Chapter 1

1250 Words
Is this how he felt with me!? If so I get why he was so infatuated with me! My wolf howls as I storm out of the car! My noise high in the air! The scent was intoxicating, drawing me in! Calling for me!! I was so caught up in scent that I didn’t notice there were hands grabbing my arm. Within second my Alpha spins me around so I am facing him! "What in the f*****g hell Esmeralda!? I TOLD YOU TO STOP!" He groaned through gritted teeth! Suddenly I'm snapped back to reality! "Sorry Alpha!" I quickly say looking down in a small bow!  The smell still tickled my sinuses as I tried to block it out!  Why is it calling us? My wolf howls My head began to ache from the confusion! My wolf not knowing which direction to go either! Do we push away and follow the scent!? Do I disobey my Alpha again!? It was all to much!!  I put my hands over my face in order to ease the tension in my head! Alphas POV: I stood in shock seeing her like this! Is she in pain!?  "Why is my mate like this!" My wolf whimpered in my head! "Did we do something wrong!?"  He keeps nudging me forward to go to her! I slowly make my way to her! We were just out for a great dinner. She needed this dinner! I know she says she fine, but I know something is off! Especially now!  "She's never calls us Alpha! At least not like that!" My wolf howls in anger! "She never bows to us! WHY IS SHE! She's OUR Luna!" I can’t control my wolf anymore! He is nudging me so hard to walk to her, I can’t even control my own steps! "My Darling Luna Esme," I say calmer as I approach her! I slowly pull her hands away from her face! "I know something is wrong... Please stop hiding it from me! You barely sleep, when you do your dreams wake you up in a panic..." She looked at me a little startled. Like she didn't think I knew! She looks away, she starts to open her mouth, but before she could speak I continued... "Don’t try and say you haven't been having bad dreams either..." Knowing actually what she was going to say! "You don't do a great job hiding it from me, especially when you block my mind links!" A little frown comes to my face as the memories of last night came back! She was lying in bed, dreaming violently, and all I could do was hold her until she woke up! She wouldn’t let me mind link to help her! "WHY!?" My Wolf snarls inside.  This dream was worse than all the rest and still she wouldn’t let me help her! Even when she woke from her dream she wouldn't let me help! She just jumped out of bed and went running into the bathroom...  I tried to go in after her, but she locked the door and wouldn’t let me in! "WHY!?: My wolf snarled again! "WHAT IS SHE HIDING FROM US!?" I felt her hand grab mine when my mind snapped back to her! I saw her eyes begin to water! "Please don't cry my Luna" My wolf cried as I reached to wipe the tear away! "I-I’m s-sorry!" She quickly whispers! She looked so lost! "Don’t be sorry" I say calmly as I wipe the second tear away. "My Luna you had me worried back there! You just screamed 'Stop the car! Alpha I command you stop!' And literally jumped out of the car! I didn't even have the car in park yet!" I turned her face towards me so I could look deep into her emerald green eyes!  "You still have my worried! Please my darling Luna I'm begging you to tell me!" I know she loves it when I call her My Luna! "Hopefully this will make her let down her guard some!" My wolf howls. A small whimper escapes her mouth! I see her pain in her eyes! She quickly digs her face into my chest. I pull her into my embrace tightly! After a few seconds, I hear her sigh! "I can’t seem to rid of this feeling!" She says "Feeling..." I say concerned "What feeling?" She looks up at me! Her beautiful emerald eyes sparkling up at me makes my heart skip a beat! "I feel like someone around here is feeling extreme pain! I feel like every time I sleep it is almost like I am there witnessing it!" She took a quick breath!  "Like when you saw them whipping me!" Her voice cracked some as I know she is trying to suppress that memory! My wolf in me growls at the memory!  I know we can’t focus on that right now! I must get her to continue! I run my fingers through her beautiful red hair. I moved a strand from in front of her face so I can look into her eyes! "Continue my Luna..." I say in a little bit of an Alpha tone; knowing it will help her overlook the past for a brief minute! She takes a deep breath! "Every night in my sleep I see the same 2 people... A woman and A man..." She takes a deep breath looking into my eyes "the woman is in pain, she's suffering, I see her tears, I feel her sadness I want to stop it! I want to run to her! to save her! I almost make it to her when the man turns and looks at me! Straight in the eyes, into my soul almost, with this evil grin..." She shivers a little in discussed... I feel my wolf get angry! But I calm myself so she will continue! "Then there a smack... I don’t know what the sound is... Things go black.... I hear her cries.... But I, I can’t see her I can’t get to her!!" Her body tenses! I look at my mate! Her hands are tight in fists... She didn't look scarred, like I thought she was! Instead she looked pissed, angry, like she needed revenge! Like she had something to protect! Like I did the day I found her covered in her own blood! I grab her tiny fist in my hands, trying to calm her some!  "Why did you scream stop; why did you order me to stop! Even though I found it a little sexy! You ordering me around.” I say giving her a little smirk! She relaxes some, but becomes serious again. "I can smell her! Her scent is intoxicating me! I can’t get it out of my head! Between your smell and hers my wolf doesn’t know what to do! She wants to follow the scent! She wants to find her! I need to find her!" She starts getting more worked up in her tone again! She tries to turn away from me, but I stop her before she can move! "I need to save her! She needs me! I think..." She stops and looks away "What" I growl, "You think what"  She quickly looks away for a second before blurting out! "I think she's my Mate!" My jaw drops....   
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