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Author’s Note I hope you enjoy Desiree’s first few nights as a Pleasure Associate. This series is going to be a bit different than my other stories. Usually, by the time you read the books I already know how the characters find their Happily Ever After (HEA), but I don’t for Desiree. Not yet. We’ll be taking this journey together. We’ll discover what Desiree really needs to make her feel whole, to learn to love and to trust again. We’ll meet her demons and be with her through her struggles. I hope you’ll root for her even as she makes mistakes, as we all do, in this journey of life. And a note on the timing of the story. This takes place before The Dom’s Submission. If you recall, right before Terry meets Maggie, he’s checking out Ethan’s new hire, Desiree. I had some concerns about Terry and Maggie’s status due to the timing so wanted to let you know that this happens before Terry meets Maggie. Ellis
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