Mini Greek gods

800 Words
Zoe sighed as she stared at the building in front of her again, the place that had become her personal hell. But she was determined to not let them break her. Each day for the past week had been almost the same, she sits through hours of teaching she absolutely had no interest in. Then she goes to lunch to see which of her private pictures her ex boyfriend had seen fit to be released to the school body for the day. Rue was determined to see her crumble and she was trying to figure out what she had done to the girl that had once made a vow with her, to love and protect each other for the rest of their lives. Just as she had done during the last week, she entered the school building and headed straight for her home room then she located her seat and sat down with her head bowed down as usual. After about ten minutes of putting her head down on her table without anyone walking up to her to inflict more emotional pain with their cutting words, Zoe looked up to see what was happening. There was barely no one in the class, except for her and a quiet girl that she had never spoken to before. “What is going on?” Zoe asked her while nodding at the door where most of the students hung around. She looked confused for a minute like she was trying to figure out if Zoe had just spoken to her. “Me?” She finally asked and Zoe resisted the urge to roll her eyes as she nodded calmly. “Something about new transfer students, I overheard some girls describing them as mini greek gods. Maybe they’re that handsome, I really don’t care.” The little girl explained with a shrug. “What grade?” Zoe asked tentatively. “I don’t know,” the girl replied with a frown and Zoe let her be. Silently, she thanked her stars that the attention will not be so much on her for the time being. Truly as she had presumed, students barely paid attention to her in all of the classes she had that morning. They were all so chatting animatedly with each other about the new transfer students she was yet to meet. The girls were fawning over their supposed hotness and handsomeness while the boys were obsessing over the cars and a motorbike the boys had brought to school. So far with the gossips she had heard, they were all handsome and rich. A good topic to talk about in redwood high. “But if they are so rich, why aren’t they in the private school that is a short drive over at the next town, like other extremely rich kids in our town?” She asked herself and chose not to look for the answer. Instead she chose to enjoy the distraction their coming to this school brought her. All her classes passed in a blur and for the first time in a week, she felt herself in a lighter mood as she approached the cafeteria doors. She pushed open the doors and no one paid any attention to her. Still in that mood, Zoe bounced to the line as she waited for her turn to get lunch. She got her lunch and went straight to the back of the cafeteria, where she had her own ‘outcast’ table. She didn’t really mind as long as she had no disturbance from any other students. Zoe settled down with her lunch and a bottle of Dr Peppers, she then brought out a book from her bag and began reading while she ate. Few minutes later and Zoe began hearing phones beeping with the hush whispers that followed. She looked up to see what all that was about and saw that people were staring at her, pointing fingers and laughing. Zoe immediately brought out her phone, she had reactivated her social media accounts so she could be prepared for anything Rue had to throw at her, she didn’t want to be caught off guard like they’d had her last Monday. Zoe sighed as she looked at the picture that had been posted now. Michael had decided to take this to the next level, she stared at the picture and thought back to when she was in love with him. Zoe remembered the day he had taken this picture vividly, she had her arm thrown casually over her face as she laughed. The bedsheet was thrown loosely around her midsection, save for that she was naked. Zoe locked her phone and threw it back into her bag. She decided to ignore the catcalls that were already directed at her, she plugged in her headphones and

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