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Hi! This is the fourth and final story of my Blood Moon series. I suggest reading the first three books before starting this one. The order goes as followed:

Saved By The Alpha

Alpha Alice

The Twin Alphas

Happy reading! :)

Star's POV

It's been five months of training with Selene and I'm exhausted. I never imagined the moon goddess had to do so much work to keep the werewolf world in order. Living here has been amazing and a whole new adventure, but I think about my family often and miss them dearly. If I didn't have Andrew here with me, I think I would go insane. My favorite part of training is watching how and why Selene pairs a wolf with a certain person. I also enjoy the massage I receive at the end of each day of training. She also has been transferring a tiny amount of her power to me each day. Selene then shows me how to use the power and it definitely takes a toll on the body if you use too much.

"Star. You did very well today. Let's join the others for dinner." Selene smiles warmly at me and I follow her into the glass palace. There people who are blessed to live here are Andrew, myself, Zola (who I'm still not sure how she relates to Selene), five servants, and five bodyguards. You may be wondering why a moon goddess would need a bodyguard, right? Well, it's just for those rare occasions when she travels to Earth or when evil spirits try to enter this world.

I take my seat next to Andrew and he places a kiss on my cheek. He's adorable and I can't express how much I love this man. As we finish up eating, Selene stands and the thirteen of us turn our attention towards her. "I would like to take a moment of your time to make a special announcement. As you all know, I have been training Star everything she needs to know in order to be the next Moon Goddess. She has exceeded my expectations, and in seven months will officially take over my position."

My jaw hits the floor along with everyone else. I knew I would one day take over, but I thought it would be many years from now. One of the body guards is quick to stand to his feet. "My lady, may I ask why so soon? Are you ill? We will do anything to help you." Selene smiles at her most trusted guard, Finn. From the day I met him, I could tell he had feelings for her. "Please, don't fear everyone. I am not ill. I have decided to reside on Earth with my mate." I don't think my mouth could drop any more at those words. Has she had a mate her entire life? Why was he not here with her?

"Y-your mate?" Finn stutters out, hurt flashing in his eyes before he quickly hides it.

"Yes. I have chosen a mate for myself. After pairing so many wolves together, I want to finally have that same connection with someone." Selene smiles happily as she talks. I wonder who she chose? Finn doesn't say another word as he sits back down quietly. "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" Zola snaps, catching me by surprise. She's always been so sweet and polite. "Zola. Please understand where I am coming from. Do I not deserve happiness?" She glares at Zola, waiting for an answer.

Rolling her eyes, she replies. "Of course you deserve happiness, but you can't leave me here alone!"

"That's enough, Zola! You will not be alone. Look around this table. Everyone here is family and treat each other as such. You will be in good hands my dear. This isn't up for discussion." Standing up abruptly, Zola storms out of the room causing a gush of wind to swirl around the dining room, knocking the plates off the table and shatter on the floor. Woah, what the hell was that? I look at our moon goddess and she looks disappointed.

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