171 Words
“I’m tired of this s**t Marcus! I swear i’m done with your cheating ass, get your clothes and leave!”  Jayda has been with her abusive boyfriend marcus for 6 years, She’s put up with his cheating all this time because she is trying to get on her feet after graduating college to become a teacher. She felt like she  needed him all this time but enough is enough, she will get through it one way or another. She starts going out with her friends more and slowly starts to feel happier than ever.  A few months later her friend Ariana convinced her to move to Chicago with her, it takes a lot of talking and planning but she ends up going through with it. They begin finding houses and saving all of their money until they have enough to leave this toxic city. They find a small two bedroom apartment near the Navy Pier and she packs up all of her belongings, and is finally one step closer to beginning her new life. 

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