In the beginning- Part 1

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*OCTOBER, 29 2020* Doctor Henry Bates, a famous billionaire, and scientist sat alone in his office at the top of Omega Technologies, an organization is known for its groundbreaking researches in both science and technology. With just thirty minutes left to the unveiling of the organizations latest project- his lifes work, his eyes fixed squarely out the glass window, staring deeply at the nothingness of the evening sky.  The moon had risen reasonably in the night, partly lighting up the spacious room and adding to the uncertain mood the night already carried. A flat-screen TV hung up on the wall, displaying a news correspondent giving the news update. Although Henry had turned the volume low to avoid hearing what the news had to say, he could not help but listen to the woman on the news. "We are coming to you live from Omega Technologies where quite the crowd have gathered for what everyone is calling the biggest step yet for mankind as they launch the MIRROR BRIDGE, a machine they claim could create inter-dimensional portals to anywhere in the universe. This project has been said to be the original research of Dr. Henry Bates, one of the lead scientists of the organization with over thirty percent ownership of the organization's shares." "Dr. Bates, a physicist who was a graduate of Harvard University at the age of nineteen and had gotten two Ph.D.'s by the time he was twenty-nine, was recruited by Omega Tech shortly after. Still, Dr. Bates had risen from promise to prominence as he stands as a major shareholder and the current C.E.O of the Company. The whole project has been a mystery from the beginning due to concerns from the company that it could be hijacked by their competitors but that is all in the past now as the whole world is watching and waiting for the big unveiling. What is next for Mankind? One can only guess and hope for the best... Courtney Preston, Channel 6 news." Henry scoffed. He always considered it funny how the press made things seem like there was no pressure when every fiber of his being clung on whatever outcome the night brought. He turned off the TV, tossing the remote back to the table before he made a shrug. It wasn't like the pressure got to him anyway.  After years of research and testing, the project struck all involved as auspicious in every way and he was willing to bet all he had to see it succeed. It was a compound process that involved the emission of beams of neutrons at an impenetrable wall. Usually, no neutrons should be on the other side of the wall but if the presence of neutrons is detected with the help of a neutron detector, it would only mean that they may have gone through the wall by oscillating into the mirror world becoming mirror neutrons and reappearing in this universe. A couple of tests and experiments at various speeds later, the mirror neutrons were achieved, and Henry's theory was that an antimatter-induced fusion with the mirror neutrons would cause a reaction resulting in an open passage to the mirror world. The experiments carried out were on a small scale which resulted in no notion other than the theory was highly plausible. The only problem now was that antimatter being so unstable that a gram of the substance if not handled properly could cause a nuclear explosion.  Unlike then, Henry was willing to risk everything to make it work on a bigger scale. He believed it would and now the time had come to prove it.  Just as he reminisced on the key moments that had brought him so far, Anthony Huffman, his assistant walked in, plugging his brief moment of reflection. Anthony- Tony as he was fondly called by everyone was a young man in his early twenties, average in height with thick short hair. He was dressed in a black shabby suit and a pair of round glasses, fondling his fingers as he fidgeted into the room. "Dr. Bates," Tony said as he pushed back the frame of his glasses to balance it on his nose. "It's time sir." Henry heaved up a sigh as he got up. He took a moment to button up his jacket before turning to face Tony, his visage steaming with confidence. "Let's go." He said with a smile. Tony followed silently as they headed for the elevator. "What about the helicopter?" Henry asked. "It should be arriving in about in eight minutes, just enough time for your speech sir." "Okay." "Uhm, Miss Murphy called. She said her flight got delayed due to weather conditions and she wouldn't be able to fly in tonight. She'll take the first available flight back once the airline can travel." Tony said and studied his bosss expression. "Okay," Henry said after a little hesitation as the elevator commenced its downward trip. Tony pushed back his glasses once more. He understood he was trying to starve out any distractions that could prevent him from achieving the nights goal.  "Are you ready for this?" He asked. "To be honest, no," Henry admitted mildly. To Tony, his firm composure seemed to betray his words. Alright, Tony said then returned his stare to the elevator buttons. The crowd below roared in applause as soon as they sighted Henry. He returned their warm welcome with a wave as he took his position before the stage stand. Tony stood behind him as well as a few other members of the company's board. The crowd's uproar gradually died down with a firm raised hand hinting he was ready to speak. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Good evening. Today marks a phenomenal breakthrough in the history of science as we know it, but I want to start by asking this question, do you dare to dream? Do you dare to make all your wildest imaginations become reality? I'm sure you do." Henry said after a brief pause. "And right here at Omega Tech, we work tirelessly to make your dreams come true. Imagine wanting to be in another continent, let's say Asia for example, and only having to do so in just three steps."  Murmurs of awe dispersed around the whole crowd. "Okay, okay, I think I'm getting ahead of myself... Or let's say you are late for that job interview you desperately need, or your wife's water just broke and there's traffic... My fiancée couldn't make it tonight because of the weather at Washington." The crowd immediately showed their sympathy with an 'Awww'.  "Yeah, but what if I told you all those obstacles would mean nothing with the Mirror Bridge. Ladies and gentlemen, what will be achieved through the mirror bridge today could dawn a new era in transportation, and with further research inter-dimensional travels would be possible." Just then, a chopper began its descent, a notable imprint of the company's logo on its sides and Henry knew he had to round up his speech. "Now I want to take this moment to appreciate my team- they are all at the site right now, but I bet they are watching this. They are the best and I believe they would want me to end it all on this- Keep dreaming, if you can dream it, then it is possible. Thank you." He said finally with a nod which only seemed to raise the noise of the crowd as cameramen took photos and reporters threw questions from all sides. Luckily, security had lined up on the pathway to the helicopter for such happening, and as Henry and his assistant headed for the helicopter, none of the crowd could get to him. "Good evening doctor." The pilot said as soon as they were settled.  "Good evening," Henry replied. "Take us to the site." The site, located at the edge of the city was just another Omega lab facility where bigger experiments were carried out away from the city's residents.  Dr. Bates and Tony alighted from the helicopter immediately it landed and headed for the control room. Everyone was about to jump to their feet in a show of respect but Dr. Bates wouldn't let them. "No, no, no, remain on your seats." He said as he walked to the center of the room where Karen, another senior scientist in Omega Labs and a part of his elite team stood. "Karen," He said spreading his arms wide for a hug. "How'd I do?" "You did good Henry." She replied with a smile. "You even got through to some of us here; we are all hyped up and ready to go." Henry smiled in delight as he stared at the monitor screen. "Okay then, let's make history people. Launch it!"
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