part 2

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Daniel continued flipping through the book until he found drawings of some animals and people, and on the back of the paper there was the name of the person and an introduction about him, so the first page contained a drawing of a rabbit named Peter and that he is a rabbit that can turn into a human at any time he wants and likes to annoy people He continues flipping to find a drawing of a bird named Emma who can transform into a hawk only when she gets angry and that she's so cute. To continue to find a cape named Rocky, a genius dog loved by everyone, who turns into a smash dog when he fights To continue to find a cat named Kitty who is very cute and works as a spy for them for the evil Michelle To complete, he finds a drawing of a girl in the second year of her life with a horse called Juri, and she is very beautiful, and she is the princess of the city of light. To continue to find a picture of another girl in the second decade of her life with her horse, and she is Princess Elsa, Jouri's sister, and she can control the water, plants, trees and her immunity, she is called Lina To continue to find a young man of his age with his horse named Tamim and his horse named Leo Tamim, who is the prince of the city of light and can control the fire To continue to find an old woman named Sophia, a witch in the city of light, who helps the princes a lot and everyone loves her To complete to find a picture of a young man in his thirties named Michel, who is the villain that Kitty goes to and brings information to them from him, and he is the evil of the city of light who wants to make the city dark and no one can stand in front of him To continue to find an old woman, a witch, who works for Michelle You claim a meme To complete to find a drawing of another young man in his thirties and be the king of the city of light called Sam is a king who does not want the interests of his people and works with Michelle and his wife To continue to find Sam's wife, Maya, who is so conceited that no one likes her. She also helps Michelle To continue to find a drawing of him to remember the signs of astonishment on him, but nothing was written on it except his name, and it was on the back of the paper (Go and find out what you have) Daniel smiles and says, "When will I go then?" To complete to find someone who can rule in the city of light, to find that the person who can rule must be very brave, not afraid of anything, and to cross the path of light. Daniel closes the book and falls into a deep sleep In the morning Daniel got up and got dressed to go to his university and for the first time in his life he went without his mother begging him to go and he was ready for anything that happens to him from what happens to him every day from beating and insulting people in the university to enter into complete confidence to find the people who fought with him on the day The past, someone comes to him and says sarcastically, "The water lover has returned." Daniel looks at him angrily Let another one of them say, "Look, look, he's angry. He goes to him and puts his hand on his shoulder. Daniel hits him in the stomach. They all look at him, and they come forward to hit him. He punches him first and breaks his hand. Let's all be shocked by this, even as he was surprised, how he could do this to hit them all until they all ran away from him." This is under the encouragement of everyone in the university for him. They encourage anyone who is strong to come to someone and say to him, "How do you do this, dude, do we become friends?" After the school day ended, he returned home while he was at the top of his happiness, as he knew that all these people came with the help of the watch and the ring to enter his house to find his father to say hello and go to his room, but before he closed the door to his room his mother called him Hana, how are you today son? David / bless him, he came back without being offended Daniel sarcastically, I took your advice David was going to answer, but Hannah's voice stopped him Hana / stop David, you are harassing him for no reason to look at Daniel and say, "Come on, son, go change your clothes and I will prepare food for you." Daniel No mom I don't want him to go to his room and close it and start reading the stories in the book about the people who crossed the road and after he finished he closed it and kept thinking a little and then fell asleep To wake up to the sound of his phone to find that Chloe the girl he loves is calling him to answer quickly Daniel Hey Chloe what's up Chloe I'd like to go out with you for a bit if you don't mind Daniel was very pleased with this to say, "I don't mind for sure when are we going out Chloe at nine o'clock waiting for you to tell him the place and close with him and then smile at this seat Chloe He said he came Max is one of those who beat Daniel Come on he will come to his destiny to laugh together At eight o'clock Daniel got dressed and went to the place Chloe had told him to be surprised by what he saw
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