Big Shark

448 Words
As I came in,I met her As I approached the venue,I caught a glimpse of her already settled. I was shocked to my marrows, seriously what is going on,how on earth did this happen. I am sure that she didn't have a twin sister or did she have another life. Could it be that he spared her life on purpose just to hunt me. I know for certain that we are not fans of one another but I always get the upper hand and that is what he hates the most about me that i am the favoured one while he cleans up after me. I always get acknowledged while he is always reprimanded for doing a nasty job whereas am the one that's involved in dirty dealings and he gets blamed in my stead. Many thoughts ran across my mind as I tried to fathom the situation,he dare not betray me, not this time that it is detrimental to my future. I remembered us getting into logger heads and the higher ups coming to settle the scuttle, favouring me and roasting him though am always at fault,I see it as my right to be stepping all over him as I want. What if this is his way of getting back at me,his own pound of flesh. It had better not be because I will not spare a hair on him but can I escape the situation. Two years ago,I would do whatever I wanted and get away with it but now,the higher ups have graduated and am in my final year and as expected I see to the running of the brotherhood. On the other hand,my antagonist if I can call him that is also a finalist like me but he's assigned with cleaning up my mess,no matter what I do he must get rid of the evidence or face the consequences. I know he hates my foot marks but he can do nothing then but now though they are still around to oversee and give advice but their influence is on the decline. He knows that it's now or never, it's either he gets back at me now or spend the rest of his time at school hating me. 'I need to call the higher ups at once',I said as I am getting more and more confused,I know 'I no get liver' that's the slang we use when someone cannot do what is expected of him. On the contrary,I decided to summon him at once,even if he is making it obvious that he hates me,am careless to know,after all I am still the cappon so he must report to me whether he likes it or not.
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