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PROLOGUE What if one day you wake up and finds out that you already had a child! A CHILD! And Geezzz! You also have a handsome MAN! A fully equipped 6 PACK ABS Husband! Who smells nice! Gentleman! Intelligent! Extremely Rich! A great s****l appeal And Has no Vices! But wait, wait, wait! VIRGIN MOMMA? How is that possible? No kiss! No French nor torrid ! No playing and swording of tongues No touch and no one night stand! No s****l INTERCOURSE! And, NO sucking, licking and twisting of fingers. And, I never put SPERM CELL on my v****a, Geezz! Last time I check, I really hate the texture of semen! I am not Jane the Virgin though. How is it possible that I have my child if I am still CAPITAL V-I-R-G-I-N!???? ***** LACXUS NOTE! Hi, everyone this is my first story here in Dreame and I hope you'll support me. Please vote and comment, it will all be appreciated! YOU are my reasons why I keep on writing! Comment below if you want to see the next chapter! I love you all! Just comment "Thank you, next" below to see the next chapter.
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