clean up his belongings. I stood there for a moment, unsure of what to say. “I’m actually having a birthday party this weekend,” I tell him before I could grasp what I was saying. His body tensed for a moment, and he looked over his shoulder to glance at me. “A lot of Alphas will be there. I’m turning 18, so it’ll be a big bash in Elysium. You’re invited, of course. All Alphas are.” “Is that so?” Another smirk appeared on his lips, causing my heart to somersault. “Yes,” I answer, pleased that my voice didn’t sound strained. “Of course, you don’t have to. But I figured I’d offer the invite.” When he didn’t say anything in response, I took that as my cue to leave. I turned away, feeling awkward, and started to walk toward the exit. “Should I bring anything?” He asked before I could leave. I paused; my breathing got caught in my throat. “Just yourself,” I say, instantly regretting how lame I sounded. I left without another word.   … “I can’t believe my daughter is turning 18,” my mother breathed as she wrapped me in her arms. I smiled into her embrace. It felt good to be home after a few weeks of living at the academy. Higala Shifter Academy was about an hour’s drive from Elysium, so I had to live in a dorm room. I tried to come home most weekends though.  “How do you feel? Any changes?” My father asked, eyeing my features carefully. I thought about it for a moment before answering; typically, when a wolf was about to make an appearance, it could be felt. I shook my head, sighing in defeat. “I feel the same,” I answer. “Maybe I won’t get a wolf.” “Don’t say that,” my mother said with a frown. “You’ll get your wolf and you’ll be stronger than ever.” “Your mother is right, Lila bean,” my father chimed in. “It’s in your DNA.” I knew they were right; I was just being impatient. I wanted my wolf so badly that it was driving me insane. I was hoping that once I got my wolf, I would be able to sense my mate and get Scott’s betrayal out of my mind. I looked between my parents who loved one another so much; it pulled at my heart. Even after everything they’ve been through in their entire lives, they always stood by each other. My father said that a mate bond is the strongest form of companionship. He’s proved that repeatedly; even when my mother pulled away, he always went after her. He never gave up. He’s loved her unconditionally and I admired that so much. I aspired to have that more than anything. But without a wolf, I felt like that was impossible. “Guests will be arriving soon, Lila bean,” my mother said, giving me a fond smile. I stared myself over in the mirror one last time; I was wearing a silky pink and black dress that flowed evenly around my knees. My father had already gone to greet some of the Alphas that already arrived. My mother stood behind me, staring at me fondly with tears welling up in her eyes. “I’m so proud of you, you know,” she breathed, wrapping her arms around me, and giving me a tight hug. The two of us looked a lot alike; I had her dark hair and fair features. Most importantly, I had her Volana eyes. One violet and the other blue. She released me and draped an arm through mine, pulling me along with her toward my bedroom door. I could already hear the guests piling into the foyer of the packhouse. “Oh, I forgot to mention. I invited my professor as well,” I tell her. She paused for a moment and glanced at me. “Actually, he’s the Alpha of the Calypso Pack. Enzo.” She rose her brows. “Alpha Enzo is your professor?” She asked; she didn’t sound displeased, just surprised. “I never took him as the kind to be a professor.” “Do you know him well?” I asked, peering up at her. She thought about it for a moment before answering. “As well as I can I suppose. He’s the son of the former Alpha of the Calypso Pack, Blaise. 
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