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Star's POV "Star, could you join me in my study, alone please. I promise it won't be long." I nod my head and give Andrew a kiss on the cheek before following Selene out of the dining room. I know this may sound odd,, but I'm eager to see what her study looks like since absolutely nobody is allowed in there except for her. We walk in a comfortable silence until we reach the room. Waving her hand in front of the lock, it magically opens up. Stepping inside, my mouth opens wide. From ceiling to floor, the room is covered in glittery crystals. I feel as if one wrong step, I will fall through the floor. "It's safe, don't worry." Selene grins at me, as if ready my thoughts. I step softly on the floor and am relived to feel how strong it is. There are endless shelves filled with books and I want to dive right into them. I continue to follow Selene and she leads me to a corner that has two oversized soft looking chairs. She gently takes a seat, while I plump down eagerly onto the chair. "I know my announcement caught everyone off guard.I wouldn't have made this decision if I didn't truly believe you were ready to take my place after you reach your year of training." "I was definitely shocked, but I am honored you have so much faith in me. I won't let you down, my goddess." "If you have any questions, please ask." "Am I that obvious?" I chuckle. I begin to fidget with my fingers, feeling nervous all of a sudden. "Go ahead, Star. Ask her." My wolf encourages me. "Umm... would I be able to visit my family next month?" "Of course, my child. Just remember though, you can only visit twice a year. Be one hundred percent sure on the day you want to go and let me know. Okay?" I look at her and smile widely. Jumping to my feet, I give her a big hug. Thank you so much! I know exactly which day I would like to go. Andrew can go with me as well, right?" She nods her head and I feel relived. I wouldn't want to go without my mate. "Any other questions my child?" I want to ask her about Zola, but I don't feel like it's my place to ask and I would feel uncomfortable doing so. "Yes. What are all these books and would I be allowed in here once I'm the moon goddess?" "Ah, yes. I'm glad you brought that up. These books are not just any ordinary books, they are life stories of every single supernatural being to ever exist." My eyes widen and once again I feel my mouth drop to the floor. "I hope you like reading." She chuckles out. "Wait, do I have to read every single one?" I ask in disbelief. "No, no. Don't worry. I would just read up on those who you are uncertain about when it comes to pairing them up with someone for life." Okay, that makes sense, I think to myself. "As for your other question, yes. I will teach you the spell used to enter this room when the time comes." She walks to the shelf and hands me a specific book. Seeing the name on it has me confused. I know exactly who he is, but why is she giving me his story?
Author's note
Hi! So, what day do you think Star has in mind for visiting her family? Whose book do you think Selene handed her?
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