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I gave a painful wail and opened her eyes. In her eyes, there was an unfamiliar drapery. Leng Ning Yue blinked her eyes, finally realized that what she had just experienced, and what she had seen, was not a dream, but a real thing! She had really, crossed over! The feeling of exhaustion reminded Condensing Moon that she should rest at this time. However, the scene that she saw before integrating into this body caused alarm bells to ring in her heart. A voice screamed in her heart - run away quickly! Otherwise, she would definitely be dismantled later on! After taking several deep breaths, Condensing Moon gingerly got up and prepared to get out of bed, and was about to lift her leg when she coldly glanced at the man beside her. A handsome and sturdy man. His cold, hard silhouette was topped by a perfect combination of features. No matter which part of the body is taken out individually, it is the most exquisite and impeccable appearance, and when they are combined together, with the man's cold and hard temperament, it is even more impossible to take one's eyes away. Although condensing moon does not want to evaluate anything more, but also have to admit, this man, long is really good-looking. Suddenly, condensing moon body shivered, swish looked at the man's face. The man's eyes, which were tightly closed, opened at first, and a cold light, like a sharp blade, pierced straight into Condensing Moon's eyes. "Have you seen enough?!" Leng Ning Yue's heart jumped at that terrifying gaze, not waiting for her to speak, the man suddenly slapped hard, and the whole person fell heavily under the bed. Her body was already in pain, and now she couldn't use her strength even more. However, this is not the time to feel sorry for yourself. A cold light crossed her eyes, and Condoleezza was shocked. The man, actually pulled out a long sword! "Xuan Hanxi, listen to me ......" Condensing Moon easily shouted out the man's name based on this body's memory. However, the man did not give her a chance to speak at all. He didn't even want to give her the time to get dressed, so he held a long sword and slashed towards her neck fiercely! Leng Ning Yue's face was white, trying to dodge, but there was nowhere to escape. It can't be that sad, right? She had just returned to life with a corpse, and now she was going to die again? Leng Ning Yue estimated that there is no more unlucky travellers than her. However, once she thought of the messy things in the original owner's memory, she privately felt that it was actually good to leave this body. This original owner, is really too bastard! The body that Leng Ning Yue traveled to has the same name as her, also called Leng Ning Yue. But it's a different life for the same person. Before Leng Ning Yue crossed over, but the roots of the good young woman, not smoking, not drinking, not clubbing, and do not go out to fool around. Her daily routine is to soak in the laboratory, researching her beloved various medicinal herbs. Because of this, she became a world-renowned doctor in less than 30 years old, even the most common herbs in her hands, can play a top role. I don't know how many dignitaries and top businessmen have cut their heads to meet her, in order to ask for the elixir in her hands. From an ordinary student girl struggling to the world's leading medical pharmaceutical company's chief scientist, her past is synonymous with success. The original owner, on the contrary, stood at the finish line of other people's life struggles at birth, with a top-notch and powerful father, and inexhaustible gold and silver jewels. But the original owner did not turn these resources into motivation, but instead became her uneducated and unskilled, the capital of the wrongdoers. She could not tolerate the appearance of good-looking women in front of her, either bullying the beautiful young girl from the East or the beautiful young woman from the West. Even the old crone who looked a little better in dignity, the original owner did not spare. In the wind capital, has been circulating such a saying. Rather offend the king of hell, not to provoke the Leng family evil spirits. Well, this evil ghost, said the original owner. If you really have to occupy this body for a long time, Condoleezza will have to carry numerous black pots for the original owner and suffer the cold eyes and backstabbing of countless people, which is not what Condoleezza wants. The most important thing is that tonight's incident was caused by the original owner, and the person who was unfortunately spoiled by the original owner is not some ordinary man, but the most favored son of the Lin Kingdom. If this matter is a big deal, not only is it bad on the face, condensing moon can keep a small life, are big questions. She is not afraid to die, the only problem that she is struggling with now is... If she really dies again, will God give her the chance to travel again? Or will God allow her to reincarnate? After waiting for a long time with her eyes closed, Condensing Moon did not wait for the pain she imagined. On the contrary, a banging sound of fighting actually came out of the room. Leng Ning Yue's eyes trembled, opened her eyes and looked in the direction of the sound. Only to see that a man in black tights appeared out of nowhere, and it was this man in black that stopped Xuan Hanxi's violent behavior, saving her from the tragic fate of being dismantled in large pieces. For a moment, Condensing Moon didn't know whether she should thank this man in black or not. But very quickly, condensing moon reacted, this is not the time to think about it. She got up, she quickly put on a lingerie. She was about to call a halt to the two people who were fighting, when the closed door of the room was suddenly kicked open, accompanied by a somewhat anxious female voice: "Quickly, see if something happened to Leng Shiyi?" Hearing the voice, Condensing Moon's heart intuited that it was not good, and hurriedly accelerated the speed of dressing. However, she was still a step too slow. The person outside the door moved very quickly, and kicked open the door of the room at the same time the words fell. Thus, the world went quiet. Condensing Moon, who was obviously getting dressed, Xuan Hanxi, who had a gloomy face, and Huaian, the man in black who was faithfully protecting his master, became the central focus of the entire world. Outside the door, more than a dozen gentry and young ladies in all their glory, but at this moment, their expressions were shocked, like being struck by lightning. After a while, the expressions of all the people became very strange. They looked at Leng Ning Yue, and then looked towards the back, but they retreated in unison, leaving a pathway. The feeling of uneasiness in Leng Ning Yue's heart grew stronger and stronger. In a few moments, a man in Xuan clothes slowly came. He came wrapped in sunlight, like a great source of light, illuminating the world. The back light, condensing moon can not see the expression on his face. But, for no reason at all, I felt a coldness. It was clearly a June day, but she was like falling into an ice cave. The heart, too, suddenly and viciously throbbed up. In the heart, just crazy silent recitation of a name. Mu Chenqing ......

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