Evil in human clothing (Lucifer's POV)

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I woke up in a new body and a new environment. Not something one would imagine coming from the prince of darkness but so it was. Somehow, I was seeing through someone else's eyes. Everything felt unnatural and for the first time in many millennia, something out of my control actually happened.  Strange. I was in a humans body. At first, It was only normal to be dazed but even with a blurry vision I could see people in white robes and gowns- doctors, nurses, as you fondly call them and even as they trooped in and out with fright and shock written all on their faces, I could sense then this little ordeal of mine would be fun-what and comical. PS, torturing damned souls in hell can get a little boring, not a lot of hobbies to choose from down there. But I digress. Hearing the beeps from a heart monitor I could presume whatever body I was in must have passed out. Humans and their machines, I thought. As cool air whipped through my face with silent talks in a distance, I slowly regained my clear vision and in no time I was crowded by serious-looking faces.  "Thank goodness you're awake!" A woman in white echoed impressively. Who are you?" I asked. "What am I doing here?" "Cut the crap, Henry!" A voice barked almost immediately. "Henry? Who is that?" I uttered as I looked around. As I suspected, I was in a hospital, in a vessel that wasn't mine. I sat upright to observe more. "What in the heavens is going on?" I said as I scanned both my arms then shifted my gaze to the rest of me in scrutiny.  I was in the body of an average man, light-skinned, firm biceps, strong cheekbones, everything. You might wonder why I was still astonished. Angels and demons are not of the mundane world and our actual form isn't one you humans can begin to comprehend. We are neither male nor female and we tend to take any form we chose when we come to earth- man, woman, boy, girl, animal, anything we want but the problem here was I didn't choose to be this man, neither did I choose to possess him, but somehow I'm inside of him. "I am Henry," I said after a brief pause, not knowing how to react to the situation. "Damn right you are!" The voice yelled. He had a black gelled haircut and dark eyes with a slightly crooked nose and mouth, a hairless jawline to match. "How the f**k are you still alive when you were the closest to the blast?" "What?" "Over twenty people died because of your overreaching experiment, including Dr. Karen." "Sorry, who are you again?" I asked him.  "Is he asking who I am?" He said looking at the men as he laughed. He suddenly charged towards me with his fist raised but was stopped by one of the men. "Dr. Cortez, calm down!", restraining him by the arm. He was older and bald with a name tag Dr. Simon on this coat, wearing a pair of glasses. Dr. Cortez jerked his arm off and straightened his suit while the older man turned to face me. "Henry, what happened last night was a catastrophe. We lost a lot yesterday, not just money, we lost some great minds and we're also on the brink of losing the company's name too. I mean the media are all over this. It's a disaster." Money? Company name? What does that have to do with me?" I said but only to myself. "Okay, first off, stop calling me Henry," I said, already getting sick in my stomach. "I am the Prince of darkness and you will acknowledge my supremacy." "Can you see?" Dr. Cortez exclaimed. "He's gone mad." "Dr. Bates," Simon continued. "We know it's not your fault Henry, it is science after all; things are bound to go either way... But this, this is too colossal. The board will have a meeting to decide your role in the company and its future."                                                                 "I'm not Dr. Bates, dammit!" I said, starting to lose my patience which seemed to frighten all of the men. "Still, we rather would have you keep whatever dignity you have left and insist that you resign by Monday before the board reaches a decision and go public to the press, we need to contain this!" I looked at all of them in silence. There was no need to say anything, my claim fell on deaf ears anyway. "Even your assistant is struggling with his life over there and you're already awake." He said glancing over to a hospital bed where a young man laid down at the end of the ward with machines and drips connected to his body. You probably need a couple of days to come to terms with all this and I'm guessing a few days should suffice, I'm sure you would make the right decision. Have a nice day, Dr. Bates." Dr. Simon concluded, exiting the room swiftly with the rest of the men behind me. "No one else is paying for your mistakes this time... This time you will suffer." Dr. Cortez added finally and left. As youd expect, I didn't take his word to heart. Neither did I put much thought to any of the things the older man said before leaving. I had to figure out what was going on. I closed my eyes as I tried to remember. Where was I? "Come on, Remember!" I said abrasively. The last thing he could remember was being in hell, going about his duties punishing lost souls when suddenly a hole appeared from nowhere. It was blue and black at the same time with lightning circling all over... It got bigger and I saw a face- this face!  The face I'm wearing right now. But how? The only thing I did was stretch out my hand... I admit that wasn't really smart of me, but I was curious and now here I am. A science experiment.  Is this the result of a science experiment? Impossible, no one causes a tear through the veil by accident! Aside from myself and the other human, the room was empty. I looked to my right side and saw bouquets and 'get well soon' notes. All of this was truly bizarre and a part of me wanted to leave immediately but at the same time, I wanted to know what was going on and why. I stepped down from the bed and walked towards the man Dr. Cortez said was my assistant. I figured he too was there that night and should be able to give me answers. His monitor was beeping slowly and I could tell he was in agony. He looked pale; his entire body was almost covered with severe burns and bandages. Could it be a result of the blast the older man was talking about? That must have been some blast. Fortunately, this man somehow managed to survive and medically, it would take weeks, even months before he could regain consciousness if he ever did survive that long at least. But I didn't have that time. I clenched my fist and tightened my muscles as I felt the power coursing through me. Healing him was going to be a piece of cake. All I had to do was direct my powers towards him and then picture what I intended to do in my head. "Okay, here we go," I said cracking my neck muscles and my knuckles. I placed my hands on his chest and an otherworldly glow broke out from my hands to his body, spreading around his chest as I took his pain away and gave him life in return. The beam started fading away and just as the final surge of light dispersed into thin air, the man jolted up in a gasp with his eyes wide open as he held my hands tightly. Guess you can call it a miracle but definitely not the godly kind, haha. "W-Where am I?" He said panting. "Am I dead?"
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