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I was sitting at the dark corners of this bar which good spot so no one could notice that I was here. I once shot the glass of my drink. I sighed when I turn my gaze again to the man with so many battles of expensive and hard alcohol on his own table. I almost clap my two hands by watching him drinking all his orders alcohol like he was just drinking a glass of water. I smiled bitterly, knowing all his reason why he drowning himself in alcohol. I also pity him. 'If I were her, you wouldn't be like this Yuri' I drink again my margarita when my glass become empty I stood up and slowly walked towards him. I know he's wasted so I stop him by drinking his drinks again. His eyes try to widen to see who the person stops him from. "That's enough Yuri. I'll send you home" I gently said then I removed from his hand the bottle of wine that he was supposed to drink him again. He didn't speak as long as he sat down and leaned back in his chair so I sat down too. I just stared at him as he stared into the distance. We stayed in that order for almost half an hour but I was able to sit up when he started to break the silence between the two of us even though it was really very noisy around us. "I never thought this would happen tonight" He was smiling but even though he was smiling, the sadness and pain in his eyes. I didn't speak, I waited for the next words he would release but I bit my lower lip when Yuri put down the small red box that even If I didn't ask what's in the box I already knew what was inside. My heart pounded in excruciating pain. I had been stabbed repeatedly in my heart. "Tonight I must propose to her. So I tried so hard to get home to the Philippines even though it was not yet time for me to return to the Philippines. I left New York for this special night, for her." His voice cracked and his eyes were just focused on the box on the table. "I didn't know that I would be the one to be surprised." He bitterly said while he look away. I want to be angry with my best friend now because of what she did to the person I love but there is a part of my heart that is happy and grateful because my best friend married another man and not the man I love so much. "That's enough" For the second time I stopped him from drinking alcohol. "Let me just tonight I want to forget the pain even just now" He looked at me pleadingly. I couldn't stop myself from hugging him anymore. I can't bear to see him hurt, being in this situation. It hurts for me to see him hurt because I love him. If only I were the one you loved Yuri. Doesn't anyone feel this way for the person they love? "That's enough please, I'm begging you that's enough," I whispered to him with pleading. I let go of my embrace with him. I looked up at him and he met my gaze full of pain in his eye. We feel the same way now. It hurts me to see him hurt when he has a different reason, someone else's reason because he doesn't love me. I cupped his paired cheeks. "Just love me Yuri, love me Yuri." I begged. After I spoke without hesitation I kissed him. Thanks to the spirit of wine so I had the courage to kiss the man I love so much. A few seconds before I felt his response to my kiss. Dream come true because Yuri kissed me for real. I quickly put my hand on his neck to deepen our kiss. I was not mistaken because the exchange of our kiss became deeper and more passionate. I closed my eyes and when I woke up we were naked. two in the bedroom and both paddling in the zest of the sky. I can't help but cry after everything that happened to Yuri and me. I comb the strand of her hair with my fingers while she is sound asleep. This is my dream, he deflowers me but I don't think that in exchange for fulfilling my dream, millions of knives will be stabbed in my heart. "Why Yuri?" I can't help but question him. Funny, cause he was in deep sleep. "Why Fimescar and not me? Why not me? I've loved you so much for over 11 years? Don't you know my love for you was undying Yuri" I crying whisper in his ear? His arms tightened around my waist. "I love you scar" My eyes felt like a broken faucet because of the incessant flow of my tears. It hurts so much that I'm with him but he's still not looking for me. I rubbed my eyes before bending down to kiss his forehead. "I love you Yuri" I whispered to him while sobbing
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