Becoming Alpha

690 Words
Aiden Prov:  I woke up to the sirens to the attack alarms. I rush outside to see all of our member who dont fight heading to our safe area under the pack house.  Mindlink-  Me- How did rogues get past out borders?? Dad: They knocked out our guards and hid their scents.Im heading to kill the leader now. Me: Ill come help... I start killing them by breaking their necks or ripping their hearts out. As I get closer to the middle of the fight, I see my dad fighting the leader. I run as fast as I can cause I see the leader is trying to grip his jaw around my dads neck. I use my shoulder to knock the wolf of my dad. I growl which sounds more powerful than my dad's. The wolf shakes his head surprised and stares at me. He crouches down in attack position and jumps, but my dad takes my spot and I hear a c***k. I look down to see my d-dad's dead body on the ground.I howl into the air letting our pack know we lost our alpha. I feel myself shake and bones popping. I get ready to punch the leader to only fall. I slowly look down to see I have white paws. HOLY f*****g s**t!!!! I SHIFTED. I get ready to fight. I attack the wolf while it while it was distracted and knocked him to the ground. I bite his leg while he scratched my arm.  He pushes me off making me go falling back. I see him running at me so I drop to my back and kick him in the gut making him crash into a tree.  With the wind knocked out of him. I walk up and bite his neck causing him to thrash around. I bite harder hearing a sickening c***k, I drop his lifeless body to the ground and shift. I look to see my clothes are still attached.  Me: Ur leader is dead, all leave or you'll be dead too. I see all the rogues running away with their tails between their legs. Looking back, I see the pack looked lost cause they no longer had an alpha. My brother is the alpha of another near by pack so that leaves me... Me: Everyone, I know u r scared, but if ur willing to give me a chance, Ill be taking the role as alpha. Yes I know I am only 14 yrs old and just shifted but I know if you guys give me the chance, I can prove I can be a good alpha. Pack member: No female has ever been the alpha but seeing you grow up, Im here Alpha. He showed his neck as submission. I soon see every pack member doing the same. My mom comes up to me with tears in her eyes but trying to be strong cause she is pregnant with my baby sibling. Mom: Pack members, I now welcome my daughter, Alpha Aiden of Blood Moon Pack. You may now either keep the same beta, delta and gamma to give time for the future ones to grow or chose them now. Me: If the now beta, delta and gamma can come up, plz do so now.  I see all 3, my dad's best friends coming up to me with determination. Steve is the Beta, Jack is the Delta and Mike as the Gamma. Me: Are you guys willing to stay with your ranks for a few more yrs to help me and teach me to fight like an alpha should? Steve: I am. Ur dad was one of my best friends. He's going to be so proud of you. Jack and Mike agree with him. We cut our palms and I feel the alpha in me grow. Me: I pronounce your beta, delta and gamma." I yell in my alpha tone I feel my mom tap my shoulder and looks out the the crowd. They all are on their knees and showing their necks. Mom and Steve are looking at me knowing we are going to need to talk after we have a funeral for the fallin. Me: I know we all are tired and have a feeling of lost. So everyone go to bed and the funeral is at sundown tomorrow.

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