The Adventure Begins

448 Words
Once upon a time it the land of Nieloth there was a world famous blacksmith, by the name of Malaki. He lives outside the village of Westen. The king Nudile requested from Malaki a sword and shield of the finest quality crested for the prince Phillipe's birthday. Malaki worked day and night for over a fortnight on the set, he completed them a week ahead of schedule. He returned home from the forge, weary and sick, to his wife Margaret and daughter Mari. The very next morning Malaki awoke in such pain that every time he tried to move he vomited profusely. " I've told you that you're working to hard my dear." Margret said sympathetically as she walked into the bedroom. " I didn't have a choice it was a short order from the king" Malaki retorted. Malaki's body rippled with pain with the half-hearted retort. As his wife looked at the 6'2" giant of a man. With his emerald green eyes, bulging muscles, light skin, dirty blonde hair with a touch of red, and a look that would make even the biggest and strongest of men quiver in their boots. He still still had soot from the forge in spots across his body and arms from the most recent work in the forge. Margret loved him profusely and was worried about him in his state. " You should rest more my love." "I can't I need take this delivery in a weeks time ." Malaki stated as he looked at his wife. "Not like this you're not. You're staying right in that bed." Margret said sternly. Malaki chuckled at the stern look his wife was giving him. Her hip c****d to the left with one hand on it, her voluptuous curves, amber colored hair, and sea blue eyes. "Well I know better than to argue with that look. I suppose I could send Mari in my stead." "Good it's about time for her to see a piece of the world" " You know very well why we've kept her from the world", Malaki said with worry. "Yes my love she was a gift from the Gods of old, but how will she find her destiny stuck here in this small village." Margret replied in haste to her husband. "Very well get her will you my dear?" Malaki asked as his wife was already leaving the room. Moments later," Mari wake up your father would like to speak with you." Mari awakened and stretched groaning as she did, looked at her mother through half opened eyes and asked, " About what mother?" Margret smiled at her daughter of 18, " Its time for your adventure to begin."

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