his and hers

384 Words
Our friendship began ten years ago when I was dating his asswhole friend. We began chatting and talking and even after that relationship was done we would still meet up and chill as if nothing had changed. Some of my deepest times were in the beginning years when all I could think of was my death. Life seemed so dark and there was no light in sight, that silver lining i had often heard of was non-existant. Yet he stood by me as a good friend would, you could say he saved my life. When and how these feelings grew from friendship to something more I don't know but it was in the year that our lives changed for ever. We were sitting in the usual hangout waiting for the others to arrive when I decided to take a walk to the gift shop to get something for my dad, we walk along side each other and talked as if we had all the time in the world. As I walked along the shelves inside the store something catches my eye a beautiful his and hers friendship set, I turn and see Harry focused on some watches so I quickly ask them to pack it for me. I join him as he says,' I think this watch is perfect so we take it. I pay and we leave the store, thanking the staff for their wonderful service. We pass a few stores almost back at our spot to meet the others when I stop, Jaden I have something I would like to give you. He turns and looks at me with a serious face as I pull out the box from the bag we got at the store. I give it to him and he opens it. There is a sparkle in his eyes as he looks at the chains and gestures for me to turn around as he puts it on for me. He thanks me and says with a smirk, 'I didn't know I was that special to you... you always have been and always will be I respond, extremely content and satisfied with the outcome of the day! Little did we both know this was the Beginning of something new, good or bad that remains uncertain but only time will tell...

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