Episode 1

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Sunday - 12 - March - 2013 7:15 am Sunny morning ... accompanied by the chirping of crows, where someone who was enjoying his sleep .. was awakened by the sound of a ringing telephone * ngeettt * (vibration mode) he slowly started to wake up from his sleep and he started to lift it .. "He-hello .." he said "Hello, Rai" said the caller Rai or better known as Raisor. He is the President Director and also the owner of the richest company in town. Name: Raisor Age: 25 yrs Job: Managing director and owner of a company named (R) Revenue: 200 million trillion / year Characteristic features Hair: Plus-plus curls (95% curl, 5% straight) Characteristics: Lebay, Dramatic, Possessive, Lack of Attitude, Heart of glass (often offended), Alay, Grumpy, and Vengeful (he will not apologize until the person apologizes) "Yes .., Why Na" said Raisor Na, or better known as Alena. He is a Raisor Employee, Corporate Secretary (R). Name: Alena Age: 23 yrs Job: Corporate Secretary (R) revenue: 29 trillion / year Characteristic features Hair: Straight (layers with soft bangs) Traits: Ignorant, Loyal, Quiet, Intelligent, Beautiful and Friendly "Look Rai, Em .., you can't pick up Sila at the station. Because I have a lot of work to do. Can you or not?" said Alena "Ouh, so the story is complaining about me!" "Hmm, what the hell ... It's not like that, I mean, I have a lot of work to do, so can you please pick up Sila? Is this okay?" "Em ..," Come on Rai, I've contacted R's son (the name for R's employee). Nobody can pick him up Please say everyone is busy " "Yes, why should I do it .. Just tell Boni to pick it up. Tell Raisor to say it." "Yes .. Boni, Mr Agus and Mr Eko (Security R). Hit Rai, they left the city again, Friday afternoon they left. If possible, I'll tell you how ... Raisor. Come on., I'm not comfortable with Sila Rai, I'll look for a new project later .. how about that? " "Yes .., how do I do it. It's not Na's problem" "Projects over 500 trillion, how?" "What the heck, it's not like that !!" "Next week, the Raisor project will be stopped?" Next week, Raisor's project will go down? " "........" "Hello..." "Y-well .. When did he arrive ?, Oh yeah, it's not because of the project huh !! But if it can be good anyway" "Yeah, yeah, I'll be right until Rai, at 8 past 45, you can wait in the park." "Yes" "Thank you, my good boss .. !!" "Yes, you're welcome, my Secretary Sad girl .." "Hey, what the heck. Already ah, pick me up Rai." "Yes" The phone was closed by Alena, and Raisor started to go to the bathroom. Raisor didn't really put any distance between him and his employees, he allowed his employees to call him by name, or even he allowed his employees to call him casually, like a conversation between friends. And if the employee is in trouble, he will not hesitate to help him, especially if it is a work problem, if a client dares to disturb his employees he will not hesitate to teach the client a lesson. been two months ago two months ago.. At Company R Silvy enters Raisor's room, with the files that Raisor has to sign. Silvy is HRD at Raisor's company Name: Silvy Age: 25 yrs Job: HRD Renevue: 896 billion / year Characteristic features Hair: Straight (Long, phony hair) Characteristics: Talkative, diligent, impatient, beautiful and connoisseurs of chili sauce. (know chili sauce?). Silvy also enters Raisor's room. "Rai, here, autograph please" while sitting down "Oh, here." check the file filed by Silvy "Em, you will find Sil later--" "Cash?" "That, what's wrong with your cheeks?" "Oh this, I was noisy with the client." "Hah!!" Raisor was shocked by what Silvy said "O-Oh, just calm down Rai, it's safe. They still want to cooperate with us." "Which client?" "That's you the people from Xry Company" "Um, wait a minute," Raisor took the phone and called Alena Tuuut-Tuuuuuuuut-Tuuuuut (you know what this sound is?) "Hello, Na" "Yes, why Rai" "Contact Xry Company for a meeting today please" "Okay, let's go" "Yes. They must want yes" "Okay" The phone was turned off by Alena, a confused Silvy asked Raisor "Em, Rai is not a problem, right Rai?" "Oh, no, I just wanted to meet you" "Oh" A few minutes later.. Alena calls Raisor and says that they want to meet, and Raisor leaves. After getting an autograph from Raisor, Silvy also left the room Rasior and Alena went by car to the designated meeting place with the Xry Company At the place of a fancy restaurant Raisor also came and met officials from the Xry company "Em, good afternoon Pak Raisor" while stretching out his hand "Good afternoon" Even Raisor showed an unhappy face Without further ado, Raisor immediately asked "I don't want to mince words, I just got to the point. Why are you slapping my employees?" "Em, I see Pak Raisor, the point is it's just a matter of communication, and both parties have forgiven each other. So I don't think we need to prolong this matter, right?" "Oh, after slapping my employee, you immediately said there was no need to discuss it !!" "That's not what Raisor is, but I think the problem is over, So" "So what, Red on the cheek of my employee has not disappeared and you even say it's finished" And Raisor took the file they brought where it was the project agreement file between Company R and Company Xry. And he immediately tore up the file in front of the people from the Xry Company and said .. "With this our cooperation is canceled" "Yes, that's not allowed, Pak Raisor. Yes, just because of trivial problems, we have to break off cooperation, and you can't decide on cooperation unilaterally, please" "Oh yeah, I know, I have to pay right. Okay, I'll pay, and this is another one that's not trivial." Raisor and Alena left there leaving the people from the Xry Company. And a few weeks later, the Xry Company, decided to go bankrupt. Because no company wants to cooperate with that company. And companies that collaborate with them, cut off cooperation with them And a lot of people say... "This is the first time we see a company that has no job" And many also say that the bankruptcy of Xry's company was due to their quarrel with Company R. and many theorized that the withdrawal of all companies that collaborated with Xry's Company was due to the act of Raisor, the owner of Company R. Because he said that he would not accept cooperation with any company, if they were bound to cooperate with Xry's company. And that's where no one dared to fight or mess with Company R. Silvy, who felt that he did not expect Raisor to respond in such a way, promised to be loyal to company R. Because the company Raisor owned is the richest company that annually generates trillions of money, he also pays his employees high too, that's why employees -Employee R, has a fantastic salary. Ghea holds the highest salary with a salary of: 35 trillion / year The lowest salary is held by OB with a salary of: 50 million / year And that is why Alena and other employees are familiar with Raisor and are not too overwhelmed when they meet him. To the extent that they even dared tell him to pick up their friends or even pick them up themselves. Because Raisor doesn't really think about it, that's why they dare to ask Raisor for help. After calling Raisor, Alena also calls Sila to tell her that Raisor will pick her up .. how to respond please ..? watch the next episode .. yes .. and don't forget to like and comment ... bye..bye .. . . . Continued..

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